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  • "Deal or No Deal" Opens Big on NBC Again
    Tuesday, February 28, 2006
    Apparently there's still a crowd that wants to see hot models and huge oney. "Deal or No Deal"' second series opened up with 8.1/12 which actually increased in the second half hour. That bodes well for the weekly Monday season premiere of "Deal or No Deal" next week at 8PM ET. However, tonight's going to be a big night, as we see if it can improve over a 2nd day. Also stay tuned to Friday, as there are increasing rumors that it will go Monday/Friday every week.

    Source: Zap2It
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    Monday, February 27, 2006
    Final warning for the Deal or No Deal Chat tonight. Join and Buzzer as you communicate with Deal fans in our chat room specially for big game show events. The chatroom is AT THIS LINK. Please join us!

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    Don Knotts and Darren McGavin GSN Tribute Info
    Thanks to a mod from the GSN boards for this info. GSN will be paying tribute to the recently departed celebrites Don Knotts and Darren McGavin on March 3rd at 3AM ET. Here are the episode listings.

    March 3rd-
    3AM- I've Got A Secret ep. 36- Steve Allen (1973): Don Knotts as panelist
    3:30AM- Password ep. N-011- Allen Ludden (1962): Darren McGavin as panelist

    All times ET/PT.
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    For the FLASHGames2 Fans
    I constantly and weekly get emails saying "HEY, I WANT TO PLAY THE MONEY CARDS. WHEN IS FLASHGAMES2 COMING BACK??!?" I've gotten a few exactly like that, as a matter of fact. If you want any more up-to-date info, you might want to check out THEIR WEBSITE right now. One of the owners, Chris Colbourne, posted a giant letter at THIS LINK also. Just check it out and, hey, stop emailing me about it. It's coming back, trust me.
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    Join tons of fans from all over the USA and chat about America's newest game show sensation, "Deal or No Deal", as Buzzer and Mike Klauss from host the "Game Show Chat". This week will again be "Deal or No Deal", obviously. Go to THIS LINK at around 7:45PM ET to cheer along with the contestants, or wish bad luck on them. Whatever floats your boat. Hopefully we'll get a lot of people again, as last time, we had hundreds by the end of the week. Come enjoy the chat tonight at 7:45PM ET! We'll post this closer to game time again.

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    Exclusive: Scott St. John Interview
    Last week, Buzzer had an exclusive interview with "Deal or No Deal" executive producer Scott St. John. Listen as he talks about the success of NBC's version, what happened to ABC's, and more technical details.


    -Alex Davis
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    CNBC's "On The Money" Jumps on the "Deal or No Deal" Bandwagon
    Sunday, February 26, 2006
    Mike Klauss from told us recently that the CNBC financial show "On The Money", which airs at 7PM ET, is going to go indepth on what they call "America's Hottest Game, Deal or No Deal". More than a basic look at it, they're going to do stuff that any game show fan who loves "Deal or No Deal" has been working on, looking at game strategies. This will only air at 7PM ET on CNBC, so either watch this before the main event starts on NBC or you're out of luck.
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    RIP Darren McGaven
    Not a day after Don Knotts was announced dead, Darren McGaven, who died at the age of 83 of natural causes in Los Angeles. For game show fans (thanks to IMDb, because I wouldn't have a clue normally), he was featured on a ton of game shows, like Family Feud, Celebrity Sweepstakes, TattleTales, It Takes Two, Password, and To Tell The Truth. I would think that GSN will be giving some sort of tribute. For non-game show freaks, Darren McGaven was featured in five TV series, like "Mike Hammer", but is probably most known by a semi-younger crowd for his role as Ralphie's dad in the classic comedy "A Christmas Story". His final role was on the pilot "Night Stalker" in 2005 as, and I'm serious, Reporter Standing At Desk.
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    Two Minor Posting Notes
    We have one note and one correction. Thanks to Chico Alexander from GSNN for telling me that yes, Don Knotts did appear in a game show. He was in 70s episode of "I've Got A Secret", so you may be seeing that on GSN at some time soon. Also, about "Deal or No Deal"'s Friday episode. We have learned, thanks to Mike Klauss from (Which will co-host the Game Show Chat for "Deal or No Deal" tomorrow and all next week) is only a one time thing, because of host Howie Mandel's appearance on "Las Vegas" this week. Be sure to check out our interview with "Deal or No Deal" executive producer Scott St. John tomorrow!
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    RIP Don Knots
    Saturday, February 25, 2006
    Just for a little hometown pride here: the famous actor Don Knots has died at the age of 81. Knotts, born in Morgantown, West Virginia in 1924, starred in TV and movies for decades, being most famous for his roles in "The Andy Griffith Show" and "Three's Company". He actually won 5 Emmy awards for his role in "The Andy Griffth Show" and made his final role in the 2005 animated movie "Chicken Little" as the voice of Mayor Turkey Lurkey. He only was in one drama in his career, "Search for Tomorrow" in 1951. Knotts died Friday of pulmonary and respiratory complications. We aren't sure if he was in any game shows, but if he was, please let us know.
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    Ricki Lake: Game Show Host?
    It's not confirmed yet, but recent rumors put talk show host Ricki Lake as the frontrunner to host the new CBS show Game Show Marathon. Before you claw out your eyes, remember that the British duo Ant and Dec, who hosted the United Kingdom's version of the show, were not considered to be good for the job, and they did quite well. Also remember that Regis Philbin grew to fame through hosting a talk show, and he performed well on Millionaire.

