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  • Abdul abhors allegations and absorbs an abnormal ... ab-job
    Thursday, June 30, 2005
    Paula Abdul, the famous American Idol [Fox] judge who recently was hammered with allegations of a sexual relationship with contestant Corey Clark, has shown that the accusations have not affected her career heavily. The New York Daily News reports that Abdul will be back for the next series of American Idol, and will possibly play a role in the spinoff, So You Think You Can Dance [Fox]. The producer of both shows, Nigel Lythgoe, was quoted regarding the news:
    "I don't want to talk about [it] yet because if it doesn't come off it will be sad. But I'm still talking to her. There's a little idea that I think would be fabulous for her. She loves it, but we've just got to try to make it work date-wise and everything else."
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    Men of GSN Sticks Around for More + Lingo

    Game show news has been a bit down recently, but we managed to dig up some dirt for you guys. While the press releases said that Lingo was at 7-8PM ET/PT and, on Saturdays, 2-3PM ET/PT, rumor was that the 3PM ET/PT weekday airing was leaving. No, it's not. Lingo will continue to have it's original time slot at that time. However, new episodes will not be airing in this slot. The older episodes will continue to run.

    Also, with Rafferty Blockbusters's run nearly finished, people were wondering what would happen with that show. Rafferty Blockbusters is going to repeat it's run at the 10:30AM ET/PT time slot until further notice. No change in the Men of GSN lineup is going to take place. According to GSN, the block is doing very well ratings wise and there is no need for a change.
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    Celebrity Poker Showdown: Back for More!
    Wednesday, June 29, 2005

    Celebrity Showdown comes back for a new season after a long long break in August. August 18th at 9PM EST marks it's return with hosts Dave Foley (NewsRadio: Kids in the Hall) and Phil Gordon jabbing the contestants and giving poker tips. The game remains the same, with the $250,000 jackpot; $100,000 going to the champion's charity. Competing this season are celebrities such as Rosie O'Donnell, Penny Marshall, Sharon Lawrence, Michael Vartan, and, exciting to the game show world, Alex Trebek. Only a little over a month to go, so stay tuned for more news.
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    Buzzer Podcast: June 27
    Tuesday, June 28, 2005

    The first episode of the Buzzer Podcast is now quite ready to air! Download it here. Download to your iPod and never have to read out website again. Besides, it's not like anyone READS the internet anymore.

    MAJOR DECISIVE EDIT POST: After thinking through things after a shower and a meal, I've realized that I think I like the original version of the podcast better. But, huzzah, tell me what you think. Click here to listen to the original podcast!
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    Pax Rebrands; New Name
    PAX is about to go through what GSN did to survive: a rebrand. The network PAX, which has created game shows such as the recent Balderdash and On The Cover, will become "i" on July 1st, 2005. This very sudden change was named by president Dean Goodman. Goodman stated "The change in brand names reflects our strategy to operate our primary network as independent television by offering a mix of original series, movies, specials, sports, and news that appears to a variety of interests." When the transition happens, PAX will continue to air programming under its PAX TV brand on one of its digital channels over the air and in select cable homes.
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    Jennings Awarded "Game Show Contestant of the Year;" Everyone Figured Already
    This post is probably to show that doesn't even post news about things that it has big ugly gray banners for. The Game Show Congress, a group of people who no one's heard of due to bad promotion, has listed its Game Show Award Winners for 2005. "Best Game Show Contestant Of The Year" went to game show host Ken Jennings, not surprisingly. Brad Rutter won "Best Contestant on a Traditional Game Show," probably to make up for the fact that, you know, he's not Brad Rutter, but "the guy who beat that Ken dude." "Producer of the Year" went to Harry Friedman, producer of Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune. One of his babies, Jeopardy!, won "Game Show of the Year." Meredith Vieira won the awards for "Best Host of a traditional Game Show" and "Game Show Host of the Year," but promptly said, "Who cares? I have an Emmy for this crap now."

