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    Monday, July 25, 2005
    I'm the only one left for a week! Cory's in the Phillippines, Alex is on vacation, so I'm the only submitter left...

    Expect a podcast sometime soon, hopefully. I'll try to be interesting.

    no promises, though
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    In a move that surprised nobody...

    Dancing with the Stars (ABC) was renewed for a second season. A mid-winter release is expected.

    ABC casts Badshow +3!
    Faith in humanity loses 14 HP!
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    In a galaxy far, far away
    Saturday, July 23, 2005
    Hey guys. Guess where I'm going?

    If you guess wrong, I'm banning your IP.

    Well, maybe I won't, but I guess empty threats are always good. I'll be away in the Philippines for two weeks, mostly getting a new cell phone, but I'm pretty sure my family will drag me to meet more family. I'll probably make some kind of report about cool/weird game shows in Asia, as well as getting a pimp new phone.

    In conclusion, Alex and Mike will be watching the shop, and hopefully putting together what I failed to do: another podcast. I'll buy a phonecard to phonepost my segments, damnit.
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    Beam me up, Scotty.
    Thursday, July 21, 2005

    James Doohan, who passed away on Wednesday at the age of 85, was probably best known as "Beam me up" Scotty from the original Star Trek. Lesser know, but more relevant to the blog here, Doohan guest-starred on a week of Super Password. GSN will be airing these episodes from July 25-28 at 2:0 PM ET/PT. Doohan's episodes include "Star Trek: The Next Generation" actor Michael Dorn ("Worf") as the other celebrity guest. Beam us up one more time, Scotty.
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    Extreme Dodgeball Season 3 Review: Long Post Ahead
    Tuesday, July 19, 2005
    Extreme Dodgeball 3 is over and I'm already sold: this is the best show this network has put on to date (since the change to GSN). The game is now in four quarters of six minutes per quarter. A points system is implemented: elimination results in a point, a caught ball results in a point, and if your team is wiped out, you get two points and four new teammates come in. The regeneration rule is revised: now it's 30 seconds and if you last, one member comes back on the field. Regeneration can be used as many times as needed also. The 2nd quarter introduces the Big Ball, and an elimination with the Big Ball results in 2 points. Dead Man Walking returns with people swapping headbands if the DMW is eliminated. Taking out the DMW results in two points. A football-like Two Minute warning is in effect. $5,000 goes to the winning team of each game.

    The stadium is absolutely spectacular. It's in the same studio as before, now it is totally enclosed, like a dodgeball court should be.This means it's more brutal and quicker. People aren't in fear of being knocked out because of stepping over the line. I saw some hits today that just made me wince. That's saying something also since I play ice hockey. There are a few score boards around the stadium also, but there's the standard sports display on the top/left of the TV screen including city, score, and time. The on-screen display is ESPN-esque, showing kills and catches.

    Every change has improved the game. The regeneration rule is now fully optimized: 30 seconds is more than enough time to allow for regeneration, and with one player coming on instead a full team, it's a more balanced experience. The shift to points means we see faster action. I haven't seen a suicide throw yet. The reason for that is if you knock out a team, it doesn't mean you're safe. Teams with good catchers and teams with good throwers are finally evened out. The league seems almost evenly matched. Tuesday's game came down to final few minutes which is what made it most exciting. The celebrity captains didn't harm the show at all because GSN is using them wisely. Dodgeball is the focus, instead of the celebs. This is the first time that celebrities have not been used to annoyance that I can remember. They didn't use new commissioner Rip Torn to the level of irritation either.

    This is what Extreme Dodgeball should have been from the beginning. I'm just happy GSN didn't cancel the show before they tried something different with it like they and many networks have done in the past. The point system makes the game fast paced, more brutal, and more evenly matched. They changed their staples of the Big Ball and Dead Man Walking to fit perfectly. They fixed the rules that were just strange to make it more fair.