    Oh, who am I kidding. Claw your eyes out.
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    "Deal or No Deal" Airs Twice In Weekly Series Premiere Week
    This just in from a contributor from Denver, Colorado. 9News in Denver and have confirmed that NBC's hit game show "Deal or No Deal" WILL air twice in it's debut week, on Monday, March 6th at 8PM ET and on Friday, March 10th, at 8PM ET. We know Mandel has something on Las Vegas that episode, so either that episode of "Deal" is there for more promotion or that's a weekly spot. We'll get in contact with NBC ASAP on this.
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    "Deal or No Deal" Chat 2!
    Friday, February 24, 2006
    Last series of "Deal or No Deal", the chat we held got incredible numbers. Hundreds of people by the end of the week were in talking to us. Join in on that group on Monday, February 27th at 7:45PM ET when Buzzer and hosts the 2nd ever "Deal or No Deal" chat. Communicate with fans as you gasp, cheer, cry, heckle, or lust after any of the contestants, models, or Howie if you're into that kind of thing. Guess the Bank Offers, play along, and follow the graphical play-by-play analysis provided. Check back here on Monday, February 27th as we give you the chat room location a few times that day.
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    UK "Deal or No Deal" Prime Slot
    Wednesday, February 22, 2006
    Short post here for our UK readers. We were just informed that one of the first UK primetime "Deal or No Deal" episodes will be on March 4th at 7:15PM.
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    New FOX Network Launches New Quiz Show
    Are you missing the yearly FOX IQ show like I am? Look no further. FOX announced today that it's creativing a new primetime TV network called My Network TV. Launching on September 5th, 2006, the channel will feature 12 hours of original programming from 8PM till 10PM. Think of it as TBS but more of a mix than comedies. My Network TV said they are making a quiz show one of their flagship games. "America's Brainiest" is based off of the UK game show of basically the same name. It features people battling each other in a quiz format to see who is the smartest. Pretty basic, eh? It'll make the quiz show fans who nearly popped an artery with "Deal or No Deal" happy. Here's the rule sheet to the British version. More information when we receive it.

    Source: Yahoo! News
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    Balderdash Returns to "i"
    Tuesday, February 21, 2006
    The failing network "i" is apparently airing the extremely good but shortlived modern game show "Balderdash", based on the board game, again. It replaced Donny Osmond's "Pyramid" in the 7PM ET slot. Be sure to check it out if you get "Hollywood Squares" withdraws.
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    Deal or No Deal: A Worldwide Phenomenon
    So we can get word out about our "Deal or No Deal", and so people can find out about other versions, we are, for the final time, republishing our giant look at "Deal or No Deal" around the world. Endemol's Deal or No Deal is quite possibly the world's most braindead game show, but there is not a show that is more exciting. Sexy models holding suitcases containing life changing sums of money. Incredibly tense decisions with people risking hundreds of thousands of dollars on just intuition, guts, and luck. From over 30 countries, Deal or No Deal puts people to extreme circumstances of fortune to win. Let's take a look at 3 of the versions: The Dutch Version, the British version, and the US version.

    The Dutch Deal or No Deal, entitled "Miljoenenjacht", is hosted by the, in my opinion, incredibly sexy Linda DeMol. 500 different people sit into sections divided into 10 blocks of 50. There is a small trivia competition to determine which group of the audience, the red 250 or the blue 250, will move on. They keep winding down people until we end up with a round of 6 players. Each question lists a series of clues about a person, place, or thing. First person to buzz in and guess correctly is safe and gets to elect to eliminate anyone. However, Linda offers to let anyone quit the game right then, in fear that they are eliminated, by taking one of the colored briefcases. If no one takes it and leaves the game, the person who answered correctly gets to show who he/she wants eliminated. The final remaining player plays for 5,000,000 Euro. There, the game runs the same as in any country. 26 cases containing cash values 1 cent to 5,000,000 euro. They start by eliminating 6 cases, and each round makes them eliminate one less. After the round ends, they receive a "Bank Offer": something to tempt them to quit the game. Bank offers have been seen to get as high as 1.495 million euro. The game ends when all the cases are open or the bank offer is taken. Also, a lottery is held, with a live camera feed going to someone's house to award them whatever the in-studio player wins.

