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  • Brett Somers and Charles Nelson Reilly Match-Off on GSN
    Tuesday, January 31, 2006
    Well this week of shows will leave the classic fans happy. GSN is going to do a set of shows featuring Brett Somers and Charles Nelson Reilly, two of the most, if not the most, popular panelists in game show history known on the classic show "Match Game". GSN is going to air the most outrageous episode featuring those two during the week of February 20th during That 70s Hour at 11PM ET/PT. Here is the episode listing for "The Best of Charles and Brett":

    Monday, February 20th -
    11PM (1976): Charles disgusted by Brett's bad answer, gets a large trash can, crumbles and throws away her answer.
    11:30PM (1978): Brett and Charles get into such a bad fight that Gene separates them, moving Charles to the bottom row.

    Tuesday, February 21st -
    11PM (1975): Charles is dropped onto the set by a harness. The reason is that if he can be flown in, Brett can be flown out.
    11:30PM (1974): Charles holds a "Bad Taste" card over Brett's head.

    Wednesday, February 22nd -
    11PM (1975): Charles gives Brett the "Worst Answer Ever Heard Award".
    11:30PM (1974): Charles is late because he is getting his hair glued on.

    Thursday, February 23rd -
    11PM (1975): Panelist asks Brett and Charles about their alleged affair.
    11:30 (1976): Charles and Brett are dressed in Western clothing and talk with Texas accents.

    Friday, February 24th -
    11PM (1974): Charles and Brett shimmy dance when "sex" is mentioned.
    11:30PM (1976): BRett and Charles argue like school-children.

    All times are ET/PT.
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    Aussie "Deal or No Deal" Starts Anew
    In competition with "Bert's Family Feud", the Australian version of the hit game show "Deal or No Deal" got a new set, new logo, and end game, and all kinds of new stuff. The Australian Game Show Page has a video of this. Please go here and enjoy.
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    "The Amazing Race" Cast Revealed
    We just recently found out that has announced the cast of the next edition of "The Amazing Race". Don't worry, it's not a family edition. We're back to teams of two facing off for a cool million. Instead of us listing it, here's the CBS website with all the cast. The next edition of "The Amazing Race" will debut on Tuesday, February 28th at 9PM ET on CBS. As always, catch the reruns of previous seasons on GSN Wednesday through Sunday at 9PM ET/PT.
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    Mark Burnette Creates AOL Competition Show
    Mark Burnett and AOL: Together it may sound like a match made in hell, but we'll see how it turns out. The Los Angeles Times announced that Burnett is creating a new reality/game/competition/whateveryouwanttocallit show titled "Gold Rush", in which internet geeks look at something beyond porn and try to get clues which leads them to gold hidden somewhere in the USA. There are 13 sites with it and up to $1.6 million available. What's interesting is that Yahoo! has announced they are doing "Treasure Hunt", a show we previously reported on. AOL's pulling a FOX here and basically ripping off an idea started already. The LA Times reported that Burnett tried to get into "Treasure Hunt", but Yahoo! rejected him. Burnett stated the advantages of doing a show online than in traditional primetime. "Years ago it was a sin to make a personal phone call at the office," Burnett said. "Now people are online all day long at the workplace. More people are hooked up electronically to receive images on that little box from 9 to 5 than will ever tune in to TV at night."
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    "Bert's Family Feud" has an OFFICIAL Website
    Ignore that site we gave you last time. "Bert's Family Feud" has an official website from Australia's Channel 9. Here's the link. Official websites are fun, aren't they?
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    Johnnie Cochran and PA Lottery Fix: Anything To Win
    Monday, January 30, 2006

    GSN recently sent Buzzer the Johnnie Cochran and Pennsylvania Lottery Fix episodes of Anything To Win, their new documentary series. We'll look at the Lottery episode next week. This week, let's focus on Johnnie Cochran.

    If you are one of the chronic complainers (AKA one of the hundreds of people that email me every week) saying "Where are the game shows?", first off you're blind and second off, you need to watch this show. If it wasn't for Russian Roulette (which we also still get weekly emails of when it's coming back), Anything To Win would easily be the best show The Network For Games has ever put on. The Johnnie Cochran edition of Anything To Win excells in the speed of the episode and the content delivered. More than a biography of his entire life, it goes into his history of being one of the most famous lawyers in history. One area they go especially indepth with is his fight to free Geronimo Pratt.

    I wish we could show you some of the compelling funeral footage given, but we can't. The raw emotion of the episode is enough to watch it. Even if you aren't a fan of the O.J. Simpson verdict, you can't help but feel compelled by how much effort Cochran put into his work. The episode features exclusive interviews with Geronimo Pratt and goes indepth with how Cochran set Pratt free after being in prision decades for a wrongful conviction. Some TV critics have panned the show, saying that people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Johnnie Cochran doing anything to win is a bit of a stretch. However, they pushed THEMSELVES to win, and Chcoran's episode shows this in graphic detail. Anything To Win: Johnnie Cochran will appear on January 31, 2005, at 9PM ET/PT.

