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  • GSN Begins "Playmania"
    Friday, March 31, 2006

    Want to win money while watching GSN? They have a new solution just for you. "Playmania" is starting on April 7th. The hosts are "Lingo"'s Shandi Finnessey and England's "Quiz Nation Live"'s Melissa Peachey. The show is simple: log on to the "Playmania" website or text GSN (info will be given later) the answer. Simple as that. By sitting at home, you can win as much as a Lingo contestant, or as little as a "Deal or No Deal" contestant; from $25 to $5,000. There are several different types of games.

    Word Cuts- A word is cut in half, just guess what it is. The host has the answer in an envelope on-stage.

    Join the Dots- A giant connect-the-dot picture of someone famous is shown. Guess who it is.

    The Top Five Game- Basically like Family Feud. However, you may not necessarily need the number 1 answer.

    Anagrams- There's a mixed up title. Figure out what it says.

    Find the Letters- Some letters are missing from a word. I think it's fairly obvious what you do.

    Lingo- Just like the GSN show. Find the five lettered word by playing a pseudo-Mastermind game.

    Crossword- One letter is missing from several rows of words. The missing letters also form a word vertically. Find out what it is.

    What's Missing- A familiar everyday symbol is cut apart. Guess what part goes in the missing section.

    Conundrums- Not the Countdown game. A few letters and numbers represent a word. Guess it. Example: 12 D of C = 12 Days of Christmas

    Be sure to check this out. This is a picture from TVGuide's story on "Playmania" if you can't tell.
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    "Deal" Wednesday Rating: It Gets Better
    Thursday, March 30, 2006
    Well I did not see this coming again. NBC's extra Wednesday episode got a 9.9/16, their highest since the (bi/tri)weekly series began. This was 2nd place for the entire primetime evening, with Idol coming on top with a big 15.8/23. "Deal or No Deal" even beat "Lost" on ABC, which amazed me. I don't think they are regretting the 3 episodes a week, but NBC, please watch out. Don't get it overexposed.
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    Eisner's Cue To Stay Out Of Entertainment
    The happiest place on earth for ex-Disney co-chairman Michael Eisner isn't CNBC. "Deal or No Deal", which reran on Tuesday night (I repeat, these are REPEATS) achieved getting 518,000 viewers; an extremely good score for lowballer CNBC. Then we turn to "Conversations with Michael Eisner", which runs directly after "Deal", which only got 95,000 viewers. The show had an 82% decrease over the matter of one hour, with "Conversations" getting the rating I love typing: 0.0. His show is also 23% down from what was in the time slot of Q1 2006. Give me Mad Money and Deal, I'll be perfectly happy. Tell Eisner to take his mouse ears elsewhere.

    Source: Yahoo! News
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    "Chain Reaction" Pilot Info
    Here's a word for word account of the GSN/Embassy Row pilot "Chain Reaction". Judging by what I read, I'm really hoping this gets picked up.

    Here's the lowdown on the Chain Reaction pilots:

    The 3 players on each team introduce themselves (it's assumed they'll have some kind of
    bond, a la Hot Potato, but this is only mentioned during the intro), then
    Tim does the same and weclomes the audience to the show. He does a decent
    enough job, but needs to rely on the teleprompter a little less.

    Set: I had the immediate impression that this was just a temporary setup for
    pilot purposes, since the actual series (should it sell) will more than
    likely tape in LA. It was a bare bones set...just a small black platform
    holding two long plexiglass podiums for the team, one w/a red stripe
    projected onto it, the other a blue (as the respective team colors), and a
    small one for Tim in the center, w/only a colored cyclorama in the
    background projecting those same team colors. No score displays or onstage
    gameboard; these elements were displayed on a monitor.

    Format: As metioned above, the old 3-player team format has been reinstated,
    although they're now comprised entirely of civillians. The chains have 7
    words, just like the USA version, except each one forms a 2-word name,
    phrase, etc. As an example, one such chain was:


    Scores are now kept in cash; as on the USA version, it's a flat payoff
    regardless of when the word is guessed. Teams start off w/$1,000, and
    payoffs for the first 3 rounds are as follows:

    Round 1: $100/word
    Round 2: $200/word
    Round 3: $300/word

    The final 2 rounds use a "betting" format: on each turn, the player in
    control may wager up to a certain part of his/her team's winnings ($100-$500
    in round 4, $200-$1,000 in round 5).

