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  • Barker to Miss Daytime Emmys
    Friday, April 29, 2005
    View the article.

    It was reported today that Bob Barker, host of The Price is Right (CBS), will not be attending the Daytime Emmy Awards next month, because he is getting a cancerous leason removed from his back. Barker says that he's had numerous battles with skin cancer over the years due to his lifetime of sunbathing shirtless in South Dakota. I would like to state for the record that Bob Barker is not someone you want to imagine shirtless.

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    The End of Nick?
    Wednesday, April 27, 2005
    Rumours are flying about Nickelodeon Studios closing down. Giver of such classic kids game shows such as "Double Dare" and "Legends of the Hidden Temple", it truely would mark the end of an era.
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    Kenny VS Spenny Returns?
    Sunday, April 24, 2005
    According to GSN, Kenny VS Spenny is set to return in the spring with new episodes. GSN does get info wrong occasionally, though, don't take this for 100% truth.
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    Back to my roots.

    Semi-game show related: Matt Vasgersian, host of GSN's Celebrity Blackjack, is the play-by-play announcer for 989 Sports' MLB game. Not only is Vasgersian the king of the blackjack table on GSN, but he's also the play-by-play announcer for the San Diego Padres. I bought MLB for PSP a few days ago and was surprised to hear Vasgersian say things other than "Double Down."

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    GSN Pits Celebs against Poker Pros
    Saturday, April 23, 2005
    Poker Royale enters GSN's record books as the third series to reach 3 seasons, and GSN begins Poker Royale: Celebrites VS Poker Pros on Friday, May 6th at 9PM EST. Taking place at the Pechanga Resort and Casino in California, top poker players, including Poker Royale 2's champion Kathy Liebert, as well as many celebrities battle it out for the cash. The players so far are as follows.....

    Mimi Rogers (Austin Powers)
    Lance Bass (N'Sync)
    Morris Chestnut (Ladder 49)
    Patrick Warburton (The Venture Brothers)
    Jennifer Tilly (Seed of Chucky)
    Traci Bingham (Baywatch)

    Scott Fischman
    Kathy Liebert
    Cyndy Violette
    Roxanne Rhodes
    Paul Darden
    Kenna James

    To the glee of most of the viewers for the Battle of the Sexes, the hosts this season will be play-by-play Mighty Ducks hockey announcer John Ahlers and Best Damn Sports Show Period's Lisa Dergan. This tournament will be a 7 week event. Exact money possible to win is not known.

    Source: GSN
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    Ken Einiger Wins World Series of Blackjack 2005
    Friday, April 22, 2005
    From a field of 40 players, the final table came down to four people. Rick Jensen, Stanford Wong, Kami Lis and Ken Einiger all came with one goal: to outlast the others and take home the $250,000. On the GSN finale on Friday, April 22nd at 10PM EST, Ken Einiger came from behind and took home a total of $265,000. After losing on the 27th hand to a set of 7s from the dealer, all hope seemed lost. However, with the help of a suicide stay from Kami Lis, it came down between Stanford Wong's hand and Ken Einiger's double down. Ken had a soft 19 before the dealer turned over her cards. Luckily, she had a 14, and with a long, tense pause, the dealer turned over a king, for a 24. The $100,000 gain from that hand gave Ken Einiger the win, and is now the second biggest winner in GSN history.
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    PAX Staying Around? That's Balderdash
    Thursday, April 21, 2005
    You heard correct. Starting at an unspecified time, PAX TV will begin to basically run infomercials 24/7. This means the end of the Hollywood Squares spinoff Balderdash, the inventive new pop-culture game On The Cover, Shop Till You Drop, Pyramid, and Family Feud reruns. However, this does mean those syndie Weakest Link episodes will be up for grabs *looks at GSN*.

