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  • GSN's Planning Themed Lingo Weeks
    Saturday, December 31, 2005
    According to Craigslist, GSN's planing quite a few special episodes. Already on the list was a Chuck/Shandi look alike day. Now, they have a Military special in the works. Not only that, but there's listing for a Twins edition with double the money. It says you can win from $10,000-$47,000. Why the odd amounts, I have no idea.

    Military Lingo Casting
    Twins Lingo Casting
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    Deal or No Deal Brings CNBC Way Up
    Friday, December 30, 2005
    I have never been happier in all my days of reporting: something is bringing down Sata... er Bill O'Reilly. On Deal or No Deal's rebroadcast week on CNBC, the show achieved 236,000 people, matching Bill O'Reilly's thing in the big demo of 25-54. It did prove that mostly old people like to listen to the rantings of O'Reilly, with it getting 1,674,000 viewers and Deal or No Deal only getting 529,000 in all age groups. However, for the 11PM airing, O'Reilly dropped by 909,000 people while Deal or No Deal only dropped 216,000. Way to go, Deal or No Deal.

    Yeah, I'm expecting some emails and comments about this one.

    Source: The Wonderful GSNN and Mediabistro
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    I've Got A Secret Contestant Search
    You know you'd like some money, especially after the holidays. If you live in the LA area, here's your chance! If you have an interesting talent or secret that you'd like to make the panel guess, just click the link provided at the bottom of this article. There's an appearance fee plus over a thousand dollars if you stump the panel. The show will air in 2006 most likely. Stay tuned in January for exact info of when.

    I've Got A Secret Casting (
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    GSN Schedule Change Correction:
    Wednesday, December 28, 2005
    This is a correction to the post yesterday. We stated that Press Your Luck will air at 12:00PM ET/PT. This is wrong, as Jeopardy will air at 12:00PM ET/PT and Press Your Luck following that. All other information is correct. I appologize for the mistake.
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    GSN Programming Note:
    Tuesday, December 27, 2005
    Just a note for the classic game show nutcases. Press Your Luck will debut in the noon weekday time slot next week, with Jeopardy at 12:30PM ET/PT, Newlywed Game at 1PM ET/PT and Love Connection following. No other schedule change will happen on the 2nd except for the half-hour George Gray hosted, and far superior in my opinion, Weakest Link will be at 4:00PM ET/PT and 4:30PM.
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    Deal or No Deal a Mega Hit for NBC
    I think ABC is kicking themselves in the ass over not putting Deal or No Deal on the air. Deal or No Deal finished with an average of 11.7 million viewers, a 3.7/13 share in the key demographic of 18-49, and improved the 8PM time slot by double digits. Deal or No Deal also had the best numbers in the 8PM time slot in 3 years and one of the highest non-sport 18-49 demo rated shows in 2 years. Yeah, no surprise why it's coming back. As a note: rumor has it that the show will be taping next month, so I would apply now if you wanted a shot.

    Source: CNN
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    More Blackjack Satellite Games
    GSN's going full swing with World Series of Blackjack 2006, having on-air commercials and website information for the new locations of satellite games. Want a shot at hundreds of thousands of dollars? Here's the list of all the places where you can qualify.
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    D∑^∠ ∅√ ∏∅ D∑^∠?
    Saturday, December 24, 2005
    If you can't read that title, it's because it's all made of mathematical symbols, which I thought would be clever, but it actually turns out to be stupid. ANYWAY, an article in the New York Times brings up an interesting question that has plagued both normal people and programmers, such as myself:

    How does the Deal or No Deal banker come up with his offers?

    How the Banker arrives at his offers is the mathematical mystery of the game. As in many games, the offers seem based on the principle of mathematical expectation: the price of a given chance at winning a given amount. But mathematical expectation is a specific calculus: if your chances of winning $1 million are one in a million, for example, it is reasonable to pay $1 for a lottery ticket, but not $2. And the Banker does not appear to use that exact equation.

    You can read the whole article at the NY Times, but first head to BugMeNot so you don't have to register.

    New York Times - A Game Show for the Probabilities Theorist in Us All
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    Deal or No Deal Repeats on CNBC
    Friday, December 23, 2005
    Deal or No Deal's a giant hit for NBC, why not pass it off to a network that's not doing as good? Deal or No Deal's premiere week will repeat on CNBC next week at 8PM ET. If you missed an episode, here's your chance.
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    Deal or No Deal Returns Probably in March!
    NBC's smash hit game show "Deal or No Deal" has performed as one of the top shows on TV in it's debut Millionaire-esque week, and the network is giving its fans more. Deal or No Deal, the Howie Mandel million dollar game show, will be back for a series of 5 more episodes. The Hollywood Reporter is speculating that the show "is likely to come back in March".