    In addition, the team ahead after each of the first 4 rounds gets to play
    the "Speed Chain", where they're shown the first and last words in a 4-word
    chain, along w/the first letters of the middle 2 words. The team is then given 10 seconds to guess both words; if successful, they win the value of that chain, otherwise, the opposing team is given one chance to guess the missing words. Payoffs are $150 for the first, 2nd and 3rd $250, and the last $350. The team w/the most money after round 5 wins the game and goes on to play bonus round.

    Bonus round: Yes, they've brought back the original; two of the teammatesare given 90 seconds to construct sentences one word at a time for the 3rd player to guess the subject. 7 correct answers doubles the money won in the maingame, and 10 correct triples it, so if a team managed the near-impossible feat of a perfect maingame followed by a 10-for-10 bonus round, a theoretical maximum payoff of $37,750 would be possible I will say that the teams I saw needed help forming some gramatically acceptable questions. Some examples:

    What-country-is-hockey? (Canada)
    What-mammal-swims-blowhole? (Dolphin)
    What-TV-accesory-improves-radio... (Time ran out at this point; they weretrying to convey Antenna)

    There may be returning champs...during the close of the 1st pilot, Tim said the winning team would be returning tomorrow. but given that it's being pitched for GSN, who knows if the series will actually have them. All told, I think it was a faithful recreation, and I hope GSN takes a good look at it as a possible original series, maybe paired up w/Lingo as the Word Power Hour.

    Thanks to Chuck Donegan for all of the info. And we appologize for the long post. We don't have a cut option here (to my best knowledge). If we get it, we'll fix it.
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    "Deal or No Deal" Powers NBC To....Number 3?
    Wednesday, March 29, 2006
    NBC must really be dragging ass. "Deal or No Deal" got a huge 9.5/14 for the Monday, March 27th episode. The next biggest show in the 8PM time slot was "Wife Swap" on ABC with a low 6.2/9. The only show to beat "Deal" all evening was "CSI:Miami" (many could guess this would happen) with a 10.9/18. Despite this, NBC was still 3rd place for the evening, with a 6.8/10.
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    Tuesday, March 28, 2006
    If anyone from Fremantle reads this, I'm really sorry to sound so happy, but this news will make a ton of game show fans very jumpy. Richard Karn is out of Family Feud!!! Even better: he's being replaced by John O'Hurley! O'Hurley, the host of "To Tell The Truth" in the beginning of the decade, is taking the helm of the hit Fremantle game show which will be going in it's 30th year. The show will revamp it's set and look also. If it's anything like Australia's "Bert's Family Feud", I'll be happy.

    Source: Business Wire
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    Chain Reaction Audience Search Reposting
    Incase you missed the call yesterday and you live near the area, here it is again. Please go and see this show be taped. Show that you have interest in seeing classic game shows revived.

    Embassy Row (Who Wants to be a Millionaire) is teaming up with GSN to bring back a revival of a classic Bill Cullen game show: Chain Reaction. Chain Reaction originated in 1980, but only lasted for six months. The two companies are combining their efforts to bring back this show bigger and better than ever and give it a long run as it deserves. Care to be in the audience? They are looking for a smalll audience full of people who love game shows, who share the passion for game shows that GSN and Embassy Row have, and people who can show great enthusiasm. If you live in the New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania area and want to drive to New York City, here's a chance to see a great show.

    Tape Date- Wednesday, March 29th at 1:30PM ET to 4:30PM ET
    Place: Sony Studios, 460 West 54th (b/w 9th & 10th- closer to 10th Ave on the south side of the street)

    *****MUST RSVP to DAN VOLPE at to get your ticket(s)*****

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    National Lingo Contestant Search
    For those that care, GSN has updated their Lingo website. On there, they state that, yes, the online Lingo Tournament of Champions is coming back for a second go-around. Also this season, you can try out in national locations. Here is a list of the five places currently lined up.

