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  • Spanish Press Your Luck?
    Friday, September 30, 2005
    Well this one was surprising. According to XanFan's website, Press Your Luck is going to Univision. In what form it is coming is not known. It may be classic PYL, it may be Whammy, it may be something totally different. The show will debut in the USA version of Univision one week after it's showing in Mexico. It's estimated start date as of now is January 2006, but as you well know, dates and times can change. This will probably be easy for viewers to watch as well. Just wait for the board to stop and them to shout. That's the game there.
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    The Amazing Race Book and DVD Signing
    The Amazing Race 8 just began, so why not have a publicity tour for it? TAR's host, Phil Keoghan, has been going around the country promoting TAR Season 1 DVD release and the book. According to our source, the last stop she attended, in Boston, had very little people which meant they actually had a chance to meet Phil and have a 30-45 minute Q&A session. Coming up is a link for the rest of the tour stops. Get out there and get a chance to meet Phil Keoghan!

    The Amazing Race Book/DVD Tour
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    Eat A Cricket, Gavin Harvey
    Thursday, September 29, 2005
    Who would win in a fistfight: GSN or OLN? Personally, I'd give it to OLN since, you know, they're the Outdoor Life network, and they're always outside and built and stuff, but I digress. This isn't quite a fistfight, but it's just as funny.

    GSN's CEO Rich Cronin bet OLN's President Gavin Harvey that if Amazing Race lost to Survivor in the ratings, then Cronin would "race" to and from work for a week, a walk equaling 8 miles a day. If Survivor lost to TAR in the ratings, then Harvey would have to eat a live cricket.

    Guess who won?

    "The results are in and GSN’s THE AMAZING RACE averaged 355,000 total viewers each night in prime time, peaking with 495,000 on July 14. This measurement was based on the one-month period from July 11 to August 10 (M-Su 9 PM). OLN’s SURVIVOR averaged 200,000 total viewers each night in prime time, peaking with 362,000 viewers on August 3, putting GSN ahead of OLN in total viewers. OLN’s measurement was based on the time period of July 24 through August 23 (Sun 7p; M-Th 10p)."

    "True to his word, Harvey will honor the bet and eat a cricket with Cronin as a witness the next time the two are together in either New York or Los Angeles. Surprisingly, both cities have a few good restaurants that serve this fine 'delicacy.'"

    And to think there's no fun in TV anymore.
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    ABC Needs Cheep Programming... STAT!
    Tuesday, September 27, 2005
    Variety is reporting that ABC is looking for television shows to line their lackluster Saturday lineup. Their bright idea: being a cheapass.

    According to the article at Variety, ABC is specifically looking for "big ideas" that can be done on a budget of about $500,000 per episode. ABC suggests ripping off of the Amazing Race, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, or WWTBAM to create something that can draw attention away from Saturday Night Live. Fox has remained a player on Saturday, often winning the night in young adults with firstrun unscripted staples "Cops" and "America's Most Wanted." Univision remains a force with Spanish-language "Sabado Gigante."

    As an afterthought, the article mentions that a "big hit" might be made in this experiment.

    College communication majors, you better get on the ball. This might be your big break!

    (Speaking of which, why not revive Your Big Break?)

    Variety - ABC Shops Around for Weekend Bargains
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    Celebrities for Season 7 of Celebrity Poker Showdown
    We told you it would have a million dollar jackpot. Apparently, there are more changes that we expected also. First, here are the celebrities.

    October 13th- Ricardo Antonio Chavira, Steven Culp, James Denton, Mark Moses, Doug Savant
    October 20th- Barry Corbin, Joey Fatone, Gina Gershon, Andy Richter, James Woods
    October 27th- Carlos Bernard, Bill Brochtrup, Dule' Hill, Kathleen Madigan, Kelli Williams
    November 3rd- Oksana Baiul, Richard Belzer, Dean Cain, Nicholas Gonzalez, Kevin Nealon
    November 10th- Ian Gomez, Jeremy London, Camryn Manheim, Alison Sweeney, Wendy Pepper
    November 17th- Championship Game

    All people, as normal, get $5,000. In the championship game is where the money changes. 5th place receives $25,000. 4th gets $75,000. 3rd place will earn $100,000. If you get second place, you win $200,000. Finally, if you win the tournament, you walk out with $500,000 for charity.

