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    Tuesday, June 20, 2006
    OK, we have more concrete 1 vs 100 information. The mob is 100 people. If they miss a question and the hot seat player gets it, the mob people who are incorrect are eliminated. Every 10 mob members eliminated adds brings your jackpot up and brings you up the money chain. Here's the breakdown of money in the format mob members left : money

    90: $1,000
    80: $5,000
    70: $10,000
    60: $25,000
    50: $50,000
    40: $100,000
    30: $200,000
    20: $300,000
    10: $500,000
    0: $3,000,000

    There is no middle step. It goes straight from $500,000 to $3,000,000. The player can hit the panic button three times instead of answering the question. If you've seen the Dutch version, they are Escapes. The first Escape brings the top prize down to $2,000,000. The second one cuts all prize money in half. The third cuts it in half again. Also, mob members are encouraged to yell at and taunt the hot seat player.

    If you don't want to see my opinion, stop reading.

    I have to be honest, I'm a bit disappointed. The money chain is just bizarre. The jump from $500,000 to $3,000,000 is WAY too much. I hate to say it, but it's nearly worth the 1:3 risk to give away $500,000 in a chance to gain $2,500,000 more. Also, the panic button is penalizing the mob players for a bad job by the contestant. I don't see why the formula method would have been a bad thing. I would have been impressed had they have done that. I do think that the American public, in general is too stupid to grasp the formula, but if they would just show it often, it's not that hard to grasp BaseValue/MobRemaining x MobEliminatedOnThatQuestion.

    The taunting thing gets me too. I love mean spirited game shows. Friend or Foe was one of my favorites. However, this is like "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" letting the Ring of Fire contestants taunt and make fun of the hot seat player just so they can get in sooner. However, don't be down on the show to start. In all honesty, I was afraid of what NBC would do to "Deal or No Deal", and I was EXTREMELY positively surprised. Let's see if the same happens here.
    posted by Alex Davis * Permalink 
    • Permalink, Anonymous nick orlando said…

      Anyone who wants tickets to see chain reaction can be found there. Reason I posted it is it is in NY which is good for those not out in CA for once

    • Permalink, Anonymous nick orlando said…
      whoops theres the site

    • Permalink, Anonymous David B said…

      Eliminating the last ten players is not a 1:3 chance. It might take 5-10 questions, any of which you could get wrong yourself.

      The aim of the game is to defeat 100 people, not 96. Therefore, the real "win" is for eliminating them all. Having a standard Millionaire-style money ladder would create too many opportunities where people quit just before the end, giving a kind of funny "semi win" situation which isn't very satisfying.

      Also, do you know if there is a "risk" in play? In the Dutch version, you have to keep going on regardless. In the US version, is it a case of you keep the money if you fail? Or do you have to bank it then leave the game?

    • Permalink, Anonymous Jordan S. said…

      I was honestly hoping (and was thinking up money trees based on this format) that the pay scale would work "per single person eliminated", making it a little finer.

      For example: each of the first 20 people eliminated is worth $500, next 20 are worth $1,000 each, and so on up in a natural progression. By the time you get up to the final 5 they're worth $100,000 or so and maybe that last one is worth a million or so for maximum drama. But in terms of simplicity, this does the trick.

      I do agree with the jump up at the final level, though, on the same basis as David B above - the last several people are going to be a real pain to eliminate because they've proven themselves worthy by answering all the questions up to that point in the game. Problem is the games are going to get dragged out while the player still has $500,000 in their pocket. A Sisyphian struggle for the player in the hotseat.

      Also something they should have pondered including - financial incentives for eliminating a player, or perhaps including an opportunity to "bribe" the audience. There's a cutthroat game right there.

    • Permalink, Anonymous Scott Meckley said…

      wow parts of this sounds mean but as much as I like gameshows and Im not talking about reality shows. i may end up liking this show but i would have to see the design of the set and who is hosting and the gameplay before I could offically give my two cents on this gameshow. I am hoping that this will be on midseason but NBC isnt really putting anything on there fall schedule which is nuts and crazy. I also am wanting to know more info about The Con Test

    • Permalink, Anonymous Craig Karlberg said…

      There was a diffrent money scale according to what I saw in the Invision Boards. There, you don't win amything untill you knock out the first 25 mob members. Also, the panic buttons have changed to one of 3 scenerioes;

      1-Dummy Question-where a ridiculously easy question is asked replacing the origimal question.

      2-Specialty Question-a question from that player's specialty category replaces the original queston.

      3-A 2-guess scenerio ala Double Dip where a player has 2 chances to answer a 3-answer multiple choice question.

      They say any one of those scenerios woll be used only once. Not sure if it's random or a mob induced choice.

      From what I can tell, they're tweaking it around quite a bit & haven't gotten it finalized just yet. We'll see what format they decide to go with

    • Permalink, Anonymous CosmicJester said…

      I wish they went with the more complex Dutch formula, I could see a lot more possible drama, especially on a very hard question. It would be easy enough to explain; "Jim, there are 73 contestants left who want to take your seat. Each one that is eliminated this round is worth $685 to you."

    • Permalink, Anonymous Scott Meckley said…

      this show sounds like Jackpot meets Who Wants To Be A Millionare

    • Permalink, Anonymous HQ said…

      Hopefully this is better than DoND.

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