    Hollywood Reporter Article
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    Intersting GSN News
    Thursday, December 22, 2005
    I was looking at the GSN press site today and saw some interesting things. First off, they have I've Got A Secret in a special "Shows in Development" section, which leads me to believe it's going to be greenlit. They even list a panel: comedians Suzanne Westenhoefer, Jermaine Taylor, The Daily Show's movie reviewer Frank Decaro, and former MLB player Billy Bean. Bil Dwyer is apparently hosting also. So calm down those who are worried: this actually sounds pretty good. I've seen a few of those people on TV and they are funny. Look here in January for news.

    This may interest some classic fans also. They have a section that lists "Timeless Classics". They don't list all shows in their library, but apparently shows they have interest in airing. There are some shows there that aren't even airing, like Win Lose or Draw, Wheel of Fortune, The Joker's Wild, Gong Show, and more. The real interesting thing is that each show in the list of classics is listed as interactive, so apparently GSN plans on airing shows like these in the future. So those who think and email us constantly saying that GSN's getting rid of classics, uh, shut up.
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    Deal or No Deal Wednesday Ratings
    Remember yesterday when I said it's probably going to come back? I think Wendedsay's show's ratings proved that it'll be back in February. Deal or No Deal scored a 9.0/15 with a big 14.17 million people watching it. Mediaweek is calling this show a "surprise hit", although with all of the constant advertisement they've done for it, it's not that surprising to me. Going up 3 straight nights in a row is a bit, but huge ratings isn't. It also got a 4.9/15 in the 18-49 demo. I think we'll be seeing Deal or No Deal in February. Another prediction: How much do you want to bet we'll see Super Millionaire come back when Deal or No Deal does?
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    That 70s Hour on GSN
    Wednesday, December 21, 2005
    Starting on Monday, January 2nd, GSN will be airing week-long strips of Match Game at 11p & 11:30p. They will be packaging it as That 70s Hour. Here's the schedule for those who are curious.

    1/2 - 1/8: Ep. 125 - 137 (Friday Preemption for Poker Royale)

    1/9 - 1/15: Ep. 138 - 143 (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Preemption for Anything to Win, Friday Preemption for Poker Royale)

    1/16 - 1/22: Ep. 144 - 157

    1/23 - 1/29: Ep. 158 - 171

    1/30 - 2/5: Ep. 172 - 185

    2/6 - 2/12: Ep. 186 - 199

    2/13 - 2/19: Ep. 200 - 213
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    Cory's DonD Review
    OK, I did promise this yesterday, but hey, I'm a busy guy.

    Deal or No Deal is NBC's new one-week "Super Millionaire"-esque game show smash. Airing all this week, Howie Mandel hosts this million-dollar extravaganza. Since the rules of the game has been reviewed many different times here at Buzzer, I'm just going to jump into my review.

    If this show becomes a regular series, then it will bomb. As a one-week excursion, it is excellent.

    This game is not about the music or the sound. Thus, it is under-par and not worth mentioning. The on-screen graphics are good and adequate for what is required from the game. I don't like the set. I don't like the setup of the set. It looks good. The neon and the changing colors is a good touch. The only problem is that it's not laid out well. They could've done a better layout. And don't bitch to me about the Dutch version or whatever. We're talking about the NBC version.

    Now that that's out of the way, let's get to the important parts of this game: the host and how he works, and the game and how it works.

    Howie Mandel is a good host. It sounds like he is scripted. For all those who feel like this is a bad idea, remember that Let's Make a Deal was scripted, too, even more so than this show because LMaD had many more options, but you see how well that one worked. His delivery during the show is superb. His commercial teasers are akin to Ryan Seacrest's during American Idol, but that's not necessarily a good thing. He is also very good at his contestant camaraderie, sympathizing with the contestant.

    The game works for a week at a time. I don't know how those Dutch can do it. This for sure will lose my interest in the meantime. The game itself is weak. Play the online game and you'll see. The real draw of this show is the drama. The drama is played up more than your freshman year of high school. Everything part of this game is drummed up. The presentation of the banker is well done. The absence of hearing the banker is more drama. I also appreciate the rounded bank offers. It just makes more sense. Asking your friends and family for advice is also really good. At the very least it's giving the contestants someone to blame if they screw up.

    I will concede that I shouted at my television. But after a week or so, the only thing I'll be shouting is, "Why is this still on the air?"

    I give this a rating of 3 out of 5, its big detriment being its lack of lasting power.
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    Deal or No Deal Ratings For Tuesday
    Oh I think we'll be seeing a second series of the show. Deal or No Deal's Tuesday ratings actually grew! It got an 8.2/13 in the 2nd edition of the no brains/all balls game show hosted by Howie Mandel, picking up 12.61 million viewers. The key demo of 18-49 also increased, grabbing 4.6/14 in the show that airs again tonight at 8-9PM ET on NBC.