    GSN is now a well-rounded network. Millionaire is the top traditional game show on the network and, in all honesty, is the best one currently. BallBreakers is the cool and suave show they seem like they wanted in Poker Royale and the Blackjack shows. Extreme Dodgeball is the fast paced alternative sports show. Poker Royale, while not as good as Blackjack in my opinion, is GSN's ticket to the card game genre fame. The Amazing Race is their reality show. They have every possible style they need now. They have the classics in the morning for the people who love to bitch all day about them. Extreme Dodgeball has finally filled in every hole I felt in the show. GSN, in my opinion, is complete.
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    Amazing Race Ratings
    The Amazing Race, while not getting unbelievable ratings, is doing very well for the network's standards. The Amazing Race at 9PM ET-10PM ET is receiving a .40 rating. This number is 11% better than the previous show. Also, for GSN's overall ratings, this means that 2/3 of the programs in primetime are getting at least a .4.

    GSN's median age has also dropped quite a bit now. The primetime age median has dropped to 50 years old. Ages 18-45, which is the key demographic for advertisers, got a .22, which is 69% better than it use to be. For Adults 25-54, the show is getting a .25, a 67% increase.

    Ian Valentine, Senior Vice President of Programming, stated:

    We couldn't be more thrilled with the first week's ratings performance of The Amazing Race. We had hoped the series would add new younger viewers and it definitely has, with our median age dropping by 12 years.

    Thanks to GSN for the information.
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    Isolation Booth: BallBusters
    Monday, July 18, 2005
    I still stand by my claim that the show would be better if they called it BallBusters, but I digress. Tonight was the world premier of BallBreakers, and I can tell you that I'm thoroughly impressed with the show. Of course, like any show, it has its shortcomings, but in the end, BallBreakers is a solid show that throws traditional pool shows out of the window and ushers in a new style of pool. Their tagline is truth: it IS pool on steroids.

    The object of the game is simple: play a round of 9-ball pool. Each player puts a set amount on the game as a bet, and the winner of the game gets the money. The interesting part of that aspect comes with side bets. A player can bet on almost anything. Will the shooter run the table? Put some money on it. Do you think he'll scratch? Put some money on it. The betting element puts some spice into the game, but with the way that it's currently implemented, it distracts from the gameplay. Not enough to ruin the game, mind you, but just enough for it to be disjarring.

    The other cool part is what are called shotgun games. They're little minigames to determine stuff, like who controls the next break. The one that I paid attention to was something not unlike Lightning Pool, where you have to sink in as many balls as you can in 60 seconds. It adds a bit of spice to the game, although the fast-forward recap they pulled off tonight made it less interesting.

    That's one of the things I really noticed, though. Besides fast-fowarding the mini-games, the fast-forward recap that they did was rather good. It was fast-paced (of course, to save time), but it dropped you straight into drama, which is where you wanted to be in the first place, without missing any of the good shots.

    I can't wait to see the next episode. Sal Masekela did a good job as host, and Ewa Mataya Laurance is very knowledgeable about the game of pool. Adrianne Curry didn't make a splash in my mind, other than "Get the crap out of the camera shot." Good job with this show, GSN. Keep it coming. B+!
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    Shuffle up and dizzeal.
    Friday, July 15, 2005
    I love poker. I keep a set of chips and cards in my car trunk at all times, just in case. There's poker books all over my house, and I've got I think $5 in my PartyPoker Real Life account. So, when poker news hits the airwaves, I'm all up ons. GSN is planning 2 new Poker Royale series, adding to hits like Comedians and Poker Pros and the Battle of the Sexes.

    Poker Royale: The James Woods Gang vs. The Unabombers is slated to begin production on July 25, sadly after I leave for vacation. It puts two poker "gangs" up against each other. James Woods' Gang will include poker player Kathy Liebert, two time PR winner and WSoP bracelet winner, and actor and professional poker player James Wood (whodathunkit?) The Unabombers will include Phil Laak, who placed first in the 2004 WPT Main Event, actress and winner of the WSoP Ladies Final Table Jennifer Tilly and famed Match Game 90s panelist (and he was some sitcom for CBS, i think... People Like Raymond or something like that?) Brad Garrett. More players will be added to the lineup shortly. It'll air Fridays at 10 as part of the Casino Night series. It premiers on November 25 at 10 PM ET/PT.