    Boston, MA: 4/14, 10AM to 2PM- WZLX Finish Line Festival Boylston Plaza in front of Prudential Center

    Sacramento, CA: 4/22, 2PM to 5PM- Westfield Galleria at Roseville Center Court (1151 Galleria Bvld., Roseville, CA, 95678)

    Philadelphia, PA: 4/29, 2PM to 5PM- King of Prussia Mall, Nordstrom Court at The Plaza (160 North Gulph Road, King of Prussia, PA, 19406)

    Akron, OH: 5/6, 2PM to 5PM- Summit Mall Center Court (3265 West Market Street, Akron, OH, 44333)

    Dallas, TX: 5/13, 2PM to 5PM- Stonebriar Centre Center Court (2601 Preston Road, Frisco, TX, 75034)

    All events are sponsored by Purina and Comcast/Time Warner Cable
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    GSN Pays Tribute to Buck Owens
    Monday, March 27, 2006
    Country music and "Hee Haw" host Buck Owens is getting a special Match Game tribute on the week of April 3rd in honor of his death on Saturday at the age of 76. All episodes will air at 3:30PM ET and will be from his 1975 appearance. These will preempt the regularly airing episodes.
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    GSN Airs "Three Card Poker National Championship Tournament"
    "I've Got A Secret" is not the only previously announced GSN show making it finally. GSN and Shufflemaster are teaming up to air the first ever "Three Card Poker National Championship Tournament". There will be two one-hour specials hosted by the incredible Mark L. Walberg (Hooray Russian Roulette) and Danielle Demski (Miss USA Runner Up). Totally off topic here, but does GSN secretly kidnap all the major beauty competition winners/runners up and only lets them out if they co-host one of their game shows? Not that I'm complaining, but I am digressing.

    The rules for Three Card Poker are simple. Players compete against the dealer. Each player is dealth three face-down cards and has to make the best hand possible with them. According to the press release, hands are ranked a little differently from five card poker. A straight beats a flush, and the highest ranking hand is a straight flush. Three wagers are made (pair plus, which pays based on the rank of the hand; ante and play wagers pay off if the player hand is higher than the dealer hand). The dealer must have a queen high or better to qualify. Confused? I was the first time I read this, but it sounds very easy. The champion of the tournament will win $1,000,000. The show will air on Friday, April 21st and Friday, April 28th from 9PM to 10PM on GSN: The Network for Games.
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    Embassy Row (Who Wants to be a Millionaire) is teaming up with GSN to bring back a revival of a classic Bill Cullen game show: Chain Reaction. Chain Reaction originated in 1980, but only lasted for six months. The two companies are combining their efforts to bring back this show bigger and better than ever and give it a long run as it deserves. Care to be in the audience? They are looking for a smalll audience full of people who love game shows, who share the passion for game shows that GSN and Embassy Row have, and people who can show great enthusiasm. If you live in the New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania area and want to drive to New York City, here's a chance to see a great show.

    Tape Date- Wednesday, March 29th at 1:30PM ET to 4:30PM ET
    Place: Sony Studios, 460 West 54th (b/w 9th & 10th- closer to 10th Ave on the south side of the street)

    *****MUST RSVP to DAN VOLPE at to get your ticket(s)*****

    -Alex Davis

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    Wednesday + Friday "Deal" Ratings
    I'm back from vacation; we'll actually have updates now. The ratings for Wednesday's bonus edition of "Deal or No Deal" did shockingly (at least to me) very well. The show got a 8.9/14, which won that hour. On Friday, the show obtained a 7.8/14. Note to NBC: If places like TVSquad and Zap2It, which don't specialize in traditional game shows, rib at "Deal or No Deal"'s extreme exposure, I think it's time to do something before it gets really bad.
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    Deal or No Deal Still On TV
    Wednesday, March 22, 2006
    Well, I'll be damned. Deal or No Deal did exceptionally well on Monday, according to had a 9.7/14 rating, beating out everyone in that time slot. Good to see someone kicking The King of Queen's ass. Tonight also looks to bode well for NBC's hit game show, as the only thing it's going up against is hackenyed episodes of the George Lopez show and One Tree Hill.
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    "Whose Line Is It Anyway" Continues Season 8 Tonight
    Monday, March 20, 2006
    The 8th season of one of America's and the world's longest running comedy shows, "Whose Line Is It Anyway" continues with all new episodes all this week at 10PM ET daily on ABC Family. This week includes an episode featuring Stephen Colbert. This one was taped a long time ago, so be ready to see him treated as a nobody! Little did they know.....
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    "Deal or No Deal" Friday Ratings: Number One!
    Saturday, March 18, 2006
    I never saw this coming. "Deal or No Deal" (NBC Mondays and Fridays at 8PM ET) was the number one show on all of television. It got a 7.6/13, winning it's time slot, the 18-49 demographic, and all of primetime on any TV network. The show also helped "Las Vegas" raise to a 6.6/11, but "Conviction" lost to ABC's "20/20" by one tenth of a point. NBC won the night at 6.8/12. "Deal or No Deal" is now basically NBC's biggest hit show. I really hope this extra Wednesday show for the next two weeks doesn't kill it, but with the big increased ratings, I have a bit more faith.