    Be sure to come to the Buzzer and chat to talk to Deal or No Deal fans LIVE as the show goes on at...

    Source: Mediaweek and GSNN's Chico Alexander
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    "Here is Your First Subject: GO!" watch a Pyramid Marathon!
    Tuesday, December 20, 2005
    GSN's going to pay respect to the oldest teenager, Dick Clark, as he returns to his celebration of ringing in the new year with a marathon of The $100,000 Pyramid. The popular game show hosted by Clark will show 12 episodes from the 1986-1987. It will show many memorable occasions, such as $100,000 wins and some of the funniest moments in the show's history, including Vicki Lawrence walking off the set after a poor performance. The schedule is as follows.

    12:00PM- Ep. 359 (Lynn Herring VS Paul Kreppel)
    12:30PM- Ep. 211 (Joel Brooks VS Shelly Smith)
    1:00PM- Ep. 261 (Abby Dalton VS Jamie Farr)
    1:30PM- Ep. 306 (Mary Cadorette VS Nathan Cook)
    2:00PM- Ep. 281 (Lauri Hendler VS Stuart Pankin)
    2:30PM- Ep. 251 (Nathan Cook VS Teresa Ganzel)
    3:00PM- Ep. 295 (Charles Siebert VS Vicki Lawrence-Shultz)
    3:30PM- Ep. 249 (Anita Gillette VS Howard Morton)
    4:00PM- Ep. 209 (Henry Polic II VS Jo Anne Worly)
    4:30PM- Ep. 202 (Meg Bennett VS Nipsey Russell)
    5:00PM- Ep. 194 (Howard Morton VS Teresa Ganzel)
    5:30PM- Ep. 199 (Audrey Landers VS Charles Siebert)

    All times ET/PT.

    Source: GSN
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    Deal or No Deal Opens Huge!
    Deal or No Deal's first show opened with an 8.1! It was beaten by The King of Queens and CBS's always dominant Monday comedy block, but the show had an 8.1/12 in the overnights, with over 11 million viewers. However, the real important night is tonight. Can it maintain a high audience? Let's all hope and find out.

    Remember, you can join us and chat LIVE with Deal or No Deal fans from all over the country starting at around 7:30-7:45PM ET as Buzzer and bring you the Game Show Chat! Visit it at this link.
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    Deal or No Deal Review Pt. 2
    Monday, December 19, 2005
    I don't think I have seen a show in at least 10 years that has drawn a national reaction of "TAKE THE MONEY YOU MORON" more in my life than Deal or No Deal. This tremendous show, hosted by Howie Mandel, finally debuted tonight at 8PM ET on NBC (it'll be on every day this week at that time for those who care). Might I say that all of our whoring has paid off? I have to credit the show's success partly to an absolutely terrific first contestant. Karen Van and the "Minivans" were one of the best opening teams I have seen in a long long time. You cheered for her, you called her and her family morons, you praised them, you did everything. I was nearly jumping up out of my seat shouting "DEAL" near the end of the show at the television. If a TV show can make you get out of your seat and scream, that's the kind of show you want to be watching.

    All my fears about Howie have been totally taken away. He and Jimmy Carr have really shocked me: they know when to be a comic and when to be a host. Howie seemed a bit scripted, but it was the first show. They are airing these shows in order, so it is the first. He will get better as time goes on. As I saw tonight, he doesn't need to get THAT much better. Howie Mandel really lays the drama on as we get to offers of more than $100,000, putting such a dramatic pause between the words "Deal" and "No Deal" that you're trembling as you're sitting on the sofa or chair or cardboard box (depending on your living situation) as you view.

    The atmosphere for the show is great. When I heard about "a big red button to signify Deal", that had me really nervous. How big of a button were they talking about? Probably the size of an Aquafina bottle cap. It stays out of the way, so that's nice. As with every other set in game shows right now, it has color changing effects. However, the entire set doesn't change *gasp*. Only the pillars and under the stairs do, which is really nice. It's a set that doesn't need to change because it's attractive enough. The telephone is a really nice touch also. It would be nice to hear The Banker outloud, but the phone aspect is very foreboding. How much do you want to bet that if Deal or No Deal is a hit, NBC markets "The Official Phone of The Banker"? Also, as I've stated before, the show has the best money chain I've seen of any version of Deal or No Deal. Unless you're the most unlucky person on earth, you're going to be playing for $100,000 at least, which is still a giant sum of money. The only thing I wish they would have done is include the Dutch theme, but who cares.

    This is just quite simply the best game of total dumb luck invented. Not only does it measure what's left on the board, but it really tests your patience, timing, and emotions. The Banker feeds on all of these like a leech sucking the blood out of his victims. They stretched a show that could easily last 10 minutes on any other show into an hour-long show without becoming extremely boring or dull. Not many shows can pull that off. If you aren't watching this, what the hell is your problem? Deal or No Deal airs tomorrow through Friday at 8PM ET. Watch it; you won't regret it.