    The British version, just titled Deal or No Deal, takes more of a warehousey look to the show. Noel Edmonds hosts the UK version. This version has 22 boxes each held by a player. The person selected to try to win the money is chosen at random. The cash ranges from 1p to £250,000. The gameplay goes the same, except no models. It's all opened by the players. Also, as you may have picked up, there are no suitcases. This version goes even more different and lets people open boxes. After 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, and 20 boxes are opened, the banker makes an offer. In this version, the banker talks in a private phone conversation to the host and discloses what he will give away. Bank offers have been seen to go over £100,000. The £250,000, once it's given away, will be the biggest prize ever offered in daytime British game show history. This show also airs with one of the most intelligent game shows in game show history: Countdown. So you go from the master brain game, Countdown, and one of the dumbest game shows, but easily the most exciting, Deal or No Deal. Quite a mix for our British friends.

    Let's use the retro picture. There are 2 versions. One was on ABC, which basically followed the rules of the Dutch version. The top prize for ABC was $2,500,000, which was one of the biggest top prizes in game show history. A clip of it can be seen here. Go to Multimedia and click the Deal or No Deal box. However, Super Millionaire was announced and Deal or No Deal was on the back of everyone's minds until NBC announced they picked it up. The NBC version has a chain from 1 cent to $1,000,000. The set has a center stage for host Howie Mandel and the player, a stair case, the money monitor to the right of the staircase, and the bank to the left of the staircase. 26 cases are opened by different models. There are THREE former The Price is Right models. They are: Lisa Gleave (Suitcase 3), Kristal Marshall (Suitcase 5), and Claudia Jordan (Suitcase 9). Cases are eliminated just like the Dutch version with bank offers thrown in. The case values are dealt randomly also. No one, not even the producers know what is in each case. The bank offer is phoned in to Mr. Mandel as well.


    Deal or No Deal has had an incredible run, and you can see each version somewhere. The US version will be on February 27th through the rest of the week, and then starting WEEKLY on that next Monday at 8PM ET on NBC. You can view the Dutch version Sundays at around 3:45PM ET at Talpa TV live or watch it in this link. We don't know when Miljoenenjacht will start back up, but we'll be sure to tell you when. We really can't see the British version, but you can read a live chatcast of it at a terrific British game show website: Bother's Bar. I encourage you to watch this show and support it. There are not many game shows more tense than this. Here are a few more pictures of the UK and British version.

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    Howie Mandel Whores "Deal or No Deal" Over 2 Weeks
    Howie Mandel warning. If you are afraid of his shiny head, back away from your TV on these days.

    Wednesday, February 22nd- The Tonight Show (NBC: Check Local Listings)
    Tuesday, February 28th- Today (NBC: Check Local Listings)
    Tuesday, February 28th- Live With Regis and Kelly (Syndicated: Check Local Listings)
    Wednesday, March 1st- Jimmy Kimmel Live! (ABC LATE Night: Check Local Listings)
    Friday, March 3rd- Guest Star on "Las Vegas (NBC: Check Local Listings)

    Yeah, check your local listings for all of those.

    - Alex Davis
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    Bob Barker Sticks Around
    To answer the emails we get a lot, yes, Golden-Road has confirmed that Bob Barker will be staying around "The Price is Right" for five years. According to several sources, he just finished a similar contract. He has a five year deal that is dealt with one year at a time.

    - Alex Davis
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    Deal Or No Deal UK
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    Howie sits down with Newsweek
    Everyone's favorite game show host of semi-ambiguous sexuality* sat down with Newsweek about the coming return of Deal or No Deal, Mandel's hit NBC game show. Among the topics were the show's greed ("I think individual contestants celebrate greed. Actually, if you get greedy the game doesn't go well for you"), how he got the job ("When they first called me, I said absolutely not. Then they said there were 26 bikini models-- that helped"), and his obsessive compulsive disorder ("[C]ertain hotels... remove the comforters with salad tongs. I order two dozen towels on entry, and I make paths with them so I won't step on the carpet"), among other things.

    The interview appears in the February 27th, 2006 issue of Newsweek in the Newsmakers section. Deal or No Deal debuts on February 28th on NBC at 8 PM EST.

    *according to the interviewer: "You have a shaved head and a bunch of earrings. That's sort of a gay look."
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    "I've Got A Secret" Classic Comes Back to GSN
    Monday, February 20, 2006
    With GSN's new revival "I've Got A Secret" coming in late April, it makes sense that they would put the classic edition back. GSN will place "I've Got A Secret" in Black and White Overnight, in the 3AM ET/PT timeslot, replacing "Beat the Clock". This will happen in about 5 weeks or so.
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    GSN January Ratings
    GSN, in the month of January, basically stayed the same. The Network for Games for a .4 with a headcount of 240,000, which is about 18,000 more than last time. January also saw the premieres of Anything To Win and High Stakes Poker. Let's hope the word of mouth got around more in February and we can get to .5. Networks that GSN beat are The Weather Channel, National Geographic, Soap Network, Oxygen, Discovery Health, WE, MTV2, OLN, and Toon Disney. Boy, those Survivor reruns and new NHL games are really helping out OLN, aren't they?