    Edit: I'm a moron and mistyped his first name. It's fixed.
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    "Deal or No Deal" Goes to Telemundo?
    The international hit game show "Deal or No Deal" might go to another US television station: Telemundo. Endemol USA, who produces the show, is in talks with the Spanish-speaking US TV network, is discussing their possibilities, and NBC "Deal or No Deal" executive producer Scott St. John stated he will not be involved. All that is known at this time is that it won't be for as much money as the NBC version and won't have as high as production values (what a shock). Stay tuned if more news comes in.

    Source; B&C
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    Australian "Wheel of Fortune" Return
    The Australian version of "Wheel of Fortune" went back on the air recently with a set that's honestly a cheaper version of the US set. I could tell you all about it, but why not take a look for yourself? Click this link and go to the video clips in the upper left hand corner to get to a Wheel of Fortune video!
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    "Bert's Family Feud" has a Website
    Sunday, January 29, 2006
    The new Australian game show "Bert's Family Feud" has a crappy (hopefully temporary) website up right now if anyone cares to view it. Here's the link. "Bert's Family Feud" will debut in February 13, 2006, on Channel 9 in Australia.
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    Deal or No Deal Open Casting
    Deal or No Deal is going to be doing a little more open casting in cities around the USA. So if you're too lazy to send a video just to win a million, here's a few locations courtesy of

    Saturday, February 4, 2006
    The Rack
    24 Clinton St.
    Boston, MA 02109


    Saturday, February 11, 2006

    Click the link at the top of our page to fill in the TBA dates when they arrive. Good luck.
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    What To Expect This Weekend/Week at Buzzer
    Saturday, January 28, 2006
    I just thought I'd give you guys a look of what I'll be working on this weekend and week for articles here at Buzzer: The Game Show Blog. We will be reviewing the Johnnie Cochran and PA Lottery Scandal episodes of Anything To Win tomorrow so you can know what to expect. We are also working on major editorials on the evolution of the game show in recent years and why the USA can't make any inventive ideas anymore. Also, thanks to for choosing Buzzer for one of the quotes of the week. We'll be sure to link you guys up. Also, don't forget, if you have a Livejournal and want to get all of Buzzer's breaking headlines through there, please go to the Livejournal Syndication page and add it to your friends. However, be on the lookout this week for all those exciting articles!
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    Ute Casino Finishes Blackjack Satellites
    The Ute Casino in Colorado crowned it's final champion to gain entry into the 2006 World Series of Blackjack. Charles Montoya of Farmington, New Mexico, won the seat and $3,150 in the process. GSN will tape the new tournament in the end of February/Beginning of March and air it sometime in June. It only cost $100 for Montoya to enter the game and he has a shot at winning over a half a million dollars now.

    Source: The Rolling Good Times Online
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    New Trivia Game Pilot
    According to Craigslist, some company is searching for "Macho Men", who somehow search game shows, but know beer, sports, women, pop culture, and that kind of stuff. We have no idea what channel, what company, what host, the gameplay, or anything. I know you want to find out, so if you're around LA, click the link at the bottom to try out. The one show I'd be good to go on and I dn't live near LA.

    "Macho Men Needed For Game Show"
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    Family Fortunes Returns to UK
    Sources have told us, as well as major British entertainment websites, Family Fortunes will return to the UK. However, they will be doing five celebrity versions instead. They will begin taping in March. As reported earlier, Vernon Kay will be the host of the UK version of the Family Feud, which will air on ITV1.
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    New US DVD Board Games
    Friday, January 27, 2006

    We covered the UK DVD games, so let's move to the USA. Endless Games, with the apparent success of "The Price is Right" on DVD, is bringing three classic game shows to your television. The shows are The Newlywed Game, Password, and Match Game. All sound pretty fun at a party. Keep looking to see if we ever get dates for their releases.
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    New "The Price is Right" Game Debut Date
    About 10 years ago we posted about the new Price is Right game "Balance Game" which will not be anything like the old version. We finally have a debut date. According to people who have been to the show, it is February 6th. Apparently, from reports, it's very impressive.
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    More UK Games On DVD
    Since the "Family Fortunes" and "Catch Phrase" DVDs were successful, UKGameshows reported that more games from across the ocean are on their way to DVD. Some of which are Blankety Blanks, Blockbusters, Play Your Cards Right, and The Price is Right. These are expected to be out in autumn.