    Production will begin on the 27th of July for Poker Royale: Battle of the Ages. This, to me, is far more interesting. Battle of the Ages will put the six top poker players over 60 against the top six poker players under 30. The tournament will shoot for 2 days and unfortunately, I can't show up. Dear GSN: please tape when I'm available to fly out and watch. Thanks. Showing up to shuffle up and/or deal are TJ Cloutier, who has six WSoP bracelets, "Action" Dan Harrington, Red Sox fan and 1995 WSoP Champion, Gabe Kaplan, who placed 2nd in the 2005 WSoP Limit Hold 'Em final day (and yes, he's Mistah Kottttttah from Welcome Back, Kotter, Maureen Feduniak, who placed first in the 2003 WPT Ladies Night Main Event, and Wendeen Eolis, who placed fourth in the 2004 Legends of Poker Ladies Night. The young bloods, with their fancy cars and their non-arthritic legs, are comprised of Michael Gracz, 2005 WSoP bracelet winner, Dutch Boyd, who tied for 11th in the 2003 WSoP Main Event, Erin Ness, who placed 2nd in Poker Royale: Young Bloods, Evelyn Ng, severe poker hottie and 2nd Place in the WPT Ladies night, and Kasey Thompson, who is a respectable skilled pro poker player. Of course, there will be more. I wonder if Phil Ivey is around anywhere. The premier for Oldheads vs. Young Bols (if you're ghetto, you know what I just said) is set for October 7 at 10 PM ET/PT.

    John Ahlers, the golden voice of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, will return as host, and Robert Williamson III will join him as color commentary. Lisa Dergan will be the table-side reporter.
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    7 New Shows In Development for GSN
    Finally, I get to break a GSN story before Alex does!

    In a press release sent out by GSN on Friday, GSN announced that they have stepped up development slates for potential originals in 2006. Seven new shows are in development, and two of those have already had pilots ordered. Senior Vice President of Programming for GSN, Ian Valentine, had this to say about the ramp-up in production:
    We're deepening our commitment to casino game programming while broadening our development slate to include new hybrid genres that merge games with psychological thrillers and stunt shows. We remain the home of America's greatest game shows, from classics to remakes to other originals, and everything is interactive.
    Buzzer had a chance to sit down with Valentine and discuss the various games. The full interview will be in the next Buzzer podcast, but his comments can also be found here.

    One show that had a pilot ordered is Annie Duke Takes On The World, featuring poker's best femme, Annie Duke. It is described as a "hybrid poker series." The game initially features 4 amateurs playing against each other, all while Annie Duke critiques their play. At the end, the winner of the show will compete one-on-one against Annie Duke for a chance at a cash prize, "no less than $10,000." When asked if the show will portray Duke as mean-spirited, Valentine said, "I don't think this is a show that's mean spirited in the way she talks to people. She will, in a sense, and I will certainly not say that this is a teaching show, but she will certainly give viewers and the players an opportunity to learn how to play poker from a poker pro."

    The other show that had a pilot ordered is a remake of the ever-popular panel show, I've Got a Secret. The twist to this show is that the entire panel is gay. A host has not been announced, and the panel cannot be revealed, but the gay twist is at the least intrieguing, but will most likely be controversial. "I think there's a sensibility that has emerged -- Queer Eye for the Straight Guy being a classic example of that." There will be a female presense on the panel. "I think that it is a hook, but once you start watching the show, you'll appreciate the panelists on their own without being concerned about what their sexuality is."