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    Drab or No Drab?
    NBC's (semi-) new primetime game show Deal or No Deal premiered tonight. Alex is writing a more in-depth and coherent review, so I'll give my pros and cons of the show.

    !. Paced surprisingly well
    @. Howie Mandel channels the British WWTBAM host, Chris Tarrant, in his hosting-- a very good thing
    #. The money tree is well-arranged, creating excellent drama during the show
    $. The audience was damn good, adding to the atmosphere exactly as they should
    %. The audience game was interesting, but not overly intrusive

    !. No trivia game to determine contestants at the start of the game; this is probably for time concerns, at least
    @. There was an obsessive amount of editing, and some audio edits made it obvious that they were edits
    #. The banker remains silent to us

    The cons, however, are minor, and it's difficult to ruin this show. Overall, I was impressed. So for the first night, at least, of Deal or No Deal, I'll give this show a 4.5 out of 5.
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    Want to be on the newest podcast?
    Yes, we are recording one. All you have to do is go to the Deal or No Deal chat tonight at one of these links.

    Buzzer & Game Show Chat

    There, play along, guessing what is in each case. If you do the best throughout the evening, you have the opportunity to be on the newest podcast! Hey, it's not a real prize, but you get to hear your voice next to ours, and isn't that what this place is about? Well, no it's not, but still...
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    A Betty White Christmas on GSN
    Time to relive this post. One of TV's most beloved women, Betty White, will get her own marathon as GSN gives you "A Betty White Christmas" on December 25th starting at 12:00PM ET/PT. The marathon will feature her first game show apperance on a 1955 What's My Line and then a speciak 1963 episode of Password with her late husband Password host Allen Ludden. More games will happen in this schedule....

    12PM- What's My Line
    12:30PM- Password
    1:00PM- Tattletales
    1:30PM- Match Game PM
    2:00PM- Password Plus
    2:30PM- To Tell The Truth
    3:00PM- Family Feud
    3:30PM- Body Language
    4:00 & 4:30PM- Match Game

    All times Eastern/Pacific. Ms. White was known for roles on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Golden Girls, as well as having a recurring role on Boston Legal this season.
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    Win $10,000 with Deal or No Deal
    We finally have the contest rules. One case will be deemed the "lucky case" during the evening. When the show is on, text or input to the website what case you think is the lucky one. If you're right, you may be randomly drawn to win $10,000 LIVE on NBC later that evening. Here are the rules on the page; good luck.
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    November GSN Ratings
    Well, this one isn't overly great. GSN went back to a .3 rating for the month of November with a headcount of 200,000. It managed to get above Discovery Health Channel, but had a lower rating that TVGuide Channel. Let's see a big December.

    Source: CableWORLD
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    Reminder: Chat with Deal or No Deal Fans Tonight!
    Just basically a "push". Want to communicate as players on NBC's Deal or No Deal make terrific or terrible decisions? Buzzer and are teaming up to bring you a live chatcast! Just go to this link tomorrow at around 7:30-7:45PM ET so we can know who is who and chat during the show. It's not a giant, memory eating web chat. If you need more help, email me at

    Buzzer & Game Show Chat!
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    World Series of Blackjack Crowns First Satellite Champ
    GSN's hit show "The World Series of Blackjack" had been picked up for the 2006 tournament and was doing satellite tournaments in Colorado's Ute Mountain Casino to find it's players, as report before. GSN finally has one of the players. Patricia M. Nicholas of Durango, Colorado picked up $3,150 and has a shot at winning over a half of a million dollars when GSN's World Series of Blackjack 2006 debuts sometime next year. Patricia stated “After the first round I only had $1,800 in chips. I thought to myself: don’t throw dirt on the grave yet. I just had to dig in and I turned that $1,800 in chips into $16,000 to take first place. I’m so excited to be going to Las Vegas as a winner from Ute Mountain Casino. All my friends and family can’t believe that I won.” Patricia won one of fourty seats into the blackjack event with a total cash jackpot of $1,000,000.
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    Boston Herald: NO DEAL!
    The Boston Herald is posting its review for Deal or No Deal, and it's looking like a No Deal for ABC. The big complaint is the gameplay itself: Can you really base a whole game on DRAMA without skill? The Herald says, no.

    The Boston Herald
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    Anything To Win Review Part 2
    Sunday, December 18, 2005
    Let's have two opinions of the show. Cory's was below, now here's mine. The first word that came out of my mouth: wow. Easily it's the most attractive documentary series I've seen. Anything To Win is basically like True Hollywood Story or Behind The Music or any of those types of shows. However, this one strictly deals with games. The first thing thing that I was impressed with is, when opening the press kit, the wide variety of topics. I figured this would just be sports, but no. It goes into biographies of people, groups, schools, and even organizations like the Lottery. There's something for every game lover.