    This slipped under our radar also, but if you log onto, you can actually play Celebrity Poker Showdown online. They state that is has the "look and feel of Celebrity Poker Showdown". The game runs 24 hours a day. Celebrity Poker Showdown 7 debuts on Thursday, October 13th, at 9PM ET/PT.
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    Don Admas Tribute
    GSN will show honor to the late actor in a few weeks with a week-long Match Game tribute. Don Adams, who hosted the 1975 show "Don Adams' Screen Test" along with voices on Inspector Gadget and, of course, Agent 86 on Get Smart, passed away on Sunday at the age of 82 years old. The week of October 3th will feature some of his funniest moments on the classic show "Match Game" starring Gene Rayburn. These episodes will air at 3:30PM ET/PT on GSN.
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    Deal or No Deal to shoot 5 episodes
    We FINALLY got some information on the show. First off, apparently, this show is a firm go-ahead for the air just about. Deal or No Deal on NBC is currently looking for a non-specific number of models to handle the money. They are also apparently going to have some speaking roles as well. The search says 5 episodes, but it may be more by the end of it.

    Also, here's some speculation into the host search. They have stated that this is a "celebrity host", so now I am doubting the Australian host is coming over. No word is set yet of who exactly will be the host, but we'll be sure to tell you. If you are a female and would like to try out to become a "spokesperson" for Deal or No Deal, here's the application area.

    Deal or No Deal Model Search
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    Four New GSNi Shows Begin Next Week
    Monday, September 26, 2005
    After a bit of time without a new ITV show, GSN is putting out four at the same time, and all classics. To Tell The Truth, Super Password, The Newlywed Game, and Love Connection (stretching the definition of classic here, I know) are all going to begin next week. Go to next week at 9:30AM ET, with To Tell The Truth 90!
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    A Betty White Christmas on GSN
    This holidays, classic fans can get their 5 hours of happiness if you watch TV on Christmas. "A Betty White Christmas" will air between 12-5PM ET. This marathon will air some of Ms. White's appearances on either black and white or color game shows.
    Here's the schedule:

    12PM- What's My Line
    12:30PM- Password
    1:00PM- TattleTales
    1:30PM- Match Game
    2PM- Password Plus
    2:30PM- To Tell the Truth
    3:00PM- Family Feud
    3:30PM- Body Language
    4:00PM- The $100,000 Pyramid
    4:30PM- Match Game

    This is the first time Body Language has aired in a while, so be sure to check it out.
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    WPT Sues Travel Channel
    Thursday, September 22, 2005

    Well this could be pretty ugly. World Poker Tour Inc. is apparently suing The Travel Channel for a breach of contract. They were interfering with their plans with ESPN as partners for a new show on that network. This was all stated on the Hollywood Reporter as well. According to the article....

    "…According to the report, WPT is seeking undisclosed damages and court costs, as well as a "declaration that WPT upheld its side of the contract, while the defendants breached their obligations.'"

    Eight-Two Law, er, Off Suit
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    Celebrity Millionaire Returns

    Yahoo Financial News reported that Who Wants to be a Millionaire will be having celebrity episodes for the first time in a very long time. They will air November 7th through through the 11th. Michael Davies stated "We are thrilled to be doing celebrity editions again on 'Millionaire. We had tremendous success with celebrity shows on primetime 'Millionaire' and we felt it was time to let that success translate into syndication." Millionaire won an Emmy for host Meredith Vieira this past year.