    24 Hours in Vegas is a new reality show that will put contestants in the Sin City to work menial jobs: bus boy, valet, dancer. They will use their earnings to play casino games to win more money. At the end of 24 hours, whoever has the most money wins. It doesn't seem like there is going to be a continuity in the show, so the question was posed: Is that too much to focus on, even for an hour show? "I think the key of this show is... It is possible to lose track of time in those cities, and suddenly you realize that you've been up for 36 or 48 hours... This is an attempt to put contestants in that place where sleep is for sissies and you need to keep going and sort of documenting that intensity of both play and work."

    Chokers is a weekly documentary series that focuses on the chokes in life: who fell apart at the worst possible moment. The idea brings up thoughts like Bill Buckner in the 1986 World Series, but companies, teams, and individuals are all fair game in this series. The show will go behind the scenes "in the courtroom, the boardroom, and the locker room" to find out where exactly the goat was released. GSN's history with documentaries is hit and miss. The hit would be Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal, which garnered GSN's highest ratings to date, while Video Game Invasion, a well-produced documentary about video games, failed to make an impact. When asked about how a documentary series currently fits in GSN's lineup, Valentine said this: "The issue with the past work that we've done is that the Video Game Invasion, while a marvelous documentary, just did not speak to GSN's core viewers. And it's not a matter of whether or not they're games or not games, but are they subjects which our core viewers, or the demographic we wish to appeal to, which is people 25-54, will find interesting."

    What's your worst nightmare? Mine is running out of ketchup and barbeque sauce at a cookout. GSN's hoping that other people's nightmares are far more terrifying to watch. Your Worst Nightmare is one of those "stick-people-in-a-haunted-building" kind of shows, not unlike World's Scariest Places from Fox Family or Fear from MTV (which makes me wonder if they should've have spelled it 'Ph33r' or something trendy like that, but I digress). GSN's adding a twist of competition to it, putting two people in a haunted place and rewarding the first one to come out, hopefully alive. The hope with GSN is that it is successful outside of the Halloween season, with the need to be scared silly running year-long. No locations have been specifically named, although your humble reporter dropped the name of Byberry Mansion here in Philadelphia. Now reading that the place is filled with asbestos, they're probably not going to film here. But hey, you never know.

    Phil Hellmuth, the essential crybaby of the poker circuit, has signed on with producer R. J. Cutler to come up with an origial idea in terms of poker games, which I essentialy looked over before I gave it a chance. The basis of this new show is to teach amateurs the fundamentals of poker by utilizing physical (yes, physical) and mental challenges. Hellmuth will be teaching his young padawans how to play poker by not playing poker. "The show is not per se a straight poker show. The show was not pitched by R. J. and Phil as a poker show. If you look at poker, there is a variety of skills that are involved in the play of the game." He goes on to demonstrate skills like reading bluffs, courage to bet big, and the assessment of risk involved in a play of poker. The show will physicalize the skills of poker to help the players strengthen themselves. Courage might be involved in a physical stunt, or assessing risk might involve a choice of mental or physical challenges. It's shaping into something that will be a strong format, and will be interesting to watch. It is a fresh look at the poker genre.

    The final game, which I did not get to speak with Valentine with, is a show called Wet, which is being pitched as a competition featuring contestants waging water-based battles against other humans as well as dolphins. Contestants will perform in head-to-bottlenose challenges, games and obstacle courses. Top marine trainers will ensure the safety of the landlubbing and seafaring competitors. I didn't get information about it, but hey, who doesn't love dolphins?