    Source: UKGameshows
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    Bullseye (UK Version) to Return to Challenge
    Thursday, January 26, 2006
    After years of being off the air except for the Game Show Marathon, the digital channel Challenge has announced they are reviving the classic game show Bullseye. This isn't the crappy US one. It's a version that literally uses a dart board. Challenge is also basically the UK equivalent of GSN. A host has not been picked, but comedian Peter Kay has been rumored to do it. Here are the rules.

    Source: UKGameshows
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    Online Critic Pans Arnold "Anything To Win"
    Yahoo! News pointed us out to this article. According to the blog "All Day Permanent Red", "Anything To Win" was a bit disrespectful to politics, mainly in Arnold Schwarzenegger. They state that it's a bit farfetched for GSN to ask why it's so unreal that Arnold swear to uphold the Constitution. They also make a reference to Johnnie Cochran's famous OJ Simpson trial line. How do you feel about "Anything To Win" topics like Arnold? Please email or comment to us, we'd love to hear. Do you think Arnold or the show is unreal? Here's the blog source.
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    NBC Greenlights 2nd Heads-Up Poker Tourney
    It was hard for a casual poker viewer to find it unless you watched NBC 24/7, but apparently the "Heads-Up Poker Challenge" was good enough for renewal. This is the first modern poker game on one of the six major broadcast networks, with CBS deciding not to air their poker in December. Caesars Palace new poker room in Las Vegas will host the 2nd tournament in March, with a decade absense of poker from the casino. According to the article, the show got huge ratings for NBC, as poker junkies saw Phil Hellmuth defeat Chris "Jesus" Ferguson for the top prize.

    The show's high production values have also helped gather the best poker players on the planet. Hellmuth and Ferguson have confirmed they are returning. Joining him will be stars like Phil Ivey, Howard Lederer, Annie Duke, Jennifer Harman, Barry Greenstein, and Daniel Negreanu. The tournament will feature a 64 player single-elimination style format similar as in the NCAA, with 63 pros and one randomly selected amateur who qualified online.

    Source: OPN
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    UK Deal or No Deal Goes Primetime
    Wednesday, January 25, 2006
    The hit British and international show "Deal or No Deal" has been commissioned to make 6 primetime episodes for Channel 4, according to Bother's Bar. The primetime version is expected to be exactly the same, but later on Saturdays in the Spring.
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    Millionaire Goes to Disney for Walk in and Win Week + More
    "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire", hosted by Meredith Vieira, is going to start February out with a bang by doing the ever-low scoring Walk in and Win Week. During this week, a player will be randomly selected from the audience without any audition prior to the show. The week of shows was taped in January, 2005, in Walt Disney World using the "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire -- PLAY IT!". A list of contestants is on the link provided.

    Millionaire is also teaming with Netflix on a movie themed week, while Millionaire does a home competition to win a home entertainment system through the "Netflix Movie Week Sweepstakes".

    Source: Yahoo! News
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    World Series of Pop Culture
    Tuesday, January 24, 2006
    How many damn World Series TV events do we need? The Futon Critic stated that VH1, one of the many networks that have destroyed music, is going to try another game show with the World Series of Pop Culture. This will feature teams of three playing against each other in a, you guessed it, pop culture trivia game. The season winner receives up to $100,000. Here's the casting.

    World Series of Pop Culture Casting
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    Aussie Deal or No Deal Changes Soon
    We have learned that a few changes will be occuring for the Australian version of Deal or No Deal in competition with the new Family Feud. They are going to change their logo to the rectangular one the US uses, they will be getting a new set (What it will look like is a mystery to me), and they will be getting a "bonus round". So far, we know it a "Double or Nothing" situation. Aussie Deal will start in February with the new things, so if we get pictures, they will be sure to be here.
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    GSN December Ratings
    GSN rebounded from last month with their .3 rating up to a .4 and a 222,000 headcount. Like stated, in November, the rating was .3 and a headcount of 200,000. GSN did better than Oxygen, Discovery Health, WE, Toon Disney, Noggin, and OLN.

    Source: Cableworld
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    Howie Mandel on "Deal or No Deal"
    Monday, January 23, 2006
    Are you one of the people that bitches about how mindless "Deal or No Deal" is. Well, Howie agrees with you, but he still thinks it's great. "There's no skill," he said. "You can be a rock and move into another cash bracket." The real moment of nerve, though, was when he questioned his stand-up/acting career. "If I'm a game show host, will someone buy a ticket to see me do standup?" he wondered. "If I'm a game show host, will I get an offer to do a dramatic role in a movie?" However, Deal or No Deal could be a brand new start to his career.

