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    Wednesday, August 31, 2005

    Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. These are three pictures from the upcoming "Celebrity" Lingo games and also, as a bonus treat, the box cover for the Jeopardy! DVD. Enjoy!

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    Situation: Comedy ; How did it go under the radar?

    I don't know how this one flew under our radar. Situation: Comedy, the show where aspiring sitcom writers get to have their shot at a pilot, suffered the cruel fate of switching time slots and it's barely visible. However, we at Buzzer want to try to get the word out for this one. Episode 107 will be airing Friday at 7PM ET, what a great time for a show, eh? According to the site, over 10,000 scripts were turned in, and there are only two left. One of the two is The Sperm Donor from Mark Treitel, who will be interviewed in the podcast released tonight, along with his comedy partner Shoe Schuster.

    Producers and show runners from Roseanne and Gilmore narrowed the field down to what we see on TV today. Fifteen minute pilots were shot of each of the two final shows by directors Fred Savage and, my personal favorite TV neighbor, Amanda Bearse, AKA Marcy from Married With Children. You can vote at The Situation: Comedy AOL Polling Booth
    and see that your favorite show wins (AKA The Sperm Donor for me.) Please be sure to tune in Friday at 7PM on Bravo to see and please VOTE!

    And of course, please visit Mark Treitel's website by clicking this big ass link.
    His writing partner's, Shoe Schuster, website can be found at this other big ass link.
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    GSN Plans 5 "Celebrity" Lingo Episodes
    Tuesday, August 30, 2005

    As most networks and game shows, GSN has planned four episodes this season. Well, one "celebrity" edition and four GSN themed editions. And please hold on to something when I read off the final one. The celebrity edition will feature George Wallace, Trista Sutter, George Wendt, and Rachel Hunter. Then, they will do four GSN themed episodes, promoting the different shows on their network. First will be the Extreme Dodgeball edition of Lingo. This will feature teams of Zach Selwyn and the mascot Dodgy facing off against Bil Dwyer and Michele Merkin. Next is BallBreakers edition. This will have $20,000 winners Ty Yapelli and Laurie Wagner going against the hosts of BallBreakers, Sal Masekala and Ewa, the Striking Viking, Mataya Lawrence. Next will be Poker Royale edition, featuring such poker players as Kathy Leibert and Kenna James facing off against hosts Lisa Dergan and John Ahlers. Finally, and please hold on to your nearest blunt object to possibly beat yourself with, GSN will be doing a Kenny VS Spenny edition, where each moron will be partnered with a poor, helpless contestant trying to win. No airdate has been set for any of these, nor have the top prizes been announced, but keep watching!
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    GSN Airs Word Slam! Mall Tour Documentary
    Monday, August 29, 2005

    Over 3 months, 11 cities and states, and it call came down to one vocabulary game for $25,000. GSN's Get Schooled mall tour, originally based off the Game Show Network show "WinTuition", this past year reformatted into a word game. Eleven people won $10,000, but only one won the $25,000. GSN plans to show you the exciting moments of this national tour on the documentary on Saturday, September 10th at 8PM ET/PT.

    The tour, hosted by American Idol finalist Kimberly Locke, crowned winners as young as 16 years old. Here are the list of finalists.

    Bill Medina: Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Jennifer Robinson: Dallas, Texas
    Chris Reilly: Sacramento, California
    Casey Butterfield: San Francisco, California
    Dallin Merrill: Salt Lake City, Utah
    Jim Wagner: Chicago, Illinois
    Cary West: Nashville, Tennessee
    Greg Stone: San Antonio, Texas
    Mary Ann Doering: Marietta Georgia
    William Andrew Babb: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Arthur Kurts: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Touching stories, such as Casey Butterball's rejection of getting a scholarship and Dallin Merrill's wish to go to law school being taken away by not enough money, the documentary will be filled with stories by the contestants along with the final game for an additional $25,000 plus the $10,000 they received for being in the finals. Vice President of Marketing, Dena Kaplan, stated "We are pleased to present a first of its kind documentary about a high-stakes vocabulary competition. This story captures the personal journeys of the contestants from all over the country in pursuit of linguistic excellence and to win money towards the dream of a college education." Watch the Word Slam! documentary on Saturday, September 10th at 8PM ET/PT only on GSN: The Network for Games. Sponsored by Bank of America.