    In the Reality section, The Amazing Race swept. It was named "Best Game Opera," which makes people who watch it seem like addicted soap opera fans. Phil Keoghan, that cute little elf, won "Best Host of a Game Opera," and Uchenna and Joyce Agu, the winners of the latest Amazing Race, won "Best Contestant or Team on a Game Opera."

    The "Best New Game Show" went to Stump the Schwab from ESPN, proving that there were no good new game shows to appear this year. Elayne Boosler, funny name, funny lady, and host of PAX's cancelled Balderdash, was "Best Host of a New Game Show."

    All this goes to show that ANYONE can give a press release.

    Yahoo! Finance - Game Show Award Winners Include Vieira, Keoghan, Boosler and Jennings
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    Rumor Has It: Distracted
    Monday, June 27, 2005

    A very reliable source has told a Buzzer! staff member that Distraction has been renewed. They have said that a high-brow East Coast casting company will begin to start looking for contestants relatively soon.

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    GSN Plans Tribute to Paul Winchell
    TV Host/Ventriloquist Paul Winchell, who passed away last Friday, will be receiving his own GSN tribute. Winchell voiced one of the most beloved children's characters, Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, and also helped to invent the artificial heart. GSN will air tribute programs on the 29th and 30th of June with the following programs.

    June 29th-
    3AM- What's My Line- (4/29/56). Panelists are Paul Winchell, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf and Dorothy Kilgallen. Mystery guests are Edgar Bergen and his dummy Mortimer Snerd.

    3:30AM- What's my Line- (3/6/56). Panelists are Paul Winchell, Arlene Francis, Dorothy Kilgallen and Peter Lawford. Mystery guests are Frank Lloyd Wright and Liberace.

    June 30th-
    3AM- What's My Line- (6/24/56)- Panelists are Paul Winchell, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf and Dorothy Kilgallen. Mystery guests are Cincinnati Reds baseball team and Bob Hope with his daughter Linda.

    3:30AM- What's My Line (7/22/56)- Panelsts are Paul Winchell, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf and Vivian Blaine. Mystery guest is Jerry Lewis.

    All episodes are hosted by John Daly. All times are Eastern and Pacific.
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    Vanna Gets Star on Walk of Fame
    Saturday, June 25, 2005

    After more two decades of letter turning (window-pressing nowadays), Vanna White will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She will be on a list to be put on the famous sidewalk in 2006 along with such actors/actresses as Annette Bening, Ray Romano, Matthew Broadrick, Nathan Lane, Steve Martin, Isaac Hayes, Motley Crue, Holly Hunter, Charilze Theron, and William Hurt. Vanna's first appearance with Pat Sajak aired in 1982 and has been enjoying incredible success ever since. She has also had guest starring roles in Married With Children and Naked Gun 33 1/2. White was also noted by the Guinness Book of World Records as being TV's most frequent clapper.
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    Lingo Season 4 Newsflash
    Thursday, June 23, 2005

    Here is the moment may have been waiting for: the model and prizes for Lingo.

    As said before, Chuck Woolery will be returning, but for certain reasons Stacey will be not. The new Lingo model for the 4th season will be Shandi Finnessey, Ms. USA 2004. Chuck is already known for being the host of such hit shows as Love Connection and Scrabble. Besides being Ms. USA 2004, Shandi has a masters degree in counseling and has written a children's book named The Furrtails.

    Not a surprise to any fans, no rule changes were made. This season, however, will offer only cash as the winner to the bonus round. The trip has been dropped in favor of a double jackpot. A lingo on the first ball drawn will win the team $10,000. As always, any other Lingo will give $5,000. The newest season of Lingo will debut August 1st at 7PM ET/PT and 7:30PM ET/PT. Episodes will also air Saturdays at 2:00PM ET/PT and 2:30PM /PT. There will be no tournament this season.
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    Family Feud Plug-n-Play Game Announced
    This is probably the weirdest place to get this news from, but has posted a press release that Jakks Pacific (those guys who made the 6-in-1 Pac Man Plug-In-Your-TV-And-Play-And-Wish-The-Controllers-Were-Wireless games) has announced that they're making Family Feud "GameKey" packs. They're apparently making a console now. Well, everyone likes 16-bit games... But I'm pretty sure that 16 bit Family Feud games have been done already. At least we'll get updated questions.