    Source: AP
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    NBC Deal or No Deal Schedule
    Sunday, January 22, 2006
    OK, according to Zap2It, here's the schedule deal. NBC will run a full week of Deal or No Deal again on Monday, February 27th, probably at the 8PM ET time slot again, and then it moves to it's Monday time slot on March 6th. Lots of Deal or No Deal in the future for game show fans apparently.
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    Deal or No Deal Gets Permanent Monday Slot
    According to TV Yahoo news, Deal or No Deal will be getting it's own weekly time slot. The Howie Mandel hit game show will air on Monday nights at 8PM ET, moving "Las Vegas" to Fridays. NBC is also placing The Apprentice after it, so there's a two hour block of games for fans. The "Deal or No Deal" Monday start is rumored to begin extremely early in March, so keep posted for more info as it comes in.

    Also, Buzzer will start regular updates again on Tuesday, as I am in New York this weekend.
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    Price is Right to Return to UK
    Saturday, January 21, 2006
    Digital Spy has announced that ITV1 has picked up "The Price is Right" for the 5PM slot in the spring. Joe Pasquale is to host, and rumors are flying that it could be a one hour show.
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    Price is Right Tries to Give Away a Million on 2/14
    Thursday, January 19, 2006
    CBS has FINALLY scheduled the final Price is Right Million Dollar Spectacular. It is going to air on Valentine's Day, February 14th, at some time. I'm guessing 8PM, but what do I know. The Spectacular usually gives away ungodly sums of money and gives a chance for a contestant to spin the Big Wheel, hoping to land on the dollar twice and win $1,000,000. Check back for the official time if it comes in later.
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    Deal or No Deal Back in February?
    According to WCAU in Philadelphia, PA, Deal or No Deal will be aired on February 24th. However, the Olympics are basically scheduled constantly through the 26th? Which is right? We have no idea, but we'll try to find out soon.
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    CBS Game Show Marathon Blurb in USAToday
    It's so small that if you blink, you'd miss it, but it's in there. The show is set for spring, and will revive such classic game shows as Beat the Clock and, as everyone assumed, Match Game. It will last for 7 weeks. And that's all the information we have. Hopefully more will develop soon.
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    Jim Cramer Goes Reality
    Wednesday, January 18, 2006
    The funniest show on television today, Mad Money with Jim Cramer, may be spun off to the reality world. According to the New York Observer, Jim Cramer, the crazy stock man, is developing a new reality show for CNBC or NBC called "King of Wall Street". Early planning says that it will involve a group of contestants getting a sum of money to invest and, as in life, the person with the most money wins. Just a personal opinion, but it might be smart to stick this on CNBC, as we saw the channel can easily handle a game show when Deal or No Deal reran there. Cramer declined to comment on the show.
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    Last Comic Standing Is Coming Back to NBC
    After having the summer off, the NBC offseason hit "Last Comic Standing" will return after a huge slump during a quickly assembled Fall 2004 season. The show, NBC's biggest hit of summer 2004, is now casting and will take applications from soo. However, Jay Mohr's status is unknown, as he basically bashed NBC for their treatment of the 3rd season. "Last Comic Standing" will begin in the 2006 Summer season.

    Source: Variety
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    Warner DVD Execs to Whose Line Fan: "We're Working On It"
    Warner Brothers has officially contacted and stated that they are working on putting "Whose Line is it Anyway?", the giant cult hit comedy show, on DVD. It's still early stages of planning, no clue if it's a "best of", seasons, or volumes. "Whose Line?" is currently the 9th most requested show to put on DVD on the hit site listed above. The show ran for 175 episodes and over 8 seasons, the 8th currently running on ABC Family. "Whose Line is it Anyway?", worldwide, has been on the air for nearly 20 years.

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    Shelly Winters GSN Tribute
    The late Shelley Winters will be receiving her own tribute on the all games network. On 1/20/06 and 1/21/06, GSN will air episodes honoring Winters, who died on Saturday at 85. Here are the episodes.

    3AM: I've Got A Secret (Steve Allen, 1966)
    3:30AM- What's My Line? (John Daly, 1955)

    3AM- Password (Allen Ludden, 1967, Color)
    3:30AM- What's My Line? (John Daly, 1957)

    All times ET/PT
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    A Lucky Few: New WB Reality Show?
    Tuesday, January 17, 2006
    We posted a little bit ago about a new reality show casting that almost sounded like a Friend or Foe clone? Link is here. I think we were very wrong. According to a website found when googling a name, we found that the WB is pursuing this show supposedly called "A Lucky Few" and is so far looking for senior citizens and gay hairdressers. We're series. The contestants will apparently travel around the United States competing for a cash grand prize. If we can find anything else about this at some time, we'll tell you.