    Also this year, Millionaire is doing an AOL ATA contest, where the person with the most right answers online gets to play for a million on the TV show during Walk in and Win Week taped at Walt Disney World's Who Wants to be a Millionaire- Play It! attraction. Check the Yahoo News link for the full story.

    Yahoo! News Millionaire Story
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    Poker Royale Has Wood
    Wednesday, September 21, 2005
    James Woods to be exact. Poker Royale, the show on GSN with more series than any, is adding another to it's list. This series will be POKER ROYALE: THE JAMES WOODS GANG VS THE UNIBOMBERS. Obviously, James Woods will have a team. The Unibombers will be headed by Phil Laak.

    James Woods Gang members-
    Kathy Liebert
    Bob Goen
    Ted Forrest
    Susie Isaacs
    Nicole Sullivan

    The Unibombers members-
    Jennifer Tilly
    Cyndy Violette
    Danny Masterson
    Hassan Habib
    Gail O'Grady

    John Ahlers, Lisa Dergan, and Robert Williamson are set to return for the new season. The series will have the standard Poker Royale points affair. Poker Royale: The James Woods Gang VS The Unibomber will air on GSN Casino Night at 10PM ET/PT on October 7th with two episodes airing each night. Here's hoping for some more variety besides poker and maybe start up a new blackjack show.
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    Emmy Award Winner!
    Monday, September 19, 2005
    On Thursday, September 29, GSN will begin its run of the Emmy Award-winning seventh edition with a two-hour premiere featuring the infamous “Survivor” couple "Boston" Rob and Amber. Wednesday night will have contestants of season 6 saying Aloha, because GSN will feature the two-hour finale of the sixth edition of THE AMAZING RACE. The finale of the sixth edition ends with the final four teams racing for the one million dollar grand prize in Honolulu, Hawaii. Season 7 was, IMO, one of the best seasons that TAR has had, and it'll be great to finally relive this season once again.
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    Deal or No Deal not out of the run
    Saturday, September 17, 2005
    Apparently I was run. The initial process of acquiring Deal or No Deal, with their first contestant search, has apparently passed. They are now looking for contestants yet again. However, the top prize is now known. The top prize is $1,000,000. They want you to take 3 friends to the show, actually. However, you have to be 21 years old to apply. Here's the contestant form.

    Deal or No Deal Contestant Search

    Sign up to get this show going finally!
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    The Amazing Race 2 Marathon
    Thursday, September 15, 2005
    On Thanksgiving and the day after, GSN will be treating viewers to a marathon of The Amazing Race 2 after the success of the series, which has maintained a .4. Check GSN out on Thanksgiving and the day after for two days of The Amazing Race 2. I assume the time frame will be the same, schedule wise, as the first marathon.
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    Dates for Celebrity Lingo
    Tuesday, September 13, 2005
    OK, we gave you pictures from "Celebrity" Lingo. We gave you the teams. Now here are the times.

    Monday, September 26th- Trista Sutter & Rachel Hunter VS George Wallace & George Wendt

    Tuesday, September 27th- Extreme Dodgeball Lingo

    Wednesday, September 28th- Poker Royale Lingo

    Thursday, September 29th- BallBreakers Lingo (Hooray!)

    Friday, September 30th- Kenny VS Spenny Lingo

    These will be in the 7:00PM ET/PT time slot. Payout will stay at $10,000 tops.
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    NBA and WNBA stars to Spin for Katrina
    15 NBA and WNBA stars will be playing Wheel of Fortune with fans from their cities to raise money for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Among the players are Carmelo Anthony of Denver, Ray Allen of Seattle, and Becky Harmon of the WNBA's New York Liberty. The episodes will be taped on Thursday, September 15th to air from October 31st to November 4th. At least $100,000 of the stars' winnings will be sent to Katrina relief efforts. The fan who wins the most money will go to the 2006 NBA All-Star game.