    Of course, none of these are final and some may be going into revisions as the pilots get shot and tweaked, but overall, they look good, and we'll be eager to report on more information as it comes along.
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    Rumor Has It: Deal or No Deal Part Deux
    Thursday, July 14, 2005
    These DoND rumors are becoming very fun. Deal or No Deal, as was said before, is going to NBC as soon as they can make those episodes. No host, episode order, pregame selection format, or official money total (Although we are being told $2,000,000) has been selected. However, a start date has been rumored. We are being told that the show will start in September 2005 along with the new seasons of shows. While we can not 100% confirm this, it's looking like it will. More information will be given when known.
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    This DVD will NOT be one dollar, Bob.
    I have no idea how this slipped under my radar, but Endless Games is getting ready to release a DVD game version of The Price is Right. For those who are confused, it's a DVD game like Trivial Pursuit DVD, where the game play takes place on a normal DVD player. It will be exciting to see how they pull all that off, and once Buzzer gets a hold of it, you know 1) a party will take place and 2) if none of us are wasted, then we will have a review. According my friend and moderator/webmaster/guru Marc Green, the game will be ready to ship on August 15, 2005. So, at least by the end of August, I can party. The late, great Rod Roddy is the announcer (awesome) and Todd Newton replaces Bob Barker for reasons unknown.
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    Podcast Game!
    The Buzzer Podcast is looking for two people to play Name That Tune for the next podcast. There's a few requirements, and as of right now, there isn't a prize, but maybe something might come up.

    The requirements for the game is as followed: You need Skype. It's a free download that will let you connect with us. With that, you'll need a microphone and headphones (so we don't hear echo), and a time available (possibly tomorrow or Sunday afternoon) to play.

    Please e-mail all inquiries to and we'll get back to you!
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    Cable Ace's don't count.
    Then again, neither do Game Show Congress awards, but I digress. The only two awards that matter are the Buzzer Blog Awards (coming soon, maybe) and the Primetime Emmy's. Here's the list of the nominees that Buzzer would even remotely care about. The Amazing Race is in prime position to have more than one Emmy this year, and that's my favorite for the Emmy pool (coming soon, maybe, also). I dug DEEP for these. Who knew they gave out Emmys for this kind of stuff?

    Outstanding Cinematography for Nonfiction Programming
    The Amazing Race, CBS
    The Contender, NBC

    Outstanding Directing for Nonfiction Programming
    American Idol, FOX
    The Apprentice, NBC

    Outstanding Picture Editing for Nonfiction Programming
    The Amazing Race, CBS
    The Apprentice, NBC
    The Contender, NBC
    Survivor, CBS

    Outstanding Lighting Direction for VMC Programming
    American Idol, FOX

    Outstanding Reality-Competition Program
    The Amazing Race, CBS
    American Idol, FOX
    The Apprentice, NBC
    Survivor, CBS

    Outstanding Sound Editing for Nonfiction Programming
    The Amazing Race, CBS

    Outstanding Sound Mixing for Nonfiction Programming
    The Amazing Race, CBS
    American Idol, Fox
    Survivor, CBS

    To note, these aren't ALL the nominees. Just the Reality/Game Show ones.
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    Simon Cowell to produce ABC show "Million Dollar Idea"
    Simon Cowell's busy at work with the American Broadcasting Company, producing their new reality show, "Million Dollar Idea." ABC has ordered nine episodes of the show that will give wannabe-Ron Popeils their chance at creating the next big invention, with a million dollar prize to be invested in that new business or idea. Lemme tell you, if someone can invent me a sandwich, that would be great right about now.

    Reality TV World
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    Le CĂ©libataire
    Reality TV World is reporting that the 8th season of The Bachelor will be filmed in Paris, France. Not only will the producers get away with things like cameraman abuse, the scenery change will allow for "numerous seductive possibilities with vast scenic panoramas, intimate bistros and mysteries lurking around every corner and side street." To translate, someone in this game's gonna get abducted.

    RTVW brings up the point that maybe the change in continent will help the engagement: only two of the 7 engagements that have resulted because of the show are still active and all icky-poo mushy as of today. Tsk tsk.

    Reality TV World
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    New address!
    Wednesday, July 13, 2005
    We're not moving, per se, but we are getting a shorter address! From now on, you can visit us at It's fancy and high-tech!

    ...not really, but...
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    Buzzer Podcast: July 11
    Monday, July 11, 2005

    Episode 3 is out and about! It's longer than the last two, but Alex was unable to join us this time. We talk about the news of the week with Mike Stanton, and I interview Chico Alexander from the Game Show News Net. As promised, here's the music cues from this week:

    [Bowling for Soup - 1985]
    [Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl]
    [Dry Cell - Body Crumbles]
    [The Special Goodness - Life Goes By]
    [Muzzle - Come On Down]
    [Breaking Benjamin - Simple Design]

    Download now!