    Senior Citizen Search

    Gay Hairdresser Search
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    Yahoo! Snags "The Runner" For Web (TV?) Series
    Mark this up as yet another ABC show let go and picked up by someone else. Yahoo!, yes, the search engine, has picked up episodes of the reality show "The Runner". This project began development in 2000, but was haulted because of the 9/11 situation in New York City. The Runner has always had a huge internet interaction, and with Yahoo!, that could grow more pending on scheduling. Internet usage is down in Summer, if it goes in the Fall, it'll be against the big new fall shows and season premieres. Yahoo! has stated that it's in development, but has not gotten the green light yet. The gist of the game is that there's a runner moving across the country, avoiding being snagged by average people who can communicate online. The grand prize is expected to be several million dollars.

    The show will supposedly not be the average reality show. Because of being online, several video clips will be updated daily of going ons, making the game always be on and neverending (Well, until someone wins). The option is still there for Yahoo! to develop TV specials which could air anywhere. Now that technology is much better than it was about 5 years ago, possibly this is the best time to debut it. Could this be a giant hit? Find out as we get more info.

    Source: Variety
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    Deal or No Deal Online Game!
    Monday, January 16, 2006
    Click here to play my version of Deal or No Deal now! You need Flash 8 Player to play it, but please vote 5 and see more great game shows on Newgrounds!
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    New host for World Series of Blackjack?
    Friday, January 13, 2006
    According to a Craigslist posting, GSN is looking for a new host for World Series of Blackjack, which leads to me to believe that Matt Vasgersian will NOT be returning. However, if you're in the LA area and for some reason read this with hosting experience under your belt, ages 25-45, are semi-known, and have a little knowledge of blackjack, you may be a TV host. If you're a female, they are looking for a model also, as they have had the past few seasons. Here's the listing.

    Craigslist World Series of Blackjack Host Search
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    World Series of Blackjack 2006 Information
    AOL Games and GSN are teaming up for the new season of the World Series of Blackjack. Starting in April, AOL will create a blackjack hub, letting people play for free and get tips from pros during the show's run. Also, people can visit starting January 19th and play for a chance to be in the 2006 World Series of Blackjack. The show will consist of 13 one hour episodes which will start in June.

    The winners of AOL's contest will receive a trip to Las Vegas where they will compete in a qualifying game exclusively for AOL. The winner of the 2006 World Series of Blackjack will receive $500,000, with another $500,000 divided among the 39 finalists. AOL will also bring GSN's games, such as Lingo and BallBreakers, to In addition, Casino Night will be switching to Monday nights.

    “This is a great partnership with AOL to provide their winners with a chance to compete in the first and only Blackjack tournament on television,” said Dena Kaplan, Senior Vice President of Marketing, GSN. “As GSN is the leader of interactive TV games, it makes perfect sense to join forces with AOL to promote the World Series of Blackjack on their robust game site.”
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    GSN and AO-Hell
    Reuters and the Hollywood Reporter is reporting that GSN and AOL will partner up to create a blackjack area on AOL's shoddy Internet portal in April. In addition to free gameplay and tips, the area will provide exclusive behind-the-scenes video of GSN‘s "World Series of Blackjack" series in June. AOL users, you can access this by accessing the keyword dialog box, waiting ten minutes for your computer to unfreeze, restarting the computer, trying it again, then going out and buying a Mac.

    Leading the Charge - GSN Bets on 'Blackjack' with AOL
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    Annie Duke Takes On The World Info
    Not a series, but a special: Annie Duke Takes On The World sees amateur poker players play for the chance to play one versus one against her. In the prelims, 3 players will compete as Annie comments. "Oblivious" host Regan Burns will see over the show with Duke. It will play on Monday, May 1st, from 9 to 10PM ET/PT on GSN.
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    I've Got A Secret 2005 Info
    Here's the scoop on I've Got A Secret. As reported, Bil Dwyer of Extreme Dodgeball is the host, with Frank DeCaro, Suzanne Westenhoefer, Jermaine Taylor, and Billy Bean as panelsts. Each panelist will have 40 seconds to question in a "yes or no" style the player. We at Buzzer heard the top prize was $1,500, but we aren't sure. "I am very excited to announce that GSN will air a fresh new version of
    the popular game show, I'VE GOT A SECRET," said Valentine. "Our audience will
    enjoy a smart, hilarious new panel, and a bevy of crazy and fun secrets."

    I've Got A Secret will debut on Monday, April 17th from 11-11:30PM ET/PT.
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    Brit Blows £1,000,000 Question
    Fashion designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen became one of the few people in the world to go for the final question and lose. However, Celedor is allowing him to come back, deeming his question "unfair". The question: 'Translated from the Latin, what is the motto of the United States?' His answer was "In God We Trust", but the bosses said the answer was "One Out Of Many". This was for a charity episode, by the way.