    Each interview is thorough and extremely indepth. On the DVD, I was given Act 1 of the episode featuring MIT VS Las Vegas. Even if you didn't understand Blackjack some how, they will make sure you know what is going on. Even if you didn't know about this "scandal", they really make sure you aren't walking in the dark here. What I was especially pleased with was that it wasn't a mainly voice over narrated show. A vast majority, I'd go 80-90%, was interviews. If you're doing a show like this talking about real people and their situations, that's how you do it. Some shows, like True Hollywood Story, have had issues with this in the past. By limiting to 13 shows, they are sure to only pick the topics that they can get the most information with.

    The topics are as follows:

    Rosie Ruiz & The Bostom Marathon
    Tonya Harding
    MIT VS Las Vegas
    Johnnie Cochran
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Bobby Fischer
    John DeLorean
    Pennsylvania Lottery Scandal
    Amarillo Slim
    Soap Box Derby Scandal
    Breeder's Cup Scandal

    Like I said, it's a wide variety of topics. What this show will succeed in doing that Big Bucks didn't is that the ones listed as scandals are truly scandals. The Michael Larson Press Your Luck documentary slapped with the word "Scandal" on it wasn't a scandal in the least. The series is from people who made the long running show "Ripley's Believe it or Not!", so this is not done by people who have no idea what the hell is going on. This is one of the best, if not the best, documentary TV series I've seen in ages. It delves deep into human emotion and more. Unless you are a total game show nazi and won't watch anything on GSN that doesn't have the words Chuck Woolery attached to it, you have no excuse not to catch one episode of this. Five Buzzers out of Five on this one. Anything To Win debuts on Tuesday, January 11th from 9PM to 11PM ET. It will air every Tuesday from then on at 9PM ET.

    Other airings:
    Tuesday, January 17th- MIT VS Las Vegas
    Tuesday, January 24th- Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Tuesday, January 31st- Johnnie Cochran
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    Chat With NBC Deal or No Deal Fans!
    Want to communicate as players on NBC's Deal or No Deal make terrific or terrible decisions? Buzzer and are teaming up to bring you a live chatcast! Just go to this link tomorrow at around 7:30-7:45PM ET so we can know who is who and chat during the show. It's not a giant, memory eating web chat. If you need more help, email me at

    Buzzer & Game Show Chat!
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    Anything to Win Review
    So, GSN has done documentaries before. Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal? Good. The video game one? Ehhh... not so much. But GSN's rolling out a new series of documentaries chronicling winners: maybe by cheating, maybe by sneakiness, maybe by any means necessary.

    The first episode is about Rosie Ruiz and the Boston Marathon. For those not in the know, Ruiz won the Boston Marathon woman's race in 1980. Funny thing was, no one saw her throughout the race. Although she denies cheating, the official winner was deemed Jacqueline Gareau. But that's not for here. You can read more after I'm done.

    The presentation that GSN has is on par with documentary shows like those on CourtTV or the Discovery channel. It has excellent historical clips, good interviews with eyewitnesses and experts, and a wonderful pacing to the episodes that help keep your interest.

    I know that it's not quite a game show, but the identity of GSN is now known as the network for Games, and winning is a big part of games. This is a good edition for GSN and I hope that fans give it a chance. Edutainment, Entercation, whatever you wanna call it. I give it two thumbs up.

    The first episodes start airing in late January 2006.

    Rosie Ruiz - Wikipedia
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    Lingo Looks for Look-Alikes
    Saturday, December 17, 2005
    What alliteration in that title. Lingo's fifth series will be searching for contestants who believe they look like Shandi or Chuck to apparently play a game of Lingo and win more than $10,000. Please call 323-769-6600 if you want a shot.

    Craigslist posting
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    "Boink The Bitch" Correction
    Friday, December 16, 2005
    We made a statement in the article regarding Playboy's new game show that it was the first game show the network has done. We've been told recently that they have done at least one other, such as Dueling For Playmates.
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    Bravo's "Top Chef" Info
    After about 10,000 months of waiting, Bravo finally told us something about "Top Chef" via Broadcasting & Cable. It's a 10 episode show hosted by Billy Joel's wife Katie Lee Joel which features 12 chefs facing off against each other for $100,000, a spot in Food and Wine Magazine, and a chance to appear at the Food and Wine Classic in Aspen, Colorado. The show is shot in LA and Las Vegas and will debut Mach 15th at 10PM ET.
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    NBC's Deal or No Deal Launched
    Thursday, December 15, 2005
    Quick post: NBC has launched their net game version of Deal or No Deal. See if you can beat the Banker and win the million! Here's the link to the main site.
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    2 New DVD Board Games
    A company called b1 games is releasing two DVD board games based off of game shows. The first is "The Amazing Race" which will allow players two travel the globe via a DVD and game board, going through different show aspects such as Detours and Road Blocks. The other, which nothing is known about yet, is Press Your Luck. You can check out the site and a preview of The Amazing Race board game in this link. The Amazing Race will be released in Quarter 4 of 2006.
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    *Warning: Crude Topic* Playboy Channel Creates A Game Show
    Warning: If you get offended by the pornography industry, please stay away from this article.