    Source: Zap2it
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    NBC's Banker's Blog
    Everyone's favorite new TV villain has a blog now. Visit The Banker's Blog to hear what he thinks of the current contestant and more. Learn more about his personality also. I have no idea when this is updated, but I'm guessing semi-regularly.
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    GSN Coming Back to Time-Warner
    Friday, March 17, 2006
    We reported earlier in the month that GSN was leaving Time Warner Cable in Birmingham and NYC, NY. Well, that news is somewhat reversing itself. In a report from the Press & Sun-Bulletin, GSN will be moved to Time Warner Digital Cable channel 124. According to the article, "Time Warner received about 200 e-mails, a couple dozen letters and about 350 phone calls from consumers with comments about the decision, which occurred as part of the company's periodic evaluation of channel lineups and contractual arrangements with networks, Time Warner spokesman David Whalen said. He said that moving GSN to the digital tier was the only immediate option available while executives discuss a long-term arrangement."
    "GSN would like to thank all of its loyal fans in the Binghamton area who let Time Warner know how much they enjoy the channel," said Cindy Ronzoni, spokeswoman for the network, in a written statement. "We believe that because of that support Time Warner did not drop GSN entirely ... We are still in talks with Time Warner Cable and hope that they will reinstate us back to the standard cable package very soon."

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    GSN February Ratings: Here's Hoping For March
    Yeah, February wasn't that great. It stayed at a .4, but lost 4K people in the headcount from last month, down to a 218K total. It was above the usual crop. In more game show news, CNBC dropped down to a .2, 135K headcount, for the month also. It was announced that Tonya Harding's "Anything To Win" got a .7 rating. Here's hoping we can see a .5 or .6 next month. After all the bad news about GSN (Valentine leaving, New York City loses), I think we'd all be pleased to see it.
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    Thursday, March 16, 2006
    CBS and Fremantle FINALLY gave some detail out to you guys on Game Show Marathon. As we reported about 5 years ago, Ricki Lake is hosting. I can finally tell you the game list.

    The Price is Right
    Let's Make A Deal
    Match Game
    Family Feud
    Beat the Clock
    Press Your Luck
    Card Sharks

    Some celebrites are Tim Meadows, Leslie Nielson, Lance Bass, Kathy Najimy, Paige Davis, and Adrienne Curry. Trust me, I helped work on Press Your Luck, these shows will be terrific. They went extremely retro on everything. And PLEASE do not bash Ricki Lake. I personally think she will be terrific.

    Source: Variety
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    $50 Says We Have a FOX "Deal" Ripiff Coming Soon...
    Wednesday, March 15, 2006
    Scanning Craigslist for various things, I come across this today.


    Now I would like you to note the header. "

    $$Do you want to be on a show like DEAL OR NO DEAL$$"

    Bless their souls. No beating around the bush here: they are going all out and just saying that it's a gigantic bigass copy of "Deal or No Deal". The change will probably be the game will involve 25 boxes and a $2,000,000 cash prize with a team of five. Just avoid those Terminators. Look at this also. They are SPECIFICALLY casting types of people.

    " Model
    Gambler (poker players)
    Gay Hairstylist
    Hurricane Katrina Survivor (or any other natural disaster)
    From the East Coast
    British Accent
    Salesmen (used car, real estate)
    Judges "

    You know, the British Accent thing isn't bad enough. They specifically want assholes. But we already have Lawyer down on the list! Just based on the open ripoff status, the promise of gigantic money, and searching specifically for an asshole, this has to be a FOX clone coming soon. As if the torture of the worst game show idea ever known to mankind, "Unan1mous", wasn't enough damage for the rebuilding genre, we get this interesting mix of people. FOX lost it when they cancelled Futurama.