    Source: CW
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    Game Show Congress 5 Guest News
    Friday, February 17, 2006
    Usually we don't like to cover the Game Show Congress stuff, but since there's no real news, why not. Mike Klauss, webmaster of, informed us last night that there will be two special guests going to the fifth conference for game show fans. Betty White, panelist of an ungodly amount of game shows, and Wink Martindale, most recently the host of "Debt" and featured in the "Take On Orbitz" ads, will be appearing to say hello to everyone. Mike told us "No word if Take On Orbitz will be played."

    NOTE: Yes, by popular demand, I have a contact page now. If anyone needs to contact me at any way, I'll always have a link at the end of each post to my contact info. Note: this is ONLY for serious media requests, like networks, magazines, TV programs, and other media outlets.

    - Alex Davis
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    Aussie "Family Feud" Clips Online
    Thursday, February 16, 2006
    Why couldn't we do "Family Feud" this good from the start? The terrific Australian Game Show Page has posted 2 clips of the new edition of "Bert's Family Feud", featuring a set that actually looks like it's a game show, not a disco hall like ours tends to be (Don't remind me of the constantly color changing floors). The first clip is of the intro and first round, while a second is the bonus round with an increasing jackpot that depends how many number 1 answers you get. Please check this clip out. HERE'S THE LINK.
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    I constantly get emails from people wanting to play flash game shows while FlashGames2 is down (It won't be for long, mind you). We reported on ages ago, and they just posted a few new games. They have their ripoffs of "The Price is Right", "Deal or No Deal", and "Millionaire" updated for 2006, with "Deal or No Deal" being new. I have to tell you, in the few months since we've posted about them, they have really improved. Their "The Price is Right" game is extremely impressive, offering 10 different pricing games to play, including "Plinko". "Deal or No Deal" is also one of the best I've seen on the net, having semi-accurate graphics without copying the TV show and even good bank offers. Check out They deserve some credit for all the work they did.
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    Game Show Ratings: 2005 and 2006
    Yahoo! News recently posted an article stating the differences in syndicated game show ratings season-to-date. In general household count, "Wheel of Fortune" is (rightfully) down, at an 8.3. Jeopardy went down a lot to 6.6, while "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" is at 3.4 and Family Feud at 2.6. Each are at least -6 from last year, with Jeopardy being the worst, -16. In the women 18-49 category, "Wheel" is at 2.7, "Jeopardy!" is at 1.6, "Millionaire" gets a 1.4, and "Family Feud" is at a 1.1. Those are all down, but "Millionaire" did the best, going -4. Women 24-54 saw some increase from the 18-49, with "Wheel" at 3.4, "Jeopardy!" at 2.6, "Millionaire" of Fortune" at 1.6, and "Faimly Feud" at 1.2. We actually saw an increase in this one, with "Family Feud" going +2. Down for everything else. And in "Jeopardy!"'s defense, Ken Jennings really boosted the show's ratings, so there's a reason for giant drops. And it's apparent that "Millionaire" skews the youngest out of the 4, nearly equal with "Jeopardy!" in the women 18-49 category.

    Source: Yahoo! News, Nielson
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    "Deal or No Deal" Gets a THIRD Game
    Wednesday, February 15, 2006
    You cannot tell me this isn't all too soon. We have the tabletop game, the handheld game, and now look for a DVD game. With the success of the "The Price is Right" DVD game, NBC and Endemol are apparently helping to release a DVD version of the hit NBC game show. There's going to be a "Let's Make A Deal" DVD game also. We previously announced the "The Newlywed Game", "Match Game", and "Password" games coming soon. Please, someone leave a comment or email me at about this topic: Why in the hell are they rushing all this stuff out? I'm a big DoND fan. I've been watching the Dutch version for a bit now and have tracked the Aussie version a few months before rumors of NBC picking it up even came out. NBC's Deal or No Deal was a hit, but it was on 5 days when it was basically repeats. I don't think the show's going to bomb or do badly, but at least wait for the 2nd week and a few episodes of the weekly edition air before you announce THREE different home games. If the show does get sickening for people, they are going to make a giant mistake here.

    Source: Matt Scott
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    Show of hands...
    ...who has actually watched a FOX reality show?

    Hmm? Mmm. Okay, that's what I thought. This one? You might want to actually watch. FOX is developing "Unan1mous," which is either a professional video gamer or a new reality show attempt. In Unan1mous, nine people are locked in a bunker until they can unanimously vote on who should win the grand prize, starting at $1.5 million and decreasing as time wears on. Players will be eliminated from voting through an as-of-yet unknown process, but will still live in the bunker until the final, unanimous decision.