    Playboy Channel, the pay to touch yourself network, has announced their first game show called, and I quote, "Boink The Bitch". The show will be in Indiana, with the first episode taking place in Indianapolis. This is the actual gameplay: They chose a category and they go back and forth saying the smallest place they can sleep with a, well, apparently bitch. I am absolutely serious. On the first episode, the first subject was "small", and it went back and forth between in a satellite dish and a Yugo. People get points for having sex with the women and lose points if they get caught or aren't creative. That's right, if porn isn't enough for you, a porn game show might be fun for the game show freaks out there. Seriously, wasn't just watching porn enough before? They had to drag a game show into it?

    You are safe to begin reading below this line if you are offended by the pornography industry.
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    Anything To Win Information
    Wednesday, December 14, 2005
    GSN's newest documentary series, Anything To Win, will go upclose and personal with people who, well, did anything to win a competition. Different topics will be Bobby Fischer and his chess playing ability, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Johnnie Cochran. This series will also tell of failed attempts like Tonya Harding and the Pennsylvania Lottery Scandal. The first episode will tell the story of Rosie Ruiz. Ruiz was the first woman to win the Boston Marathon in 1980 and underwent investigation for her record setting time. She was not noted in any checkpoint and lost her title. She will give her on-camera report and side of the story on this series. The 13 episode show, produced by the same team behind GSN's biggest rated show ever (Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal), will air on Tuesday, January 10th at 9PM ET with a special two-hour show.
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    Deal or No Deal Casting Again Already?
    The NBC Deal or No Deal site is showing a new box for casting. It states " Ever wonder what YOU would do with one million dollars? Are you a risk taker? Do you feel lucky? Apply Now for Deal or No Deal". NBC is apparently placing a ton of faith in this show. With how much publicity it's gotten, I don't blame them.

    NBC Deal or No Deal Site
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    You heard it right. If you've watched any of the Afternoon Lingo episodes or Whammy episodes, you might have noticed that they are airing them in order. Apparently this was an experiment for Lingo Series 5. According to a person who tried out, if you draw a Lingo on your first pull, you will win $10,000 PLUS $1,000 for each day not won. So episodes will have to air in order. Based on the Super Lingo's we've seen in previous seasons, jackpots can EASILY reach $25,000. This is according to GSN and the source: taping will begin in January/February, possibly air in April, and Shandi will return. I think Lingo finally found it's set image and can easily turn away doubters that it is the best original of GSN's history. Lingo's Hawaiian Week episodes aren't scheduled as of now, but in series 5, there will be special shows with the online Lingo Tournament winners.
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    Match Game '90 Coming Back to GSN?
    Tuesday, December 13, 2005
    Hell must have frozen over: it's a day without a Deal or No Deal update. According to several sources, and even the GSN website, Match Game '90 is coming back to the lineup. However, unless you're an owl, you're not going to see it (and based on my viewing of the episode, that's not necessarily a bad thing). GSN's Match Game '90 website says "Next episode: Wednesday, 12/21/2005 at 2:30am et". Match Game '90, hosted by Ross Shafer was a failed revival of the classic show Match Game, originally hosted by Gene Rayburn.
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    Howie Mandel Whores Deal or No Deal This Week
    Monday, December 12, 2005
    I failed to mention this prior to now, so sorry. Get out your sun glasses! Howie Mandel's going to blind you with his head tonight on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno at 11:35PM ET. Wednesday, he will be appearing OFF of NBC with Jimmy Kimmel Live!: Tuesday at midnight or whenever they push that show to. Sorry you actually have to sit through Jay Leno to see Howie Mandel, but you can always turn on the REAL Tonight Show on CBS at that time until he comes on.
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    GSN Does Interactive Advertising Study
    Basically the only network that has near 24/7 interactive television, GSN, has commissioned a study of the effects of interactive television and advertisement on everyday life. Ball State University will head this study. The study will be lead by Mike Bloxham and was announced today by Chris Raleigh of GSN's advertising side. Since 2002, over 25 million people have played along with GSN's game shows at home, and 34 different companies have advertised everything from cars to Depends using it. This study will hopefully be able to the effectiveness of marketing through television.

    Chris Raleigh stated "By commissioning this study, we're hoping to better understand how consumers interact with brands. As the leader in this space it is up to us to establish its value for our customers. This report will benefit the entire ad community when the findings are released detailing consumer engagement toward brands in the iTV environment." GSN hopes to "write the book" of Two-Screen ITV using this study.