    NOTE: Since people don't seen to completely comprehend sarcasm, sadly, I would like you to see that we have been rumoring FOX the entire time. Nothing is 100%. It just looks like a FOX show to us.
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    "Deal or No Deal" Monday Ratings: Wow
    NBC's "Deal or No Deal" actually improved again. The show got a 9.3/14 at the 8PM-9PM ET time slot, beating out any other network again. A game show actually doing extremely well in the 18-49 demo. Why lo and behold, it can be done. Hey ABC, you reading this? Ever think it might be time to bring back Millionaire? Hey NBC, reading this? Please avoid the 3-a-week thing after these next two weeks. Please. I'm begging you. Don't destroy a terrific show.
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    I've Got A Secret Photo Gallery

    We finally found some set pictures of "I've Got A Secret" courtesy of GSN. Yes, there will be special guests. As of now, we saw George Wendt, Corbin Bernsen, and Adam West. There might be more.
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    Maureen Stapleton GSN Tribute
    Tuesday, March 14, 2006
    GSN's new motto can be The Network for Tributes. GSN will pay tribute to the late actress "Maureen Stapleton" on Saturday, March 18th at 3AM ET/PT. Stapleton passed away on Monday at the age of 80. Two color episodes of "What's My Line" will air at this time. Here are the listings.

    3AM- Host Wally Bruner: 1969
    3:30AM- Host Larry Blyden: 1974

    All times ET/PT
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    Knee-Smashing Fun!
    Sunday's airing of GSN's Anything to Win: The Tonya Harding story, gave GSN its highest raitings for an original in PriiimeTiiime this season, scoring a .7 in households on March 12 from 8 to 9. It was also GSN's highest-rated program for the night. Surprisingly, the story of Tonya Harding is a family affair, with the ratings for two or more people hit 575,000 viewers, which is great for anyone, but especially good for cable.

    No word yet on why Tonya Harding is still in the spotlight. Unless FOX is airing Celebrity Boxing again. That woman can kill.
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    BREAKING NEWS: RIP Peter Tomarken
    Monday, March 13, 2006

    This is a little hard to report since we have so many fans of his as readers. We are DEEPLY regretful to inform you that Peter Tomarken, the host of the hit CBS game show "Press Your Luck" has passed away. He was piloting a plane in San Diego at 9:50 when it crashed around 200 yards away. A man and a woman were announced dead: Tomarken being one of them. We offer our thoughts and prayers to all parties involved.

    Editor's note: See the next post for pictures of Peter, taken recently by GSN.

    Source: Yahoo News
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    GSN Airing Two Tributes for Tomarken
    With the sudden news of the passing of Peter Tomarken, GSN is putting together two tributes to the late game show host, which will be aired in the upcoming week. Tomorrow night, March 14, GSN will be re-broadcasting Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal at 10 PM/9 PM C. Tomarken played a large role in this documentary, being not only an interviewee, but also conducting a mock round of PYL with the two contestants on the receiving end of contestant Michael Larson's scandalous game. On Sunday, March 19, GSN will show a day-long PYL marathong, running from 9 AM to 6 PM ET. “On behalf of game show fans and GSN, we mourn the loss of a wonderful person and one of the great game show hosts of all-time, Peter Tomarken.  We last worked with Peter when he hosted our documentary BIG BUCKS: THE PRESS YOUR LUCK SCANDAL. Our deepest sympathies and condolences go out to his family and friends during this difficult time,” said Rich Cronin, President and CEO of GSN. There is no word yet on if GSN will dig up any other of Tomarken's classic games (Bargain Hunters, Hit Man, and Wipeout).
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    Tomarken Picture Tribute

    The terrific people of GSN just sent us some recent pictures of Tomarken. Enjoy. Again, we send all the prays and sorrow we can to all connected.
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    UK "Deal or No Deal" Goes For Two More Years
    Yeah, I think the UK audiences have embraced "Deal or No Deal". The hit Endemol show being shown on Channel4, after pulling in a gigantic 5.1 million viewers on it's Saturday night show, has been commissioned until 2008, according to Bother's Bar and MediaGuardian. No word if it will stay on the 6-per-week run, though.
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    "I"ve Got A Secret"'s New Logo