    Source: Mirror
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    TCA Correction:
    All the sources online are wrong. I've Got A Secret is NOT at 1:00PM ET/PT. According to sources at GSN, it is at 11PM ET/PT. And yes, the Valentine's Day marathon is on February 12th. We will go more indepth with reports on shows later.

    Edited at 10:18AM to 11PM
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    Thursday, January 12, 2006
    After hours of searching, we got it. Here is a list of new stuff GSN talked about at the Winter Television Critics Association meeting in LA on Thursday, January 12th 2006.

    Say goodbye to The Newlywed Game on weekdays. GSN will launch their new version of "I've Got A Secret" weekdays at 1PM ET/PT starting on April 17th. This version will follow the classic guessing format of the show, but with an all gay panel.

    Mark L. Walbert returns to GSN, but not with Russian Roulette. He and Ms. USA Finalist Danielle Demski will host the finals of the first ever Three Card National Poker Championship on Monday, May 17th and Monday, April 24th from 9PM-10PM ET/PT.

    Apparently this show wasn't cut out for a series, but good enough for a special. Annie Duke Takes On The World is a show where, well, Annie Duke takes on the world at poker. It will air Monday, May 1th, at 9PM ET/PT

    AOL and GSN are teaming up for The 2006 World Series of Blackjack, as people can play on AOL and earn a seat at one of the tourney tables starting on January 19th. The show will debut in April.

    The show that will not die, Kenny VS Spenny, will have it's second season on Saturday.

    Anything To Win, GSN's extremely good documentary series, will be having a Johnnie Cochran episode on Tuesday, January 31st at 9PM ET/PT.

    Season 5 of Lingo will start taping in about 2 or 3 weeks, according to our sources and will debut on Monday, April 3rd. This season includes an increasing jackpot where each day a Super Lingo is not achieved, $1,000 more is added to the jackpot that starts at $10,000.

    There will be a 6 hour marathon of The Newlywed Game and Love Connection on Valentine's Day, February 12th from 9AM-3PM ET/PT.

    And there you have it. Some very promising, and then Kenny VS Spenny. If there is any additional news, we will give it to you.

    Source: GSN
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    Catch Phrase is Coming Back
    You don't know how hard it's been for me to keep this secret for this long. Craigslist has a posting for looking for contestants on a pilot run of the classic game show "Catch Phrase". If you remember the Snake Charmer bit from the Most Outrageous Game Show Moments, there you go. So if you want some money and to be on a game show pilot, here's the link.

    Catch Phrase Pilot Contestants
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    TCA Announcements Tonight
    Stay tuned to Buzzer later tonight to hear the latest and most up to date coverage of GSN's new progrmaming from the Television Critic's Association event. Even we at Buzzer don't know what's going on this year, so this will be exciting, we promise.
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    "Battle of the Wedding Singers" Pilot
    Wednesday, January 11, 2006
    Yes, we're absolutely serious. GSN is making a pilot called "Battle of the Wedding Singers", where, obviously two wedding singers will, well, battle. The bride, groom, and others will judge who is the best. So, want to enter this show? Click this link.

    Battle of the Wedding Singers
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    Deal or No Deal Casting Call
    If you're 18 and want a shot at $1,000,000 on NBC's hit game show Deal or No Deal, just go to Universal City Walk's Hard Rock Cafe Wednesday, January 11th, at 4-9PM. This will be in LA. If you want your shot to beat the Banker, this is your time.
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    Jimmy Carr TV Apperance: Conan O'Brien
    Tuesday, January 10, 2006
    After watching Distraction on Comedy Central at 10PM ET, take a 2 hour nap, but then wake up to see Jimmy on Late Night with Conan O'Brien! The show begins at 12:35AM ET. Special guests are LL Cool J with Carr popping in somewhere.
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    Two Programming Reminders:
    Two terrific shows are starting tonight.

    First, on GSN, is the new documentary "Anything To Win". Follow along with Rosie Ruiz and the Boston Marathon Scandal, including the first interview with Ruiz in a long time, in the two hour season finale. If our review and a majority of other TV critics's opinions matter to you, this show is really good.

    Secondly, the best traditional game show beyond Deal or No Deal in a long time, Distraction, comes back for a 2nd season. The hit show, featuring the incredible host Jimmy Carr, will challenge people to answer questions while being harmed for a car. Don't miss it.
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    GSN Completes Marketing Game Show Study
    GSN, the only network devoted to all games, has completed a study with Ball State University on how the interactivity of game shows has affected people's everyday lives. GSN came together with the Center for Media Design to examine viewers as they played along with game shows. Mike Bloxom, the president of this organization, stated, "We went to a few homes and observed people while they interacted with the game shows. We asked them to watch in couples, twos or threes. Afterward, we conducted interviews asking people what they thought was weak about the interactivity and what they think about the idea."

