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  • Bob Saget Named Host of "1 vs. 100"
    Tuesday, August 08, 2006
    It'll be a Full House for former TV star/comedian Bob Saget as he manages over 100 people on NBC's new trivia show "1 vs. 100". This is his first starring television role since his seven-year run on "America's Funniest Home Videos" on ABC. According to Yahoo News, "1 vs 100" is being looked at as a companion to "Deal or No Deal". In the Netherlands, "1 vs 100" is a replacement when "Deal or No Deal" is on break. However, both are being replaced by the show "One Million What?"
    posted by Alex Davis * Permalink 
    • Permalink, Anonymous lob said…

      oh boy.. will he fight the urge to push corny puns? we shall see!

    • Permalink, Anonymous Patrick said…

      Well, that pretty much shuts down my interest in this show.

    • Permalink, Anonymous Chad Mosher said…

      Now, now, people pissed and moaned about Howie Mandel doing DonD, and look what happened there. I'll be excited to check this out.

    • Permalink, Anonymous Donald said…

      Ok everybody calm down. Bob Saget may have been annoying after a few seasons of AFV with his voices on videos, but I am going to give him a chance. That was 80's/90's. This is 2006.

      Dylan Lane and Danny Bonduce turned out real good with Chain and Star.

      Just be thankful it isn't Ryan "you know who"

    • Permalink, Anonymous John Goodman's Belly said…

      Next thing you know, Paulie Shore will be hosting "Show Me What You've Got"

    • Permalink, Anonymous Pierre kelly said…

      Okay, now we get Tom Bergeron to do "Set For The Rest Of Your Life."

    • Permalink, Anonymous Mark said…

      Remember the 1979 syndicated gameshow "Make Me Laugh" ? Reruns appeared on the USA Network back in the mid-1980s. Hosted by the late Bobby Van, the show featured a number of rookie comedians, many of them became stars throughout the 80's/90's/00's. Howie Mandel, Bob Saget, and others have appeared on that show trying to make contestants laugh w/in the 60-second rounds.

      Sure for NBC, "Celebrity Cooking Showdown" (w/ host Alan Thicke) looked like a companion to DoND last spring, but didn't work as well after just 2 or 3 eps (other eps. were shown on-line only). Hopefully, "1 vs. 100" will be a hit show, just like DoND.

    • Permalink, Anonymous Scott Meckley said…

      I think Bob Saget will do fine on this. i could be wrong. i never pictured Bob saget hosting this but it could work out you never know. im going to check it out and see if i like it. i wonder when this show will air on NBC

    • Permalink, Anonymous Dopamon said…

      Dude, this is gonna be the sweetest show ever! I mean, C'mon, its BOB SAGET. What can he do wrong?

    • Permalink, Anonymous Craig Karlberg said…

      I wish some people will give certain hosts/shows a chance. Seeing comments like Patrick's before the show airs makes me cringe. Give Saget a chance. That's all we ask or is that too hard to figure out. I'm sure his skills will come in handy here.

      I wonder if his first act will be a pun on the mob saying something like, "On this show, we "hired" a "hit man" to try & knock out "the mob" except we don't use guns, we use brains".

    • Permalink, Anonymous HQ said…

      Another moron to go with Howie "Don't Touch Me" Mandel.

    • Permalink, Anonymous Mark said…

      I used to really like Bob Saget, but since he appeared in that really vulgar movie (directed by Penn Jilette of Penn & Teller), trying to re-package himself as someone who loves to curse and be obscene, I've really lost all respect for him. And it'll be tough to watch a show hosted by someone you don't respect. At least with Howie Mandel, I was just a little queasy at the idea, but I grew to like him.

    • Permalink, Anonymous Nick said…

      Mark, that's how he always has been. Full House and AFHV were completely unlike his comedy act has ever been. Go find a tape of Comic Relief 1988 to see what he was like right as he started both shows when he goofed on AFHV. Same with Mandel and his older comic standups. Get a clue.

    • Permalink, Anonymous David KP said…

      I'm not sure 1 Miljoen Wat? has replaced the other two shows on the Talpa lineup - probably just slotted into the Sunday night rotation (I'm not sure if there was previously a third show in that rotation, though).

      From what I can tell from, 1 Miljoen Wat? ends at the end of the month, and I'd expect Een Tegen 100 to return at that point with probably new Miljoenenjacht (Deal or No Deal) in November.

    • Permalink, Anonymous Patrick said…

      I apologize to those who cringed at my earlier comment. The concept of giving a host a chance before making a judgement is certainly not too difficult to "figure out."

      But if we really want to be fair about it, I suppose we ought to go after those who suggest that the show will be wonderful because of him, too, right? After all, they haven't seen him on this show, either!

      The reality of the situation is that this is what game show fans do. Yes, I do want more game shows on the air. But I'd like to see game show packagers avoid using stand-up comedians as hosts because that type of performer often is more interested in focusing the attention on themselves (to get a laugh) than on the game where it belongs. That's a generalization, but it's also the nature of the beast.

      As for Saget himself, of what I've seen of him on TV so far, no matter when it was, he's just not my cup of tea. His adult standup act could be the greatest thing in the world, but if what we've seen of him in action on television is any indication of what to expect on this show, then I'll have a hard time expecting very much. If you love Saget, you'll naturally disagree.

      And that's fine.

      But when a new show is coming on the air, don't we all make some kind of judgment about who they name to host? If not, why would they bother releasing this information rather than just surprising us with whoever "shows up" to host when the show premieres!

      For the record, I hope he's different on this show than my perception of him from his past work. I'm certainly not hoping that the show -- or Saget -- fails. If he turns out to be a great host, I'll be pleasantly surprised, and I'll be happy to eat crow as I celebrate another successful game show and the possibility that we're a little closer to a big comeback for the genre.

      But if you ask my opinion at this point on him as a game show host, it's not going to be too positive.

      The question is this: Aren't comments the place for us to react honestly to what we're thinking about what gets posted? Or are we just supposed to say, "Hey, that's great!" for every bit of news that ever appears?

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