    I thought you guys might like to see the show's new logo. Looks very classic, as you can see. With Bert Dubrow's interview and the look of everything so far, I don't think there is any excuse for a person not to watch. "I've Got A Secret" begins at 11:30PM ET/PT on Monday, April 17th, on GSN: The Network For Games.
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    Phil Gordon to leave Celebrity Poker Showdown
    Sunday, March 12, 2006
    Phil Gordon, professional poker player and host of Bravo's popular show "Celebrity Poker Showdown," has reported that he will not re-negotiate his contract with the station and move on to other opportunities. Possible replacements being tossed around include Phil Hellmuth, well known as the "Brat" of poker.
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    "The Amazing Race" Goes Once Per Week on GSN
    I don't think it would be too foward of me to believe that GSN is really starting to regret shelling out a few million for the reruns of "The Amazing Race", do you? "The Amazing Race", which was acquired in 2005 by the Network for Games, is being scaled back to only Saturdays at 10PM ET/PT starting next week. Wednesdays will be Greed, Tuesdays and Wednesdays show Greed in the time slot, Thursdays and Fridays have syndicated "Weakest Link", and Sundays are featuring "Dog Eat Dog". I would love to know how the hell Greed and Dog Eat Dog are still getting apparet good ratings, or why Weakest Link, which already airs an hour per day is coming back yet other shows with giant fan followings aren't. If they're doing so well that they are getting ANOTHER time slot, I'm hope some higher-ups read this and start thinking of a revival of one of those three. None were that expensive (If you lower the Greed top prize to around $250,000, you're good), and if they are getting milked this much in reruns out of good ratings, then wow.
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    CBS' Game Show Marathon to tape starting March 19
    Saturday, March 11, 2006
    CBS' anticipated marathon of game shows, aptly named "Game Show Marathon," has confirmed taping dates, starting on March 19th going through at least April 8th. The currently available dates for the show are:

    March 19, 12:30 PM
    March 23, 5:30 PM
    March 27, 1:30 PM
    March 30, 4:30 PM
    April 03, 1:30 PM
    April 06, 1:30 PM
    April 08, 1:30 PM

    To buy tickets, visit On Camera Audiences.
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    Four More Weeks of "Deal or No Deal"
    Friday, March 10, 2006
    Not surprisingly, NBC has renewed "Deal or No Deal" for 8 more episodes, extending the series by two weeks. Kevin Reilly, president of entertainment for NBC, stated "The fast pace and the potential for a true reversal of fortune has attracted a lot of people for us in that crucial time slot, and we look forward to seeing more of the same with these new episodes." The show has consistantly done well in it's 8PM time slot during its two week run and on the season premiere on Monday. And also, very rare for game shows, it's actually doing extremely well or winning the key 18-49 demographic.

    Source: Reuters
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    It's Official: "Deal or No Deal" Goes Twice A Week
    Thanks to our friends at GSNN for posting this. Because of the high ratings posted for "Deal or No Deal" on Monday, NBC is making the Friday episode a permanent thing, not just for the next two weeks like previously reported. This will take over "Most Outrageous TV Moments" Friday spot, which just about no one watched. We'll check if this is official also, but CNBC seems to be running a weekly repeat Thursdays at 8PM ET. "Deal or No Deal" airs Mondays and Fridays at 8PM ET on NBC.
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    Time Warner Drops GSN In New York City
    Thursday, March 09, 2006
    We recently reported on the dropping of GSN from Birmingham, NY. Now we have learned that Time Warner Cable will also be dropping GSN from New York City. These two markets make up 1.6 million subscribers. No official word on why the drop, but TWC stated that they do move networks because of cost, popularity, or investments in new programming. Rich Cronin told them “If you look at the three things they cite -- cost, ratings and programming investment -- we’re reasonably priced, we’re more popular than any midsized network and we’ve made a huge investment not only in programming, but in interactivity. We’re a broad-appeal, family-friendly network, which is something that is really important to cable.” GSN is still fighting to keep these markets. This news comes just days after Ian Valentine announced his exit.
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    Bert Dubrow Interview!
    Wednesday, March 08, 2006
    We have yet another exclusive interview: With GSN's "I've Got A Secret" executive producer Bert Dubrow. Learn about the man's extensive career in entertainment, like Jerry Springer and much much more, plus more exclusive "I've Got A Secret" news.