    Now, human drama dictates that nobody will win, because you know there's one stubborn guy in the corner voting for himself every round just to piss everyone off. You know it's gonna be that old guy at the supermarket who stands his ground when his coupons aren't doubled, and damnit, they should be doubled and he's not moving until they are. Come to think of it, that could very well be us. I might actually watch this.

    The half-hour Unan1mous premieres on Wednesday, March 22nd, at 9:30 EST.
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    UK "Deal or No Deal" Gets Ungodly Tryout Number
    When the NBC "Deal or No Deal" tried out their first national search for the newest millionaires, most stops, if not all, got at least a thousand viewers. Terrific for only five episodes and a game show tryout. British "Deal or No Deal": over 1,000,000 have applied for the show. An afternoon game show. That's only been on since October. A little joke from, "We make that a 3,205-year waiting list. So see you in 5211AD!"
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    "Deal or No Deal" CNBC Partial Ratings For Week of February 6th
    Not so good this time. Here's the breakdown of the ratings for two days. Monday the 7th opened with 184,000 viewers. On Tuesday, February 7th, "Deal or No Deal" managed to get 131,000 viewers. Yeah, a big dropoff from last time, but this series had 0 advertisement on NBC or anywhere, so not bad consitering all of that. It was the highest rated show on CNBC that week, though, with one of the best television shows on now, "Mad Money with Jim Cramer" being the 2nd biggest, beyond one "Deal or No Deal" 11PM repeat.

    Source: Mediabistro
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    REMINDER: Price is Right Million Dollar Spectacular Tonight
    Tuesday, February 14, 2006
    I haven't heard a lot of chatter about this, and I just forgot it until today. Don't forget that "The Price is Right Million Dollar Spectacular", one that's been delayed for months and months and months, is airing tonight at 8PM ET on CBS. Watch people compete for gigantic prizes, showcases over $100,000, and watch someone spin the Big Wheel for $1,000,000.
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    Monday, February 13, 2006
    This JUST in. "Deal or No Deal" will be raising it's top prize during the first week of it's return every night. Starting on February 27th, the top jackpot will be $1,000,000. However, every night after that, the top prize will RAISE by $500,000. So on, Tuesday, February 28th, the jackpot will be $1,500,000. Wednesday, March 1st will be $2,000,000. Thursday, March 2nd, will be $2,500,000. The final day, Friday, March 3rd, will have a top prize of $3,000,000: one of the biggest jackpots in American TV history. There have been slight rumors that the $750,000 case will become $1,000,000 at this stage, but leave that as rumor until NBC confirms it with us. The Lucky Case game for $10,000 will return also. Visit for more info.
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    GSN Airs Tribute To Academy Award Winners
    On March 4th and March 5th, the award for best game show viewer can go to you if you tune into GSN's salute to Academy Award Winners. On Saturday, March 4th, GSN will feature legendary Oscar hosts Johnny Carson and Bob Hope in episodes of Password and What's My Line at 3AM ET/PT. Then, on March 5th starting at 9PM ET/PT, GSN will air episodes of What's My Line, Password, "He Said, She Said", Match Game, and Password Plus. HUGE marathon here for the hardcore game show fans. Here's the full schedule.

    March 4th-
    3AM- Password (1962): Johnny Carson on panel
    3:30AM- What's My Line (1954): Bob Hope's first appearance as musical guest.

    March 5th-
    9AM- What's My Line (1965 B&W): Henry Fonda, Sean Connery
    9:30AM- What's My Line (1967 B&W): Woody Allen, Jane Fonda
    10AM- What's My Line (1959 B&W): Joanne Woodward, Paul Newman
    10:30AM- Password (1967): Martin Landau
    11AM- He Said, She Said (1970): Sally Field w/ then husband Steve Craig
    11:30AM- What's My Line (1970): Michael Caine
    12:00PM- Match Game PM (1979): Rita Moreno
    12:30PM- What's My Line (1971): Gene Hackman
    1PM- I've Got A Secret (1972): Cliff Robertson
    1:30PM- What's My Line (1968): Dustin Hoffman, Joel Gray
    2:00PM- Password Plus (1979): Patty Duke
    2:30PM- Match Game (1976): George Kennedy
    3:00AM- Password (1962 B&W): Johnny Carson
    3:30AM- What's My Line (1956 B&W): Bob Hope

    All times ET/PT. Wow, a marathon of no Family Feud and limited Match Game. It's a miracle.
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    Deal or No Deal Gets 2 Toys