    Source: B&C: Business of Broadcasting and Cable
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    More Blackjack for GSN
    Wednesday, April 20, 2005
    With the wide-scale GSN success of World Series of Blackjack, GSN has picked up a new blackjack program. "The World Champion of Blackjack", which will air on GSN: The Network for Games on April 22nd at 10PM EST, will feature players (unspecified at the moment) playing for the title. It is being held at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas on April 22nd at 8PM EST, which makes this an almost immediate-airing program.

    Source: PRNewsWire GSN: The Network for Games
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    The 3 stands for a third
    Tuesday, April 19, 2005
    A bit old, but still noteworthy. Donald Trump has announced that Apprentice 3 [NBC] will have a one-hour finale instead of last year's three-hour affair. Trump said that the decision was at his own insistance and that nobody wants to see a massive reunion. For my opinions on the matter, click "Buzz in!" below.

    You hearing this, CBS? We don't care about "Ohh, I'm so sorry this" or "I'll kill you that"; people watch Survivor for the little glimmer of hope of winning crushed by a gigantic boot as they are betrayed by their former friends for the sake of money. The rest is really just filler.

    Also, American Idol [Fox]? You can shorten your results show down to a two-minute segment that can pop in a commercial break during Fox's outstanding decent mediocre Cletus-the-Slack-Jawed-Yokel-mesmerizing Wednesday lineup.

    Final note to whoever created Life on a Stick and Stacked!: Please, for all of humanity, win a Darwin. We beg of you.
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    Welcome Alex!

    I'd like to welcome Alex Davis onto the Buzzer staff. Now, Alex,
    you're one of us. GET TO BLOGGIN'!

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    ISOLATION BOOTH: Our Parting Contestants Receive...
    Well, seeing how it's a slow news day, I've decided to start a feature thing here called the Isolation Booth. One of our writers, which right now would be either Michael or myself, gets to rant once a week about whatever they want to about the world of game shows. So, since there's nothing else to blog, we'll do this. Newspapers do this too. It's called "filler space."

    My Isolation Booth this week will be focusing on the home game. I was watching Blockbusters on GSN on Sunday, and Bill Cullen lifted up the Blockbusters home game with glee to give to his parting contestant. Sadly, you don't see that anymore. Click the Buzz In link to read the rest of this lovely post.

    The question I have is, why? Why don't people play game shows at home anymore? Sadly, it's not quite a question that I can answer. There's something about home games that have appealed to me, personally, for quite a long time. The allure of playing the game that I just saw on TV, with those people winning those fabulous prizes!, always clicked with me. Since the age of whenever, I've owned Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, Classic Concentration, The Price is Right, and Millionaire. I've probably had more than that, it's just that I can't remember them all right now.

    So, the question I pose to everyone is this: do you think there is a market still for the game show home game? Comment and let me know.

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    Rob and Amber Wed; Red Sox Win
    If modern television history is any kind of guideline, then this shouldn't last too long. But, you know, who knows? "Boston" Rob Mariano and Amber "When My Compy Crashes, It Makes a Sound, Kinda Like" Brkich have allegedly taped a Bahamas wedding special for CBS. To restate that sentence to shift focus a bit, Boston Rob and Amber have married sometime this weekend. It's currently unknown whether any Survivor or Amazing Race friends of the reality star couple attended the wedding, but you can watch the special for yourself and find out. It will be airing in the end of May on CBS. Here at Buzzer, the best wedding gift we could probably give the happy couple, is that the Boston Red Sox swept the Tampa Bay Devil Rays this weekend, the same weekend as the wedding. If the two are connected in some kind of evil CBS conspiracy, we'll be the first ones to tell you. In any event, Rob must be so happy.

    Zap2it: Rob and Amber Reportedly Wed
    ESPN: Boston Red Sox Clubhouse
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    Define a Bad Week for Me?
    Monday, April 18, 2005
    Chris Shelton, former Apprentice [NBC], was arrested on the 10th for a dispute over a $20 cover charge in the Seminole Hard Rock Casino and Hotel in Tampa, Florida. He was fired by Donald Trump on the following Thursday. About his run-in with the law, Shelton said:
    "Basically, what happened was I had paid about $2,000 for the most expensive suite they have... In Vegas, I wouldn't have been bothered with a cover charge. It was a misunderstanding."