    Cindy Ronzoni, the vice president of publicity and communications at GSN, said, "Since 2002, viewers have been able to play along with on-air programming by going to" Ms. Ronzoni also was quoted saying that this study would help the Network for Games learn how consumers interact with different brands.

    Source: BGNews
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    Are you a tricky bastard?
    If you are, there's a new show that's looking for you. Craigslist is also reporting a search for a reality show that is "better than Survivor." We'll be the judge of that. They state that you can win a huge cash prize based on intelligence, wit, and sensibility. This is sounding too much like Friend or Foe, but who knows. All that makes us happy is that there is no eating bugs and no voting others off.

    Craigslist Casting Link For This Show
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    New Game Show Documentary?
    Craigslist is apparently looking for an associate producer for a new game show documentary. What it is described as is it follows six game show enthusiasts on their journey around the country looking for cash, prizes, fame, and more. The filming has been going on for 18 months now, and they are looking for an associate producer for one more trip, from West Virginia to LA. This will attempted to be sold to HBO or GSN. Stay tuned if we get more news about this.

    Craigslist Link
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    Did you send away to be on Deal or No Deal?
    Monday, January 09, 2006
    If you didn't, you're probably too late, but there still may be a chance. There have been giant casting calls, getting nearly 1000 people at each, in the California area, and they are rumored to start taping in February. We got over 100 emails about wanting to be a Deal or No Deal contestant after the first week, so I'd get on the ball and click the link at the top of the page.
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    Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal TONIGHT
    This is just as a reminder, since we shockingly get tons of emails about this, that Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal will air tonight at 9PM ET/PT. This will just pave the documentary way for the absolutely terrific show "Anything To Win", both on GSN, both at 9PM ET/PT till 11PM ET/PT. After this Tuesday, Anything To Win will be a one hour show.
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    We're Back! Indian Deal Ya No Deal Online
    We're back after a weekend off. Everyone deserves one, don't they? Through message board sources, we have learned that India's show Deal Ya No Deal can be viewed online at this link. Be ready for product placement like you've never seen. However, over all, it's not bad. The only thing that is better than ours is that they use the Dutch theme music.
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    Anything To Win Getting Good Reviews
    Friday, January 06, 2006
    This one shocked me a bit: but apparently more critics than we are enjoying Anything To Win. Cable TV magazine group CableWORLD has given GSN's newest documentary series a B+ in their picks/pans of January, 2nd only to "Lincoln" on The History Channel. Critics are praising the work of having Boston Marathon alleged cheater Rosie Ruiz's first TV interview in ages, but hopes that GSN can bring about more interesting topics in the future. Here is the article. Let's hope this brings GSN's ratings up from the .3 it had in Novemeber.

    SIDENOTE- The Television Critic's Association announcements are coming very soon. Stay tuned next week and after for the latest breaking GSN news.
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    "Alex Trebek's 'Sense of Humor'"
    Not really a news article, but something entertaining at least. At the TV blogging site, writer Joel Keller writes about what he hates about TV, Alex Trebek's crappy sense of humor. You can view it here.
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    Family Feud Going To Multiple Systems
    Thursday, January 05, 2006
    The last official game system Family Feud game featured Louie Anderson, not counting the DVD version. Now Richard Karn gets to bore you to death on your game system of choice now! According to sources, Take Two Games has announced they are making, in addition to many other games, a Family Feud video game for "multiple systems". If you sadly own an XBox 360, now Richard can make crappy jokes in HD!

    Sources: IGN, Shaun Parent
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    Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy Go Hi-Def
    Well, one of the predictions about changes on Wheel of Fortune was true. Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy are the first game shows to go to High Definition. Sony's CEO Howard Stringer, who announced this, stated, "With the proliferation of HD, programming is ramping up." The two long running syndicated game shows will start their HD broadcasts this fall.

    Source: TV Week
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    Can Wheel Suck More? Yes! Soap Week!
    The long running syndicated hit "Wheel of Fortune" will be doing a week devoted to soap operas. I know everyone at home is overjoyed. SoapNet is partnering in this week as soap stars play with regular people to earn money for them and for charity. There will also be a contest this week for the winner to go to the set of a daytime soap. Oh hooray.