    "Too-soon-to-market TV games, party for two: your table is ready." After FIVE successful episodes of "Deal or No Deal" on NBC, apparently NBC, Endemol, iToys are rushing two games to the market. One is, as already discussed before, a handheld electronic Deal or No Deal. The other one's a bit more interesting: a table-top game. Apparently, by the graphic you see, it's for four players, includes The Banker and The Button. Plus, it looks like it includes an audio banker, something I really wish the US version of "Deal or No Deal" would include. Look for these within the next few months. We'll have official dates eventually.
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    Get Schooled Returns In 2006
    I've gotten at least 20 emails within the past few days asking about the future of Get Schooled. I talked to GSN about it, and they say that yes, it is returning in 2006. It's being revamped and will be "bigger and better". Get Schooled, where contestants play for tuition, will come in the Fall with more details coming in mid-March.
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    "Deal or No Deal" Switches Studios
    Saturday, February 11, 2006
    I don't know why any of you would care, but maybe some would. According to OCA, "Deal or No Deal" will be taping at Sunset Gower Studios this season. No set change is really rumored to occur. Short posts are fun, aren't they?
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    Rumor Has It: Deal or No Deal Times 2
    Here's a giant rumor control item, and please note that this is total rumor for now. According to Wikipedia, "Deal or No Deal"'s top prize will switch to $2,000,000; with $1,000,000 becoming the 2nd greatest. Now I know Wikipedia is not the most realiable thing on earth. The only thing that can remotely back this up is that the author says he was at the tapings. However, this could be total bull also. No one around me has any idea about the prize raise, so please treat this as strictly a rumor for now. We're trying to figure out what the deal is, so stay tuned.
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    "Deal or No Deal" Already Goes To Home

    Man, NBC and Endemol is not wasting any time. Based off of the success of "Deal or No Deal", apparently a home game was the next move. Available this summer, Irwin Toys will be releasing an electronic version of "Deal or No Deal". It plays exactly like the TV show, and even has some images of a Johnny Cash shadow like Banker on the front package. This scares me, though. Isn't NBC and Endemol jumping extremely too quickly into things? It was only successful for one week. Anyway, if you don't want to waste the $15 it'll cost this summer, Mike Klauss from has an easier way.

    "1. Get 26 security envelopes.
    2. Number them 1 to 26.
    3. Get 26 3x5 cards.
    4. Number them with the dollar values from the game.
    5. Have a third party shuffle the envelopes and dollar value cards, and insert the cards into the envelopes.
    6. Make each offer slightly above the median value.
    7. Borrow 26 dolls from your sister's/niece's/daughter's Barbie collection. Dress them identically.
    8. Borrow the kid's Fisher Price My First Telephone.
    9. Do the fist knock with the contestant any time a low value is removed. To be more like Howie, keep a gallon of Purel nearby.
    10. Say certain phrases in a slightly different voice, so it sounds like there were some comments edited in during post.
    Items 7 through 10 are merely optional, but they give this home game some authenticity.

    Ta da. You can thank me later for saving you $35 apiece."

    Source: Playthings
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    "The Amazing Race" Back to 10PM Correction
    Thursday, February 09, 2006
    I just wanted to make a slight correction to an article I posted. I stated that "Love Monkey" would be taking the 9PM slot on Tuesdays, booting "The Amazing Race back to 10PM. We have learned that "Love Monkey" has been put off the schedule immediately, with the new show "The Unit" taking the 9PM slot. We appologize.
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    Aussie Deal or No Deal Goes Celebrity

    The Australian version of "Deal or No Deal", hosted by Andrew O'Keefe, is doing some celebrity shows. Yeah, we're serious. Apparently, they will be inviting some "Dancing With The Stars" personalities on, as they will be playing for over $200,000 for a home viewer. Screw those charities! Just go to the "Deal or No Deal" site to find out how to enter if you're, uh, from Australia. If not, aww.
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    Come on Down (And Die!) Update
    61 people died in Manila, Phillipines after a stampede occurred during the one-year anniversary of the ABS-CBN daytime game show "Wowwee." Witnesses say that someone shouted, "Bomb!" and tried to get everyone to flee. "Wowowee" host Willie Revillame was shocked by the incident. In an ABS-CBN interview, an emotional Revillame said he didn’t expect it to happen. "All we ever wanted was just to make them happy," a sobbing Revillame said in Tagalog.

    ETA: An investigator has come to the conclusion that ABS-CBN television is responsible for the stampede. According to the Khaleej Times, ABS-CBN "failed to prepare adequate security for the event and can be held liable for criminal negligence." 74 people died and hundreds more were injured in the stampede. Conflicting reports exist as to what caused the stampede. The Philippines Star is reporting that a bomb threat caused everyone to try to exit the venue in a hurry, while the Khaleej Times reports that a major influx of people caused the stampede. "A huge crowd surged toward a gate in a frenzy to get raffle tickets and seats in the show in suburban Pasig city, trampling elderly women and children."