    The Seminole police spokesman, Gary Bitner, commented on how he was "loud" and "wouldn't calm down". A police report released described the following:
    "[Shelton] was at the lobby causing a scene... There were several patrons in the area who were visibly shaken by his actions. After several attempts to calm Shelton, he continued to yell and curse, refusing to calm down and stop causing a scene."
    He was freed after posting $250 bond.
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    GSN Rumblings: More Reege
    GSN, The Network for Games has picked up the entire Super Millionaire run as well as 100 more episodes of regular Millionaire. Super Millionaire will appear Sundays at 8. There's not much I can really say about this, but isn't the allure of Millionaire lost by the fact that most of us who would care already know the answers?

    GSN Renews and Expands Millionaire
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    I'd Like To Buy A Banquet
    Hmmm... how'd I miss this? Papa Merv is getting honored on May 26 by the Museum of Television and Radio. Merv Griffin, probably the first Jack of All Media Trades, was known as a performer, singer, and television star. Moreso, he created Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune, among other television and game shows. You can learn more at the Museum of Television and Radio's website. Or, you can click the linkie below.

    ABC News: Game Show Creator Griffin to Be Honored
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    Doink Doink < Plinko
    America knows what's up. Bob Barker and the Price is Right Million Dollar Spectacular had a 4.6/10 rating on Saturday Night to help kick NBC's Law'd and Order'd ass and lead CBS to win the "all-coveted" Saturday Ratings war. It's kind of like the Cola Wars, except nobody cares. Other willing participants in the NBC lynching were CSI and 60 Minutes.

    Come on Down, America [Zap2it]
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    You're Not Quite Fired
    ThisIsLondon is reporting that Apprentice UK host Sir Alan Sugar isn't quite keeping up with the Donald's tradition of firing his would-be apprentices. He is believed to have kept at least four of the people who he has fired, and they have been working in his company for six months. From the article,

    'I have given the contestants strategic places across my business,' he told a Sunday newspaper. 'It has been very useful in assessing their character and ability.'

    I'm sure Omarosa's getting her ticket to the UK ready if the odds of getting hired are this good.

    You're Not Quite Fired
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    What is the C Lot?
    Ken Jennings, the big Jeopardy! king, apparently lost his car after passing a million dollars.

    Some people are book smart, others...
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    Swankin' it Up?
    So apparently, Hilary Swank is keeping busy. She's shot a pilot for a new game show, Celebrity Charades, to be shown on AMC. As the title would imply, it's celebrities. Playing charades. The issue is, haven't we seen this before? As, oh, say, Win, Lose, or Draw? Anyhoo.

    Apparently, her husband, Chad Lowe (Rob Lowe's brother) will be hosting with actor/director Bob Balaban. AMC says that they are "pleased" and "very excited" to have them on board. The show will premiere on June 20th.

    I don't know about you, but I think I'll have to pass on this one. Charades is only interesting when you're playing it. So as a direct result, I'm not giving this one long.

    Read the article and judge for yourself.
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    Canuck Runs Amock
    I couldn't even begin to figure this one out, but here we go. A woman has sued famed Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek in connection with the disappearance of a $100,000 race horse that was to be delivered to his central California breeding farm. The article goes on to say that the horse was allegedly euthanized, but no one remembers killing the darn thing. A spokesman for Trebek's breeding farm could not be reached for comment at the time of the article's publishing. This is creepy. "What is, Alex's fascination with the equine?" That is correct. You can read the article by clicking below.

    Article from Reuters
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    Buzzer lives!
    From the creative minds at Pacdude Games comes a brand new site. Just like all those cool kids who blog their news, or their opinions, or other mindless drivel, we've decided to blog the game show scene. In the upcoming weeks, months, years, whenever, you'll be seeing a lot of game show news, opinions, articles, how to things, and all that. So, bookmark this now and have high hopes.
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