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    GSN Schedule Update
    From GSN sources and Zap2it.....

    On July 18th, The Weakest Link will be in the 4PM ET/PT slot. Family Feud will be at the 5PM ET/PT slot then. This will move Millionaire, GSN's highest rated game show, to 6PM ET/PT. Greed is still at 7PM ET/PT until Lingo begins.
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    Personal Email Address....
    Friday, July 08, 2005
    We've gotten several emails from a "Steve Beverly" recently, and it wasn't him. I talked to him today about it. Whoever it is doing it, stop now, because we have your IP and we will take action. I've talked to Steve several times and I read his website every day. What you are doing is wrong and not needed. Knock it off or actions will be taken. I'm sure Mr. Beverly does not appreciate having his email hacked also.
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    As we reported before, NBC has picked up several episodes of Deal or No Deal. ABC decided to not pick the show the 6 episodes taped after Super Millionaire came back, but NBC has committed to this project. NBC Reality Chief Craig Plestis stated....

    "It's a simple idea. You just watch it and you're hooked," Plestis said.

    "There are no physical stunts or trivia questions to answer," he added. "In order to claim a fortune, the winner will essentially have to know when to say 'when.' "

    The amount of money has not been decided, but it is known throughout the world that the minimum is around 5 cents. The top in Australia is $2,000,000. This contributer will believe that the show will keep the $2,000,000 and expect no change in format. Here is a link to find out more.

    Deal or No Deal Rules
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    London Terrorist Attacks
    Thursday, July 07, 2005
    On behalf of the entire Buzzer! staff, I would like to send our thoughts and prayers to the people in London who are affected by the terrorist actions that occurred today. It's a tragedy whenever this happens to any group, no matter how far away, and we here in the USA would like to wish everyone in Europe the best. Our prayers are with you.
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    GSN Plans Vandross Tribute

    With the recent death of music legend Luther Vandross, GSN will be airing a special primetime tribute to him. Vandross sold more than 25 million albums worldwide, had 10 platinum ones, and won four Grammy awards. GSN will be doing an hour marathon of Family Feud. The two episodes shown will be from the "Grammy Singer Superstars" special. Teams of "Musical Misters" with team members Bobby McFerrin, Little Richard, Tim Hauser, Alan Paul, and, of course, Luther Vandross. They will play against the "Swingin' Sisters" of Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick, Vanessa Williams, Janis Stegal, and Cheryl Bentyne. The two episodes, hosted by Ray Combs fro 1989, will air on Saturday, July 9th at 9/9:30PM ET/PT on GSN.
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    AA & Harrah's Offer To Play For $1,000,000
    Wednesday, July 06, 2005
    The popular stage show "The Price is Right Live!" which performs in Harrah's and Showboat Atlantic City on occasions is inviting people to play Plinko to quality for the $1,000,000 Showcase Showdown. People ages 21 and over may go on Sunday, July 10th from 1-5PM at Broadway mall to play the famous Plinko board. Different prizes will be Las Vegas trips, TPiR merchandice, Harrah's/Showboat prizes, TPiR Live! tickets, and, the big prize, a chance at the Million Dollar Showcase. Contestants will be chosen randomly after registration, so you don't have to be present to win either. More information will be given when more is received.

    Source; CBS New York
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    ProJo: Not A Female Runner
    ProJo Poker (convienently located at has signed a deal with CBS Sports to show 8 of the 20 ProJo Poker Tournaments starting on Christmas Day. No professionals will enter the mix until the semi-finals where 4 pros will play with 4 amatures for a total pot of $40 million. ProJo Poker is, according to their site, the largest Free Play cardroom online. But, technically, every poker site calls itself that. Man, Buzzer could be the largest Free Play game show news site. Yeah, that we are. ANYWAY, before I go off on a tangent, the buy-ins for the ProJo tournaments are only $500, so if you want to get in and break into the professional poker world, now's a good time to start.