    We'll have more as time goes on.
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    "Your Worst Nightmare" and Freddy Krueger
    Since we started plugging a pilot GSN announced a while ago, "Your Worst Nightmare", we've gotten lots of questions asking if it involves Freddy Krueger, since he taped a pilot "Nightmare on Elm Street: Real Nightmares". According to Freddy himself, Robert Englund, the above "Real Nightmares" pilot was scrapped, so this "Your Worst Nightmare" is either a completely new thing or Englund just wasn't invited back.

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    Big Aussie Ad for "Bert's Family Feud"
    Family Feud finally returns to the Aussie audiences starting next Monday, and a newspaper there, The Age, ran a 5 online page article about it. It talks about Bert Newton's return to TV and a background on his TV career. It's really long, so be ready to read for a while. Here's your link.
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    Fox Reality Channel Airs "Cannonball Run 2001"
    Bob Boden really left GSN for a piece of TV treasure apparently. Fox Reality Channel, which few people have heard of in it's short history on the air, has picked up the rights to air the American television masterpiece of "Cannonball Run 2001", which apparently ran on USA. You could have fooled me. It has showed episodes all this week, and knowing the limited library of Fox Reality, I'm guessing it'll be showing it more. It's based off of the "Cannonball Run" movie that we all hold so dear in our hearts. I might need a squeegee to wipe all the sarcasm off this post.

    Source: TVSquad
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    "The Amazing Race" Back to 10PM On GSN & CBS
    We announced a while ago that GSN moved the repeats of "The Amazing Race" back to 10PM ET/PT, a move that surprised everyone. Now, CBS is joining in, and it doesn't look that pretty. CBS is pushing the new episodes of "The Amazing Race" back to 10PM ET starting March 7th. It will have a 2 hour debut starting at 9PM the week before, though. Taking the 9PM slot is the critic's darling "Love Monkey".

    Source: Zap2It
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    ABC: Get Off Your Asses
    Wednesday, February 08, 2006
    This is more of a rant essay. I would like to point out how long it's been since Millionaire has been on ABC. It's been since May 2004. Now ABC has a special contract, according to several sources. They have 3 years, or until May 2006, to renew it. If they don't, they lose control of the show. Now obviously, I figure, as well as others probably, we'll be seeing Millionaire right when "Deal or No Deal" starts in March, early or late. However, if not, ABC might pull a GIGANTIC blunder. "Millionaire" is easily one of the biggest, if not the biggest, game show in the USA. At least it was the biggest for a few years. "Super Millionaire" did well in the ratings too. ABC has several shows that are lacking and a few slots open. Am I the only one shocked it's not announced yet? When May 2006 comes, what are they going to do? You know as well as I do that networks like CBS, NBC, or, hell, GSN, would want this. GSN would give their left AND right feet for the rights to new episodes of Millionaire. Hell, they would give their testicles probably too. They could cancel Lingo and more things and get it too most likely. If they paid $6,000,000 for "The Amazing Race" like announced, and which apparently isn't performing THAT great, oh GSN would can Lingo, their poker shows, and anything they had to. The channel got a .9 for RERUNS. A .9, guys. That's big for a digital cable network. Can you imagine the ratings it would get for new episodes? Bottom line: ABC, think about what you are doing. I am wholeheartedly expecting to announce Millionaire's return here next month, but as the time draws nearer, ABC is starting to look mighty stupid.
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    Two Game Shows Get Emmy Nods
    A whole two shows, whoopie. "Jeopardy!" and "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" are up for game show of the year, with only "Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek and "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" host Meredith Vieira are nominated for best host. Yeah, because who gives a crap about the 30+ year run of "The Price is Right".
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    Model Follow Up
    The last post we made was about a model search. We found out that this is for GSN's new "I've Got A Secret". Specifically, what the body of the message says is

    "New network game show is casting local models for a fashion show. National exposure on a classic hit game show."

    The title is....

    "Local female models for network game show"

    Now we're confused. Are they talking about actual show models, like the briefcase girls on "Deal or No Deal", or are they looking for contestants? We'll try to figure out.
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    Models for a "New network game show"
    Craigslist is posting that it's looking for models from LA for a network game show. Even more, they say it's a classic hit game show. Any guess of yours as this point is as good as mine, but I'm emailing the people trying to find out. Stay tuned.
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    That is One Crazy Whore!
    Tuesday, February 07, 2006
    Anything To Win is moving to Sunday Nights starting on March 12 with the story of Tonya Harding. If you don't know, Tonya was that crazy whore who took a pipe or something to Nancy Kerrigan's knee. Apparently, being a pugilist is a lot better for Harding, so the episode will take a look at how the '94 Olympics were for her as well as what she's doing now.

    Which is, ironically, beating the crap out of other women.