    Source: GSN
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    Dutch BB may show live birth

    This is Tanja. She's 27, living in the Dutch city of Gronengen, aspires to study law someday, and she's seven months pregnant.

    Her connection to our blog? She's also a contestant on the newest version of the Dutch reality show Big Brother, the origin of the American version of the same name.

    By doing simple math and a quickie course in basic high school sex education, it's likely that if Tanja stays in the game for long enough, she'll give birth on national television.

    Despite Dutch laws on sex and nudity being fairly wink-wink nudge-nudge say no more, the government is debating whether to issue a permit to the newborn baby permitting it to appear on TV, since the infant will effectively be a child actor.

    The Dutch laws on child actors state that a child may only appear on television four times before they are seven, and that the appearances cannot be longer than four hours. They can only be filmed during daylight hours, and not be the center of the program.

    Producers of the show say that they have spoken with medical authorities, and they have determined that if proper medical standards were observed, the baby would not be affected spending time in the Big Brother house.

    The Dutch version of Big Brother is essentially a popularity contest, with viewers voting off contestants. You may recall that this was tried in the first season of the American version, and viewers quickly voted out all the controversial players, leaving a bland household. The second season featured the current voting system, with players evicting other players.

    By the voting system in place, Tanja might last the two months necessarily to bring her to her due date. However, she did shock houseguests by smoking several cigarettes, which is not something you should ideally do if you've got a baby in ya.

    (photo courtesy of the Associated Press)
    (source article)
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    Bravo Plans "Top Chef"
    What a shock, another TV station will be ripping off a show from a rival network. But this part confuses me, FOX isn't doing the ripping off. FOX actually originated the show. Bravo will be searching for the best cook in America on their new original series "Top Chef". Applications for the show are being accepted now. They are looking for "trained and self-taught chefs as well as non-professional cooks." Top Chef will be done by the producers of Project Greenlight, Situation Comedy, and Last Comic Standing. If you like to cook, here's the link to sign up.

    Top Chef Contestants
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    Breaking News: ABC Greenlights "This Is Your Life"
    Sunday, August 28, 2005
    All of a sudden and without any hints at all, ABC has greenlit a remake of the popular old show "This is Your Life". The original creator, Ralph Edwards, will be involved. According to Broadcasting & Cable, no airdate has been set, but 6 episodes is expected.

    Source Site
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    WOF Changes Part 3
    Saturday, August 27, 2005
    According to recent reports, there is one more change for the wheel. Instead of a $10,000 prize in the Mystery Round, sometimes (or maybe all of the time), it'll be $10,000 cash. Also, according to someone who attended a taping, even though they want more puzzles in the show, it only averages around 8 still. Be sure to check out the season premiere of WOF in September!
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    Thai Prime Minister "buzzes" the media
    The Prime Minister of Thailand has been criticized for his recent press conference in which he used buzzers and game show signs to rate questions from reporters.

    Whenever Thaksin Shinawatra recieved a question he did not like, he raised a sign with a blue X on it and sounded a buzzer. He also obtained a sign with a red circle on it for questions he would respond to. On his weekly radio program, Thaksin talked about the inaugural "meet the press" conference.
    I bought those signs from a Japanese game show in order to reduce pressure during the first press conference and make fun, but the media, columnists and press associations are not in the mood for fun and considered that it was inappropriate.

    Shinawatra has a history of conflicts with the media after his 2001 election, including firing 21 journalists working at a television station he owned for unfavorably covering him during the election.

    (photo courtesy AFP)
    (source article)

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    NBC Casts "Treasure Hunters"
    Friday, August 26, 2005

    NBC is casting for another non-quiz competition program. "Treasure Hunters", which will find teams on a global hunt for the one spot of a treasure, is looking for contestants at....

    This show will find teams solving a giant worldwide puzzle, completing several challenges, and more in order to find the local of the treasure and win the grand prize.

    EDIT: We're sorry about this one. We didn't realize this ended in May (contestant search). We at Buzzer take full blame for not looking close enough at this and posting this information when it wasn't really needed. We'll leave this here for the news, but don't apply for this. Again, I appologize for not looking at the page close enough. Thank you for your understanding.
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    FoodTV Winner Battles Stomach Cancer
    Thursday, August 25, 2005
    According to a source from Georgia, Hans Rueffert, who finished 3rd in The Next Food Network Star, is in the hospital because of stomach cancer. He is in critical condition as of right now, and he has an LJ where he and his wife, Amy, are posting updates. His LiveJournal is...