    (source: ESPN)
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    Celebrity Poker Showdown FINALLY ups the stakes!
    As we reported around 50,000 years ago, Celebrity Poker Showdown was renewed for a two new seasons before, as we found out from Phil Gordon. However, our friends at Game Show NewsNet have some more info for us. Season 7 is being known as the "Million Dollar Jackpot". Hmmm, wonder how much money is going to be there? Season 7 will starts Thursday, October 13th at 9PM ET.
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    We Were Right All Along: Too Much Reality TV
    Monday, September 12, 2005
    Call us your haven from most reality TV sans the Amazing Race. We pride ourselves in not reporting a lot about reality shows. And, according to a fresh TV Guide post, most of you agree with me. This TV Guide poll conducted with the Associated Press states that 80 percent of Americans think there's too much reality TV on television. Plus, you all think that reality TV isn't all that real. A total of 82 percent said the shows are either "totally made up" or "mostly distorted."

    We could've told you that one. Give us a good game show any day. - TV Viewers Speak Out Against Reality Shows
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    New Seasons Begin Today in Syndication
    Just a quick reminder for the fans: Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, Millionaire, and Family Feud will debut today in your local markets at various times. We will set up a page with brief recaps of each show. Be on the lookout for more updates also. No real game show news recently.
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    Updated Family Feud Set
    Friday, September 09, 2005
    With a new season, here comes a new Family Feud set, sadly. They are suffering from the Lingo syndrome (And understand that Lingo has consiterably grown on me this season. It's either my favorite season or close to favorite), with changing things that don't need changed and not changing others. According to sources, A lot more lights will be added, like some classic style white lights. It's been described as sort of like Louie Anderson Feud. New color "gels" are being added, like yellow and purple. There are layers of lights behind the families and probably more. If we could get you a picture, we would. Just check it out Friday. How does a show like Family Feud get renewed and a quality show like Russian Roulette get canned?
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    ABC moves out of town
    "My Kind of Town," ABC's town remodeling show, has been nixed after four episodes. And with ratings hitting an average of 5.13 million viewers, hitting a low of just over three and a quarter mill, who can blame them?

    (source article: Futon Critic)
    (thanks to GSNN)
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    Richard Hatch indicted on tax evasion

    In the biggest Survivor-related scandal yet, Richard Hatch, winner of Survivor: Borneo, has been indicted by a grand jury on ten counts, ranging from tax evasion, filing a false tax return, and wire, bank, and mail fraud.

    Hatch allegedly failed to report his million-dollar prize for winning on his tax return after learning that he would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. He had another accountant create a return without the prize, which called for a $4,500 refund to Hatch.

    However, this doesn't really go far, considering that Survivor was so damn popular, and the IRS is so damn big, that somewhere along the line, someone's going to put two and two together and say, "hey, wait a minute, there's a seven digit figure missing somewhere around here."

    Hatch is also being indicted on charges that he used funds for his charity on personal items. Past accusations against Hatch include charges that he attacked his 9-year-old son and his ex-boyfriend, both of which were dropped.

    If convicted on all charges, Hatch faces up to 75 years in prison, and several million dollars in fines.

    (source article: ABC News)
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    CBS airs rerun of TPiR offering a NOLA trip with a speedboat
    Thursday, September 08, 2005

    The Price is Right, CBS' longrunning daytime game show, aired a rerun today of an episode originally aired in December that some are calling insensitive to those involved with Hurricane Katrina. One of the showcases included the prizes of a trip to New Orleans and a speedboat, ironic considering that New Orleans is mostly flooded at present. CBS pulled the episode for an alternate show for the West Coast Airing and apologized.

    (image courtesy Wikipedia)
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    Update on Tanja
    Tanja, the preggers Dutch Big Brother contestant, will not be allowed to give live birth on the show, but she will be allowed to show her baby briefly once a day for eight days, but otherwise cannot be filmed.