    Indian Television... where do I get this stuff, man?
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    New Ratings
    Monday, June 20, 2005
    Recent reports have shown that GSN is getting a .4 average rating. Yes, this is true, but we here exclusively have specific ratings for their current big shows of May: Super Millionaire, Poker Royale, and Saturday Night Classics.

    Super Millionaire- .6
    Poker Royale- .3
    Saturday Night Classics- Extremely hard to come up with because of the marathon-ish schedule.

    .6 is extremely impressive for GSN, only having Poker Royale and Millionaire equaling/trumping that value. .3, while it isn't great, is better than shows like Match Game. Family Feud is the only classic above a .3.
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    Win KenJen's Money? Not quite.
    Friday, June 17, 2005

    Lauren Corrao of Comedy Central was interviewed recently by CableWorld Magazine, and had this to say about the new Ken Jennings game show:

    The similarity [to Win Ben Stein's money] will be that there are trivia questions and answers. Ken himself will be challenged. Aside from that, the packaging will be quite different. We had been looking for an early fringe game show for a long time. We tried Crossballs as a Crossfire satire in that period last year.

    Interesting to note: Corrao produced MTV's (possibly only) good game show, Remote Control, in 1987.

    Q&A with Lauren Corrao (CableWORLD)
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    Extreme Dodgeball 3
    Tuesday, June 14, 2005

    After a long hiatus, Extreme Dodgeball finally returns with new episodes on July 19th. Incoming is Rip Torn, the new commissioner, along with a new format and arena. Celebrities and athletes will be competing with the new teams. Here is the list.

    The Philadelphia Benjamins- Jeremiah Trotter (Philadelphia Eagles Linebacker)
    Chicago Hitmen- Hal Sparks (Queer as Folk)
    Denver Hurlers- Tara Dakides (Snowbord Gold Medalist)
    Detroit Spoilers- Kerri Walsh (Beach Volleyball Gold Medalist)
    L.A. Armed Response- Mario Lopez (Pet Star)
    New York Bling- Mia St. John (World Champion Boxer)

    The format consists of four 6 minute quarters. A point is given to a team each time an opponent is hit or that team's player catches a ball. The team with the most points at the end fo the game wins the match. 10 regular season games shall be played. The top 4 teams will then go into the play-offs, in which those two teams will go to the championships. $170,000 in prize money is up for grabs.

    The set has been redone to encorporate curved back walls. Also, a penalty throw is new for athletes receiving a yellow or red card infractions. The big ball will be used for increased scoring in the second quarter. There is also no more out of bounds. It seems much more like the movie Dodgeball now. Bil Dwyer and Zach Selwyn do return, along with Michele Merkin from E!. Also, GSN will introduce "Dodgy" as the Extreme Dodgeball mascot. The series will begin July 19th at 10PM EST.

    Picture and Info Courtesy of GSN: The Network for Games
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    New Jeopardy on GSN
    Monday, June 13, 2005
    If you noticed today, GSN switched seasons of Jeopardy today. We at Buzzer! have the reason exclusively here. The contract on the season that GSN was originally airing ran out. The most recent season that Sony will allow GSN to use is the 2001-2002 season, which is what they have. This means that GSN has the Million Dollar Masters tournament in their hands.
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    Lingo begins taping
    Sunday, June 12, 2005
    You heard it right. Starting Monday, June 12th, GSN will begin taping the 4th season of Lingo, one of it's most successful original series ever. No word on who the model for this season will be or what the budget it. Buzzer will get all of the info ASAP. Buzzer will also be getting an exclusive interview with the host of Lingo, Chuck Woolery, and will be here for your enjoyment.