    Source: Yahoo! and GSN
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    The Amazing Race 10 Tryouts
    The Amazing Race is looking for their newest team of Millionaires. The hit CBS reality show will be casting, and you can be a part of it by following this link. Just get a partner and you're set.
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    Want to win $1,000,000 From Deal or No Deal?
    Well, you can't. Want to win 1/100th of that? Sure! NBC and Capital One, the people who's names are on the Who Wants to be a Millionaire checks, are giving you that chance. Some sort of contest will open up on Deal or No Deal's brand new (and, in my opinion, incredible) website on December 19th, the premiere date of the new game show at 8PM ET on NBC. Check back then and watch the show for more details. Not only that, this new website gives you a chance to PLAY Deal or No Deal (eventually), and watch some new backstage videos as well as look at pictures. Check it out in this link!
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    Survivor wouldn't survive in India, apparently.
    Saturday, December 10, 2005
    An interesting post from (which seems to be from 2000, but Google News is funny like that) notes how and why an Indian version of Survivor wouldn't necessarily work. Check it out to see not only how Indian producers think, but how they view our culture.

    Link -
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    GSN Holds Onto 10 Lingo Episodes?
    Friday, December 09, 2005
    This one came from a contestant who was on Lingo Series 4. Apparently they have only aired 55 of the 65 episodes. The contestant said that he/she was on a show with a Hawaiian theme. The person was quoted as saying that he/she called GSN and they said they were holding onto them for a special Hawaiian promotion. In this week, the contestant said there were dancers on stage, Tiki torches, and more decorations. The episodes will supposedly air some time next year. We'll try to get more info for you.
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    New Distraction News/Challenges
    Comedy Central has released a tiny bit more information about the new season of Distraction, including two new challenges. The new season will air on Tuesday, January 10th at 10:00PM ET. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but after a few months of a break off TV, it's keeping it's old successful time slot. A few of the new challenges will be having pingpong balls flinged at your head as you answer, being tattooed, of course one of the biggest love to hate challengse (to watch, not to look at the people): Old ugly naked people, and (I'm not kidding either) snakes down your pants as you answer. The season was picked up for 15 episodes and is the only Comedy Central game show to be renewed for a 2nd season since Beat the Geeks on the all-comedy network.
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    Whoops! Probst Sticks with Survivor
    And now time for a public retraction. According to Broadcasting and Cable and GSNN, Jeff Probst will NOT be leaving Survivor. CBS and he signed a new deal. This deal makes Probst stay with Survivor through 2008. This show just won't die, will it?
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    UK Deal or No Deal Renewed For A Year
    Thursday, December 08, 2005
    Deal or No Deal, on Channel 4, has become a monster of a hit for our British friends. According to Bother's Bar and GSNN, the show has been picked up for a whopping 230 episodes, enough to last the 2006 season. That's just a tiny bit larger than the 66 they originally ordered. Deal or No Deal has been seen peaking 3 million viewers, right on par with such hit shows as Weakest Link.
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    High Stakes Poker: Could it Rejuvinate the Casino Genre?
    Wednesday, December 07, 2005
    GSN's doing a new poker show and it doesn't involve the words "Poker Royale" or "VS"! This interesting new show is called "High Stakes Poker". What makes this so interesting is that people must use their own money to play, with the minimum buy in of $100,000. Players can win millions or lose millions with one turn of the card. "High Stakes Poker" will air outside of the Casino Night block, on Monday nights at 9PM starting January 16th, taking the place of The Amazing Race. The series, which is an hour each episode, will be the first true cash poker series on TV and will let viewers see the "true game of poker". President of GSN Rich Cronin stated “High Stakes Poker is groundbreaking in that it is the first-ever look into the biggest private no limit Hold ’em cash games in town. This show is intense because players are winning and losing hundreds of thousands of their own dollars on single hands.” Many legends of poker are united at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, Nevada. The legends being....
    *Doyle Brunson
    *Johnny Chain
    *Barry Greenstein
    *Phil Hellmuth
    *Daniel Negreanu
    *Dr. Jerry Buss
    *Jennifer Harman
    *Ted Forrest
    *Bob Stupak
    *Antonio Esfandiari
    *Eli Elezra
    *Todd Brunson
    *Sean Sheikhan
    *Dr. Amir Nasiri
    *Freddy Deeb
    *Daniel Alaei
    *Mimi Tran
    *Fred Chamanara
    *Sam Farha

    The players many continue to put their money into the mix as they lose more, making the winnings huge and the risks even larger. The hosts will be TV and movie personality AJ Benza and former sitcom star now poker whore Gabe Kaplan. The show will also go behind the scenes of player's lives.
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    Does Match Game Make You Feel Old?
    Then you are just like Bob Sassone of On the link provided below is a personal "essay" of the nostalgia values of Match Game. He then goes to talk about where some of them are now, or at least guess. Here's the link for enjoyment.
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    Lingo Is Back! Looking for Contestants!
    I never thought I would say this, but I'm really excited that Lingo is back. We don't know when they are going to air the episodes, but they are searching for contestants. If you are from 18-35 and want to play Bonus Lingo, just call (323) 769-6600. Now here's the part that interests me. On Craigslist, it states "Compensation: Up to $10,000 plus opportunity for thousands more." Could we be seeing another Tournament of Champions? Something tells me I might try out this season....