    Please send your support to these people. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.
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    Jeopardy DVD Release Information
    Buzzer reported ages ago that Jeopardy would be one of the few game shows released on DVD, and the first current game show on DVD in the USA, but we FINALLY have more information for you guys. According to Variety, the DVD will be released on November 8th. It will include many memorable episodes, including Alex Trebek's first episode more than 20 years ago along with several of Jennings's run and also the Ultimate Tournament of Champions. This DVD will include special features such as viewing the show in 5 different camera angles, 21 Years of Questions and Answers, along with more. Be sure to pick it up and further more game show DVDs in the future.
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    Jeopardy Summer Scheduling Note
    Tuesday, August 23, 2005
    Sorry for the lack of updates, we've been really busy with school starting. For all Jeopardy fans, they have a treat for you coming after the College ToC. When this series ends, they are going to run the best of Ken Jennings, his 5 milestone episodes. If you didn't get to see some of them or didn't get to record, this might be your last moment for a while. Also, after that, Jeopardy will be running 5 episodes of the Ultimate ToC, including all 3 episodes of the finals which were played for $2,000,000.
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    New Distraction Coming Rather Soon
    Thursday, August 18, 2005
    Buzzer was the first place on the net, besides Craigslist, to announce the new season of the hit game show, Distraction, to Comedy Central. Per various sources, CC released more information for the fans. The season will be 14 episodes, Jimmy Carr will return as host (thank Jesus), and it will begin to air as a midseason show, in Q1 of 2006. New distractions will be tattooing, finding answers on nudists, being pecked by geese, "electrocution" (term used very loosely), and food/object catapults. Returning ones will be hot sauce shots, clothes pins, wrestlers, and more. Hopefully we'll get some new bonus rounds also. Now if only NBC would release info like this so quickly for Deal or No Deal.....
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    It's a Worldwide Deal.............or No Deal
    Deal or No Deal is suddenly traveling the world by storm. Channel 4 in the UK, which is responsible for Countdown and Distraction, has signed on for the big money game show. Early indications show that the top prize will be £100,000 and minimum is 1P, the show will be late afternoon, tape at Endemol's studios in the UK, and could be on TV by the end of the year. No start date has been set. Also, no start date has been set for the NBC version either.
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    GSN Plans TAR Marathon + More Info
    Saturday, August 13, 2005
    GSN's ratings hit "The Amazing Race" is getting its own marathon finally. On Labor Day, viewers will be treated to a marathon of the complete first season of The Amazing Race from the start to finish. The Amazing Race will air on Sunday, September 4th from 6PM ET to midnight and Monday, September 5th from 5PM till midnight.

    Now to the part everyone loves: ratings. The Amazing Race maintained an average of .4 for it's first entire month without wavering more than half a point. The steady fan base has given the timeslot a .14 increase season-to-date ratings. In the key demo of Adults 25-54, the show is .01 away from doubling the ratings of the previous 9PM programming, a 92% increase says GSN with a .25. The channel's median age has also dropped 9 years, from 54 to 45.

    With The Amazing Race 8 starting soon, TAR on GSN will not be on Tuesdays starting the week of September 26th. Here is the rest of the schedule so you can check when your favorite season will air.

    3rd Season Currently Playing
    4th Season- August 17th
    5th Season- September 1st
    6th Season- September 15th
    7th Season- September 29th
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    GSN Picks up Game Show Moments
    Thursday, August 11, 2005
    GSN: The Network For Games has officially picked up VH1's hit Game Show Moments Gone Bananas. The special which aired on VH1 was hosted by Emmy award winning host Ben Stein. Right now it seems that they have scheduled the 2nd episode as of now. It will air Thursday, September 22nd at 1AM ET and on Saturday, September 24th at 6PM ET. The 1AM show will pre-empt Street Smarts. 6PM will pre-empt Millionaire. Both episodes are number 102. If there are any more dates of airing, check here.
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    The Law Firm Nixed: DoND Sooner Than Expected?
    Wednesday, August 10, 2005
    According to my friend Steve Beverly from, The Law Firm, yet another "The Apprentice" ripoff from The Practice producer David E. Kelly set in the law realm, has been taken off the network. The rest of the episodes will be shown on NBC's sister network Bravo after achieving low ratings. No air date has been set. While this is off NBC now, no filler has been announced. If they choose to put a rerun or a double first episode run of a currently existing show in there, they may be needing Deal or No Deal sooner than expected. Buzzer originally reported that DoND was rumored to begin in September (probably around the middle-end), but could it be even sooner? We'll keep you posted.
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    Rumor Has It: Game Show Moments Gone Bananas
    If Cory can remember that image, hopefully he'll put it up. I totally forgot what it was.