    By the way, I would like to thank GSN for the wonderful tribute to Anne Bancroft they had today. The Black and White shows were a wonderful change to the lineup. Thanks, GSN.
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    GSN Amazing Race Finalized: Info Below
    Wednesday, June 08, 2005

    EDIT AT 9:38 PM. Publicity Photo! Aaron Crumbaugh (Season 6); Brennan Swain (Season 1); Rebecca Cardon (Season 5); Rich Cronin (GSN's CEO and President); Erika Shay (Season 5); Dennis Frentsos (Season 5); Joe Baldassare (Season 1); Bill Bartek (Season 1) and Guido (Season 1)

    June 8 @ 2:48 PM: GSN, as of today, has officially acquired the hit reality show from TV’s most popular network (CBS), The Amazing Race. The panel consisted of Brennan Swain, the season 1 winner, Rich Cronin, and Ian Valentine.

    Ian Valentine kicked the conference off by officially announcing The Amazing Race is joining GSN’s lineup. As of now, they have picked up seasons 1-5. In September, seasons 6 and 7 will acquired. Finally, in a year, season 8 and future seasons will be taken. This means 110 episodes of The Amazing Race will be on the network, which is around 3 run-throughs a year.

    Ian stated that the show will debut July 11th at 9PM EST. It will air 7 days a week, with a repeat at midnight. He stated that this will be a game changer for GSN because “The executives have done an excellent job of setting the game up” and it is the first acquisition for the network of a primetime show currently running on TV.

    Mr. Valentine stated “The show is a relatively stand-alone episode. In other words, you can come in addition and lock in half way fairly quickly and enjoy it. It will play extremely well in second run on GSN.” He states that the show expresses the wonders of the world through the eyes of the contestants. There are wonderful contestants and it is a two-time Emmy winner. Ian Valentine also said that when it starts in the summer, they will air all episodes and all additions consecutively. It will start with season one and run through the end.

    Rich Cronin then came in and addressed the crowd. Cronin said that The Amazing Race “is really key for us. Everything we do is game relative, and this clearly falls within our brand. We feel it is the best reality show in TV history.” This show is also important because it will be the lead in for their big original summer programming, such as “the new poker shows, Dodgeball, and Ballbreakers”, quoted by Rich Cronin. With a difference of around 2 million viewers between the first and seventh season, he feels that the show “has fantastic potential in repeats.” Finally, Mr. Cronin stated “Having this big network hit on cable not only brings more viewers to cable but also allows local ad sales people to bring in more advertisers.”

    Dena Kaplan, the marketing manager for GSN, said that this is the biggest marketing campaign in GSN history. “We are getting the word out in a big way. We will be buying national media in the top 20 markets.”

    More information was then given. GSN could not disclose the cost per episode. Rich Cronin stated that “It was more expensive than expected but worth every cent.” All agreed that this brought up a great relationship between GSN, CBS, and Kingworld. No cross promotion is known as of now.

    For future acquisitions, Ian Valentine said that they are always looking on the market. “We’re not ready today to make any announcements, but at any given point, we’re having significant acquisition meetings.”

    For the ratings, Ian Valentine also said that their goal is to appeal to the 25-54 demographic, as is their more recent goal. “Why would we buy the show if it didn’t [get good ratings]?”
    The license of the show runs through 2009, and can be expanded at any time. There is also talks of interactive with CBS, but no more information could be given at that point. Also stated by Ian Valentine was that this show should provide more security with reality shows on GSN. “We’re very proud of American Dream Derby. I have nothing against The Mole or our variety shows. Amazing Race is huge on CBS. The episodes are stand alone relatively to other reality shows.”
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    Isolation Booth: The Amazing Cable Lineup
    Don't let Alex's big old post fool you. I was at the press conference, too, so I totally agree with everything Alex said. Now, I guess I'll present why I think that GSN's big, well, AMAZING acquisition of The Amazing Race was one of the best moves that GSN’s made all year. Bold statement, yes, but it’s a true statement, and let me tell you why.