    Source article
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    GSN Airs Live Feed of Katrina Relief
    Wednesday, September 07, 2005
    This Friday, GSN will take part in airing "Shelter from the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast". This show will preempt Millionaire, which isn't a bad thing. This will include Sheryl Crow, The Dixie Chicks, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Jennifer Anniston, Ellen DeGeneres, Jack Nicholson, and Chris Rock. Please join in helping the poor people on the Gulf Coast.
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    A 3-Hour Tour
    Tuesday, September 06, 2005
    In memory of the late Bob Denver, who passed away on Friday at the age of 70, GSN will be running episodes of Beat the Clock and Password featuring the star of "Gilligan's Island," who, if you haven't been keeping up with the last sentence, is the late Bob Denver. The shows will be shown on Friday, September 9 with “Beat the Clock” at 3 AM ET/PT and “Password” at 3:30 AM ET/PT.

    Denver is best known for playing the title role in the 1960’s television show “Giligan’s Island” and for his earlier work in television playing Maynard G. Krebs in “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.” In addition to starring in the popular television series, Denver also appeared in several movies.
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    Only 1/3 of Fall Shows to Stick
    This bit of information came from Mediaweek. It may not directly involve game shows, but it will in midseason. According to experts and executives, only 1/3 of the programming will survive. Shari Anne Brill, who is the Carat vice president and director of programming, stated that only 7 of the big 31 shows are projected to be renewed. Eight are expected to be cancelled quickly. Again, these are projected figures, not exact. Now, what does this mean for game show fans? Super Millionaire and Deal or No Deal might be around in January or February if the shows go poorly.
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    H2 Schedule
    Yes, as we first reported, GSN has the rights to the final two seasons of Hollywood Squares, entitled H2 by the game show community and, I suppose, the show. They are airing season 5 right now. Season six will air in late summer '06 into 2007. So GSN will be airing Hollywood Squares for a long time to come, good news for the show's fans.
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    I'm doing something.
    Finally! Cory makes a post!

    GSN will be offering Video On Demand (you know, Digital Cable stuff and all that) of special Word slam stuff. The VOD products feature each of the 11 winners individually and offer bonus material not included in the documentary such as in-depth winner interviews, game highlights, local advertising sponsors, operator and government official comments and a summary of the event. The featurettes began running Sept. 1 on respective Comcast and Time Warner systems.

    So, uh, yeah. This is a good start for GSN on Demand.
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    Happy Labor Day
    Monday, September 05, 2005
    There is literally no game show news recently, but we'll still post. On behalf of the staff of Buzzer, I'd like to wish you all a nice Labor Day with your families. Be safe out there.

    Coming up soon: an interview with Ken Jennings and with a contestant from BallBreakers!
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    GSN Picked up H2?!
    Saturday, September 03, 2005
    Apparently GSN has picked up H2 finally after speculation occured that they would. According to sources (and apparently TV sets), they aired the first episode of H2, which was the era of Hollywood Squares after Whoopi, during it's weekend time slot today. Keep watching to see if they have the entire H2 run.
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    Wrong Address on the podcast link
    Friday, September 02, 2005
    Sorry about that, the last post had the wrong link. This is the right one!

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    Podcast Episode 5 Finally!!!!
    We FINALLY have the new podcast up. Sorry to all, but we're poor students with little time in our hands. The podcast is no longer weekly. It's either bi-weekly or monthly; we'll see. This week, we have a ton of news, an interview with Mark Treitel of Situation: Comedy, an interview with Dave Andrews of (INCLUDING INFORMATION ABOUT NEW GAMES GOING TO THE WEBSITE), and Flame War about The Amazing Race 8. This is a really long podcast because of the long wait you guys have had, so here are chapters for it. Enjoy!

    1- Intro (Beginning): Cannonball by The Breeders
    2- Newsdesk (0:54): Los Angeles by Frank Black
    3- Mark Treitel interview (11:09): Badass by Garbage
    4- Dave Andrews Interview (25:28): Connection by Elastica
    5- Closing (45:04)

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