    Rumors have been going around that GSN has picked up one or more episodes of VH1's hit Game Show Moments Gone Bananas. There was originally a bit of a commotion with GSN about VH1 airing these, but after the shows got high ratings, GSN gave in and is apparently in negotiations. If it's official, we'll post it ASAP.
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    Peter Jennings: 1938-2005
    Monday, August 08, 2005
    As with all other news websites, I have the deep regret to inform you that Peter Jennings died yesterday, August 7th, at the age of 67. As a reporter and journalist, I looked up to Mr. Jennings as the archetype of what a good and thourough journalist should be. It is extremely sad to lose one of the best if not the best journalist around today. You are in our thoughts.
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    Flame War: The Amazing Race
    Sunday, August 07, 2005
    We have a new segment with the 5th episode of the podcast: Flame War (Name could very well change). What we are looking for is a few strongly opinionated people to email us their opinion of the subject we give them. If you email us your, uh, email address as well, your voice could be heard on our podcast! So please respond to this question

    The newest Amazing Race will involve full families, including Children, competing for the prize. This competition will take place in the USA, though. Do you think that Amazing Race has "jumped the shark" (or gone overboard sanity wise) with this decision? Please email us or email with your opinion. We really would love to hear what you say and you will be in the podcast if you do!

    Plus, be on the lookout for a Ken Jennings interview this podcast also!
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    FINALLY: A new Podcast
    OK, I took it up and redid the format of the podcast to make it seem like a real chat show, and for my first try, it didn't turn out too badly. It's semi-long (around 30 minutes like a real show), but you get some nice information there. An interview with Gordon Pepper of Game Show NewsNet, Rapidfire Reviews of Lingo, Extreme Dodgeball, and BallBreakers, Mailbag, Newsdesk, music, all kinds of stuff. Be sure to check it out right here

    May contain some swearing.

    The Buzz: Episode 4

    Enjoy and be sure to leave your comments

    Pacer: The Amps (Pacer)
    I Think I'm Paranoid: Garbage (Version 2.0)
    Alec Eiffel: The Pixies (Trompe le Monde)
    Thalassocracy: Frank Black (Teenager of the Year)
    I'm Taking Europe With Me: Veruca Salt (Blow It Out Your Ass; It's Veruca Salt)
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    WOF New Season Changes
    Thursday, August 04, 2005
    With a new season of Wheel of Fortune coming, some changes occur also. These are according to various sources and Pat Sajak. First off, people in the Wheel Watchers Club will have a chance to win a car just like the people in the bonus. The exact wasyis not known yet to us. The house minimum for each round is now $1,000, as is the least a person can leave with. This is a $500 increase over previous seasons. Also, it is nearly confirmed to us that will create a skill-based version of Wheel of Fortune that will allow people to compete for cash. This should occur for Jeopardy as well. If more changes occur, check here to find out.

    EDIT: The rest of the changes have been discovered thanks to a friend. The prize will be added before round one. There is a commercial break after round one. Another prize tag will be added to the Wheel on the $400 two spaces after Lose A Turn. Also, Movie Title is becoming a new category.
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    Distraction Time Slot Moved
    Wednesday, August 03, 2005
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    Tuesday, August 02, 2005
    In a non-surprising move, Fremantle's hit game show Distraction has been renewed for a 2nd season. At least in my opinion this is Fremantle's best game show besides The Price is Right. This is the first game show that the network tried since the 2nd season of Beat the Geeks aired. The hit game show has been renewed after it finished airing in March/April. The date of Jimmy Carr's return has not been set, but keep checking here for up to the minute news on Distraction and other shows. Below is a link of where you can be a contestant. NOTE: You must be 21.

    Become a contestant on Distraction
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    Updates soon
    Monday, August 01, 2005
    We've all been away on vacation, but I'm here and I'll be doing MAJOR updates soon, including a non-opinion based account of the new Lingo season. I apparently am not allowed to voice my opinion or else I get emails saying that it's wrong. I'll also be setting up a podcast involving the new Ken Jennings game show, GSN's new shows and maybe ratings, GSC, and more. Stay tuned!
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