    Oh, here's a piece of good news. They didn't specifically say on the press release you have to be from LA. However, it might not hurt.

    Source: Craigslist
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    Two Deal or No Deal Ads on
    Tuesday, December 06, 2005
    We're apparently the Deal or No Deal whores. Deal or No Deal, which starts on December 19th at 8PM ET on NBC, finally updated their website to have two ads on it, one including the elusive banker. Want to see the villain of Deal or No Deal? Click this link here and enjoy.
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    Jeopardy 5000th Show Info:
    Thanks to my good friend Andy Saunders of Andy's Thoughts, we have some info on the 5,000th show for you guys. Yes, it will be taping as stated at Radio City Music Hall. However, this will air in the 23rd season, not the 22nd. Also, it has been said that this event will be "big". According to Andy, many big famous Jeopardy! players are posting each other private messages recently for some unknown reason. Could Jeopardy! be stretching for another ratings boost with this? Why can't we just have a regular Tournament of Champions? Give us your thoughts if you wish.

    And yes, IS working.
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    We're Back!
    Sorry about that last night. We had a bit of server problems, but it's all working now. WILL be working by this afternoon. Again, sorry for the delay.
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    Deal or No Deal Online Game
    Monday, December 05, 2005
    There are absolutely 0 game show news stories today, so I might as well show you another net game. This one is for Deal or No Deal. Check it out here. Not only that, we have one more net game show place for you to check out: the Press Your Luck Palace. This is a visual/audio chat client that hosts such net games as Press Your Luck, Deal or No Deal, Millionaire, and more. Check them out at the PYLP website. I host games there, and it would be great to have you guys there.
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    Dutch Deal or No Deal Today!
    Sunday, December 04, 2005
    Just to remind you all, you can watch Dutch Deal or No Deal today and every Sunday at about 3:30-3:40 using this link right here. Next week, we're setting up a chatroom so you can communicate together as Deal or No Deal happens.
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    Jeopardy! Tapes 5000th Show
    Jeopardy!, this country's most popular quiz show, is achieving a milestone: it's 5,000th episode. For this special distinction, Jeopardy! will tape at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. No exact tape date is known to us. Short and sweet post for a change.
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    Deal or No Deal Contestants Have Been Named
    Saturday, December 03, 2005
    NBC's Deal or No Deal, which will air from December 19th through the 23rd (5 nights in a row) at 8PM-9PM ET (only 16 more days!), will feature 5 contestants pushing their luck in a game of luck, guts, and keeping your cool. NBC has finally put names to the faces seen on the previews. These are the names of the different people that will be playing for a fortune.

    This is a very minor spoiler. If there are two contestants on the same day, that doesn't mean someone leaves early necessary. They may come on at the end of an episode. Not even that, someone might carry over to the next show for the days when there is one person listed. I was tricky in doing this, so enjoy.

    December 19th- Karen Van of Ranch Cucamonga, California
    December 20nd- Jason Vittorini of Hull, Massachusettes
    December 21st- Amy Dittbrenner of Salt Lake City, Utah; Daryl Johnson of Baltimore, Maryland
    December 22th- Tracy Wikerson of Devine, Texas; Venus Bernardo of New Jersey
    December 23th- Janette Beverly of Sandy, Utah

    Check NBC'S Deal or No Deal site for more info
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    New Game Show Book In July

    The Game Show industry is about to get another book. "Rules of the Game", as seen on the right, will delve into quiz shows and how they have impacted American culture. Some sections will be about the scandals, evolution, and interactivity of game shows from the 50s to today. It will be available on July 6th at $74.50 for hardback/$24.95 for paperback.

    Source: SUNY Press
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    Interactive Millionaire for Brits
    Friday, December 02, 2005
    England is doing for Millionaire finally what we had for years. Starting late this month/early next mont, Celedor announced that cable viewers can watch and compete as they play Millionaire with the help of NTL and Telewest. The best 3 players will win cash prizes, and others will be able to win prizes such as iPod Nanos. This game will feature a full screen look of the actual game and will give the at-home players a chance to use 50:50, Phone a Friend, and Ask the Audience, just as the contestants do.

    Source: Digital Media Europe
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