    Sunday, March 12 at 8 PM is when this'll show. Whoooooboy.
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    Vieira Replacing Couric?
    Supposedly, Katie Couric is rumored to be taking over the news on CBS as the head anchor, which will leave a gap open on the Today puppet show. More rumors! According to sources close to the show, Meredith Vieira, host of the syndicated game show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" is in the running, along with Kelly Ripa from "Live With Regis and Kelly". So the person who took over Regis' hosting spot and the person who helped Regis' talk show ratings are battling for this one, how interesting.

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    Family Feud: It Just Won't Die
    Sunday, February 05, 2006
    Back from a tiny trip. Fremantle announced that they have renewed Family Feud with the terrible host Richard Karn for an 8th season. It will be in 48 of the top 50 markets, clearing 85% of the United States. Now if my syndicator would just pick up Who Wants to be a Millionaire.
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    Donald Trump Guest Stars on "Deal or No Deal"
    Friday, February 03, 2006
    Yep, our biggest fear came true: The Donald has whored his way into another TV show. Donald Trump, the comb-over billionaire, will be making a small guest role apparently on the 2nd series of the hit NBC game show "Deal or No Deal". According to The Futon Critic, as host Howie Mandel offers huge sums of money to players, Trump may just be the man to make their lives easier when host Howie Mandel asks the all important question, "deal, or no deal?" The 2nd series of "Deal or No Deal" will start weeklong on February 27th at 8PM ET, with the regular season being every Monday starting March 6th at 8PM ET. As a bonus, CNBC announced they are rerunning "Deal or No Deal", which tied Satan, er, Bill O'Reilly, will rerun the original 5 episodes starting on February 6th before Mad Money, at 8PM and 11PM, both eastern.
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    Whoops: A Correction
    Yeah, it was a long day yesterday. Thanks to the dozens of people who emailed me that it's not the Blue Monkeys, it's the Green Monkeys on "Legends of the Hidden Temple". So there you go.
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    New Game: Word Sandwich
    A former Lingo contestant from season 4 (Unaired: In the Hawaiian week) emailed us recently and told us of a flash game called "Word Sandwich". You basically say a five lettered word, and it'll tell you if the key word is higher or lower than the one you stated based on letter placement. It's really easy to catch on and extremely fun. Here's the link.
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    British "Deal or No Deal" Contestant Pissed
    "Deal or No Deal" is a mega afternoon hit for the British, so a really pissed contestant and a publicity story for him had to come eventually. Gerry Reynolds of Inverness said that he only won £20 out of the £250,000 because the higher-ups forced him to play a few short hours after suffering a supposed heart attack. Here's a giant article from a magazine about it.
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    Are you a fan of the Silver Snakes?
    Thursday, February 02, 2006
    How about the Blue Monkeys or the Purple Parrots? Someone sent us this link last night: will actually print one of the classic "Legends of the Hidden Temple" team shirts if you'd like. Be sure to check the site out.
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    "The Apprentice" Interview In Washington Post
    Gmail actually sent us this, so we thought you might like it. Here's an interview from Kelly Perdew, winner of "The Apprentice". He talks about his experience on "The Ultimate Job Interview."
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    GSN: The Network for Repeats? (TAR Moves Again)
    Wednesday, February 01, 2006
    OK, I'm confused. GSN's website says "The Amazing Race" is at 9PM ET/PT. My guide and says "The Amazing Race" is at 10PM ET/PT. Dog Eat Dog, GSN's bitch (no pun intended), is filling in the Wednesday/Thursday 9PM gap. GSN, I think I will speak for all Dog Eat Dog fans: PLEASE STOP BEATING THIS SHOW AROUND AND MAKE NEW EPISODES. Apparently Dog Eat Dog is getting great ratings or else it wouldn't be in it's 10,000th cycle. The show gives away $25,000 a week max. Lingo gives away $25,000 a week easily, with the posibility of over $50,000 now. Just make a crappier set and save money. I'm just in total shock that Dog Eat Dog's getting another runthrough. Don't get me wrong, I like looking at Brooke's breasts as much as the next guy, but I'd like some new images.

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    New York Times and "Jeopardy!" Team Up
    The popular news paper The New York Times and the popular game show "Jeopardy!" are teaming up, as The Times is putting a "Clue of the Day" answered in the next episode of "Jeopardy!" or in the next edition of The Times. Also, The Times will appear as a category on "Jeopardy!" from time to time, with the Clue Crue traveling on February 25th from 10AM to 12PM at the New York Times Travel Show at the Jarvis Center.

    Source: Adrants
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    H&R Block Launches Game Show
    Nothing is funnier than being audited! H&R Block is launching a semi-humorous 70s style game show called "Deduct-A-Buck", which is hosted by Max Refund. The game will feature five questions about things you can buy with your tax refund. Prizes you can earn are laptops, Nintendo video game systems, and free online tax help from H&R Block.

    Source: Adrants
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