    Source: B&C
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    Whoops. No Larson Episodes
    Wednesday, January 04, 2006
    We apparently made a mistake. The Michael Larson episodes of Press Your Luck did not air today and will not air tomorrow. They skipped the two and went with the following one. We deeply appologize for this mistake. As to why? We're guessing it's because they are airing the hit documentary "Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal" Monday at 9PM ET/PT on GSN.
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    CBS Does Game Shows Again?
    Sorry about no updates this morning, I became very busy. According to and GSNN, CBS might be doing another game show. is referring to this as an "untitled game show franchise". Stay tuned to what it might be.
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    GSN Press Your Luck Reminder For Tomorrow:
    Tuesday, January 03, 2006
    Just thought you all might like to know that, according to our sources, the infamous Michael Larson episodes of Press Your Luck will air tomorrow and Wednesday at 12:30PM ET/PT. These are airing without any interruptions as they did on the hit GSM documentary "Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal". Get your TiVo's set.
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    Instant Suicide: Double or Nothing
    Fox Reality Channel, the new TV station devoted (at least for now) to all reality programming, is picking up the new show "Double or Nothing". The show, which has been trying to get on TV for 18 months, sees a person sell everything they own for a chance to double it on a roulette wheel. How thrilling, especially for a *2* hour event over 2 weeks. I think one word comes to mind for this format: wow.

    Source: Variety
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    Game Show Marathon Comes Soon?
    Wow, could I have been right about something? According to Mediaweek and GSNN, CBS is looking at the 7 episode series for a possible May run. This would put it right in sweeps. CBS's Game Show Marathon, which comes on broadcasters banking on another game show revival partly because of Deal or No Deal, will feature one and off classic games featuring celebrities playing for charity. Some games will include Match Game, Card Sharks, and What's My Line.

    Just opinion part now- If this works, you might be seeing some companies looking into revivals of classic game shows even more. ABC still says it's looking for that Saturday time slot for unscripted TV. If they stated that they wanted a show like Millionaire there, which was publically stated, why not just put Millionaire there as a test? Millionaire shaped the competition TV field in this new era of television. It can't get any worse ratings than what's on now.
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    Millionaire Tapes in Disney World in January
    As the show normally does, the hit syndicated Who Wants to be a Millionaire, hosted by Meredith Vieira, will tape in the Happiest Place on Earth in January. Disney World's Who Wants to be a Millionaire: Play It! attraction has a set resembling the current set just without all the nice flashy stairs and the ungodly number of lights. This is Walk in and Win Week also. All you have to do is just show up at the Play It! attraction in the Disney Studios and you have a chance at being a Millionaire. The show will tape from January 12th through January 16th. Go to the Millionaire website for more information. Good luck.
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    Deal or No Deal in Syndication?
    Monday, January 02, 2006
    According to B&C, there's a decent chance. NBC Universal, only weeks after airing the international hit Deal or No Deal on their NBC network for an entire week strip, is apparently looking into moving this to the syndication route as soon as possible. However, don't plan on Fall 2006, as NBC is planning Fall 2007 for a half-hour daily edition of Deal or No Deal.

    On the network site, as stated, it was a giant hit, raising rating across the board for them. However, VP of Programming Mitch Metcalf stated that he did not want the Millionaire effect of overusing the show to occur. "We don’t want to overuse or underuse it. In the reality world, we don’t know how long the life cycle for these shows can be. We need to strike a balance." However, things may change on Endemol's side. Endemol has stated that since it was a hit and people know the game, there's no need to stretch it out over a week. They favor once or twice a week. Endemol USA's President David Goldberg stated "I think this is the kind of show that can have a nice long run, but I don’t want to see it get burned out." Currently, the show is scheduled to come back in March.

    If you haven't sent in your tapes to try out either, it may be too late, but still keep trying. The show is set to start taping in early February. They are going to tape anywhere from 6-13 shows, according to our source, so you have a better chance of getting down to meet Howie, the models, and the Banker.

    Source: B&C
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    Sony Makes A Deal With Michael Davies
    Michael Davies, the executive producer of hit shows Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Wife Swap, has officially been signed on with Sony Pictures Television for a three-year deal. This contract allows Davies to still have control over his current shows, but states that they want they want at least one show through Davies each in cable, syndication, and primetime reality. The cable portion of this deal will come true with GSN, as they are expected to pick up at least one project as part of the deal. Michael Davies' show features Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings is still under consiteration, while Wife Swap, Millionaire, and his upcoming darts show on ESPN will remain untouched in the deal.

    Source: B&C
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    Chat with Deal or No Deal Fans Again Today!
    Sunday, January 01, 2006
    If you're still hung over and your football game of choice isn't on at about 3:30, why not come chat with Deal or No Deal fans? The Dutch version of Deal or No Deal, Miljoenenjacht, is suppose to be starting new episodes today at 3:30PM ET. You can watch the show online live and communicate about what you think of it at the chat! The link is

    See if someone wins 5,000,000 euro today or goes home with 1 cent.

    If there's a reason to see this also, it's because the host, Linda DeMol, is really really hot.

    Note- We're not really experts at Dutch, so we know it's suppose to start today. If it doesn't, we appologize. We just think it's starting, we aren't 100% sure.
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