    Now for a disclaimer: Right at the end, with about a minute or two left in taping, my phone just broke. So expect weird editing and a semi-short interview because of this. If Mr. Dubrow reads this, I am excessively sorry, as I am with everyone else who listens to this. Even more, I made Buzzer history as I answered one of the interview questions I wanted to ask him. I feel pity for you all.

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    BREAKING NEWS: Ian Valentine Leaves GSN
    Tuesday, March 07, 2006
    This just in. Ian Valentine, the senior vice president of programming for GSN: The Network for Games, is reportedly leaving the network to "accept another business opportunity". Valentine came into the network during the rebranding and brought some excessively popular shows on, like "World Series of Blackjack" and "Anything To Win". More recently, he made the game show freaks go crazy by renewing "Lingo" and helping get the new "I've Got A Secret" going.
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    Big Monday Ratings for "Deal or No Deal"
    Quick post before I head out. According to Zap2It, "Deal or No Deal" on NBC got an 8.8/13, which was the top for that time slot. CBS won the evening, though.
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    "Miljoenenjacht" Set To Return
    Monday, March 06, 2006
    Talpa's hit game show and a new cult US favorite, "Miljoenenjacht", or Dutch "Deal or No Deal" had a commercial on during Talpa's "1 VS 100". No one had any idea what it was, but we finally found out. That was for a contestant search. Not that we can try out, but that does mean the show is 100% returning. We've been told in May, but that can very well change. Stay tuned for more official news.
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    "Deal or No Deal" Friday Ratings
    Sorry this was late, it was a very busy weekend. "Deal or No Deal", on NBC at 8PM Mondays and Fridays from now on, did very well in the $3,000,000 weekly series finale game. The show achieved a 7.3/13, which tied CBS's "Ghost Whisperer". CBS just barely edged ahead in total viewers, but (shockingly for a game show) "Deal or No Deal" did better in the key 18-49 demographic.

    Source: Zap2It
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    "Deal or No Deal" Thursday Ratings: What we All Expected
    Friday, March 03, 2006
    In all honesty, I don't think anyone throught that "Deal or No Deal" would beat Survivor or American Idol, but it did well. It got a 6.1/9 on Thursday, March 2nd at 8PM ET. For the record, American Idol got a 15.2/23 and Survivor managed to grab 9.4/14. What a shocker, ABC was in last. Can we please see Millionaire back now? Are you happy with last place, ABC?

    Source: Zap2It
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    Birmingham, NY, Loses GSN for a Price
    It was announced today that Birmingham, NY, is going to be losing GSN and gaining a New York Mets channel for an extra $3 a month. This will happen in roughly two weeks. One man named Larry Mancini says he does enjoy sports, but he will also miss programming such as Love Connection, Password, and Lingo. He stated "Some of the stuff on TV I don't even want to watch. Here's a nice, clean channel that I enjoy. I feel bad that nice shows are being taken off." For the record, he's 79. GSN President Rich Cronin is currently trying to get them out of this and keep the network. Cronin stated that across the nation, GSN is in the top third of all channels on Time Warner Cable.

    Source: Sun-Bulletin
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    "Deal or No Deal" Improves on Wednesday
    Thursday, March 02, 2006
    Last night's incredible show saw a nice increase in the ratings. The show went up to a 6.5/10 in the FastNationals. Yeah, that's a big different from "American Idol"'s 14.5/22 rating, but who actually thought "Deal" would win that showdown? "Deal" got 2nd, which is terrific. I will still never understand what people find so terrific about "Idol". Go Pixies.
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    Shocker: Deal or No Deal Does Well on Tuesday
    Wednesday, March 01, 2006
    We figured it would do good, but not as well as it did against stiff competition. NBC's "Deal or No Deal" proved to be strong no matter what, as it got 6.1/9 against extremely stiff competition like "American Idol" and "NCIS". This is down from yesterday, but I figured it would have done much worse against "AI". "DOND" is succeeding in getting the 18-49 demographicm though, as it got a 3.3 against "NCIS"'s 3.4. Guess what was number one. What a shocker: "American Idol". But still, not bad at all. Tonight should be a good night, as not a ton of stiff competition is up except for "American Idol".

    Source: Zap2It
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