    Yahoo! News and Gossip
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    We have the day off. :-D
    Monday, July 04, 2005
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    Ingram in trouble in yet another popular British event
    Saturday, July 02, 2005
    The British game show cheat Charles Ingram, known for lying his way through Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, is now in trouble again for selling Centre Court tickets to Wimbledon on eBay. He was asking for 300 pounds for the tennis passes.

    According to the All England Club's rules, the tickets are non-transferable, and Ingram has been ordered to return them or face legal action.

    Ingram claims that the tickets were his mother's, and that she did not want them anymore. He also claims that he was not told they were non-transferable, and he is accusing the All England Club of sneaky tactics in catching him. I don't know exactly how sneaky it is to simply log on to and hit a search for Wimbledon.
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    Rumor Has It: Deal or No Deal

    According to our good friends at Game Show NewsNet have reported that NBC is looking for contestants for a new show that involves no trivia questions and no physical challenges. It asks for contestants with a lot of energy to win $1,000,000. Now the email address has a "deal" in the beginning, and with no trivia questions or physical challenges involved, it sounds like the Australian hit game show and ABC jettisoned game show Deal or No Deal. This show involved people picking one of 26 suitcases which had values between $0.05 and $2,000,000 in them. Then they pick other suitcases which 25 eliminated players hold hoping to find lesser values. Now it's not confirmed that this will be Deal or No Deal, but it is certainly sounded like it. More information will be given here when it is known.


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    Buzzer Podcast: July 1
    Friday, July 01, 2005

    Episode 2: Attack of the Clones (or something quite similar to that) is now available! Download it here. Last week it was just me talking about game shows and how hot Vanna White was in Full House. Now we've got Alex talking about Ballbusters, Mike talking about Big Brother, and me making rather off-color comments about Dancing with the Stars. I'm proud of this one, you're proud of this one, we're all proud of this one.
    If you want to add this feed to iTunes or other podcasting feeds, the feed address is, so you can copy and paste that address in your podcasting program to download our podcasts as soon as they come out. Thanks for listening!
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    Battle of the Bars + Ballbreakers Season 2
    GSN will be doing a BallBreakers national promotion with the "Battle of the Bars". The show will be traveling to different bars across America looking for new players for season 2 of Ballbreakers. So, in theory, GSN is putting their money where their balls are with the announcement of winners can get entry into season 2. Here is the tour list.

    Mariette, Georgia- Mazzy's Sports Bar and Grill (July 8th)
    St. Louis, Missouri- Pink Galleon Billiars and Games (July 9th)
    Parma, Ohio- Fox & Hound English Pub & Grille (July 15th)
    Royal Oak, Michigan (Near Detroit)- Fifth Avenue (July 16th)
    Washington DC- Buffalo Billiars (July 22nd)
    Philadephia, PA- Buffalo Billiards (July 23rd)
    Boston, MA- Boston at the Rack (July 29th)
    New York, NY- State Plus (July 30th)
    Los Angeles, CA- Q's Billiard Club (August 5th)
    Sacramento, CA- Hot Shots Billiards (August 6th)

    Each of these bars is doing self promotion to get people to watch by passing out GSN BallBreakers merchandice. Each winner of each cities individual tournament will win a new Brunswick pool table (Over $7,000) including more pool merchandice and may get to compete in season 2 of BallBreakers. GSN will also be doing radio spots to advertise for these events in the above cities. BallBreakers premieres Monday, July 18th at 10-11PM ET/PT on GSN where each player plays a game of no limit BallBreakers for $20,000.
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    On The Cover returns to i

    With PAX becoming i as of today, one of PAX's final attempts at an original game show returns to the air. On The Cover, with Russian Roulette and Antiques Roadshow host Mark L. Walberg, returns to the air Monday, July 4th at 6:30PM ET/PT. This means it will replace one airing of the love to hate show Shop Till You Drop. Balderdash is not set to return yet.
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