    First, after listening to Rich Cronin talk about the direction that this move would take GSN, I’m convinced that this will seriously make GSN a recognizable cable television station. They’re doing a boatload of advertising. They’ll (hopefully) get it interactive online. The Amazing Race is going to be the anchor for GSN’s summer lineup. With the instant recognition of The Amazing Race, the other shows on GSN’s lineup will be getting a good ol’ booster shot in the arm. You know when you’re watching a TV show you like, you’ll probably stay on that channel unless you totally abhor the show? That’s what GSN is banking on for this summer. And, from the looks of shows like BallBreakers and Canadia– um, COMEDIANS vs. Poker Pros, as well as a fourth season of Lingo, I’m sure that this summer, GSN will do very well.

    The other interesting thing that I’d like to note is that at the conference, the panel hinted that editions 8-10 will be available for GSN in the future. That shows a good relationship with CBS. This is the reason, at least in my mind, why GSN doesn’t have The Price is Right anymore. GSN asked, CBS said no, and GSN dropped it. That let the relationship between the former Swirlie Ball and the All-Knowing Eye stay intact for this move.

    It’s like a strategic chess game. This will be interesting how this will play out, especially with OLN’s acquisition of Survivor. Who will be sent home packing with their torch extinguished? Time will tell.
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    GSN Plans Anne Bancroft tribute
    GSN's going to make many classic fans happy by showing four black and white shows on June 12th from noon till 2PM in tribute of the late and great Anne Bancroft. Here is the list of episodes.

    12:00PM EST - Password (Ludden- 1962): Anne Bancroft VS Robert Goulet

    12:30PM EST - What's My Line (Daly- 1962): Allen Ludden, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf and Dorothy Kilgallen: Anne Bancroft as Mystery Guest

    1PM EST- What's My Line (Daly- 1963): Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf, Martin Gabel and Phyllis Newman: Anne Bancroft as Mystery Guest

    1:30PM EST- What's My Line (Daly- 1964): Groucho Marx, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf and Dorothy Kilgallen: Anne Bancroft as Mystery Guest

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    GSN Officially Acquires Amazing Race
    A press conference will be held tomorrow to discuss the GSN acquisition of The Amazing Race. The meeting will consist of the media, including this site, Rich Cronin, Ian Valentine, TAR I winner Brennan Swain, and others. GSN officially has licensed the show's long history as one of TV's most popular reality shows, and is the first acquisition of a currently airing primetime reality show. More news will be given as it is received.
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    Fun With Sleep-Deprived Buzzer Bloggers
    Thursday, June 02, 2005
    Alex: Did you like Green Screen?
    Cory: Huh?
    Alex: That Whose Line spinoff.
    Alex: Aired for a little on WB.
    Cory: What? Where?
    Cory: I was watching the Spelling Be.
    Alex: Never mind
    Alex: lol
    Cory: *Bee.
    Alex: Oh, that's on?
    Cory: Damnit.
    Cory: It was on.
    Alex: That was ironic.
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    Amazing (Cable) Race
    Wednesday, June 01, 2005

    GSN's "in final negotations" to enquire all 7 seasons of the hit CBS show The Amazing Race to air. No one's saying much about anything right now, but this may be a very, VERY smart move for GSN. The last season of TAR garnered 13 million viewers overall, and had a 5.3/13 ratings share for the "key" demographic of 18-49 adults (and kids at heart, I guess.) With the mainstream popularity of, IMO, the best reality show on television, GSN is doing a good thing here with this acquisition. Plus, I had the finale of TAR on my PSP. It was good. The Outdoor Life Network, OLN as they say, is also in final negotiations to get all 10 seasons of that other CBS show, Survivor. The downside of this is that Richard Hatch will, in fact, be getting airtime on TV again. Damn.

    Variety Article
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