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    Monday, July 31, 2006
    This is an exclusive to Buzzer Blog.

    BuzzerBlog and FLASHGames² have teamed up with GSN: The Network for Games to offer game show fans a sneak preview of their two new shows "Chain Reaction" and "Starface", both premiering back to back at 9PM starting August 1st. Note: this is just a taste of the gameplay. No final outcome is given. Be sure to tell us what you think of the show.


    Check back later tonight at BuzzerBlog and FLASHGames² will present a sneak preview of "StarFace" as well.

    UPDATE: We have now included StarFace to the preview. Enjoy, and be sure to watch WEEKDAYS starting August 1st at 9PM ET for an hour of shows, starting with "Chain Reaction" and then "StarFace"

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    This just in: UPI announced today that Dutch company 2waytraffic has puchased the international rights and UK library to arguably the most popular show in worldwide TV history: "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" It is reported that the company paid $200 million dollars for the rights, beating out "Deal or No Deal" production company Endemol and Chris Tarrant, host of the UK edition. 2waytraffic has said that they plan on making the most successful quiz show ever more interactive with their new ownership, which was taken from Celador.

    Little sidenote that is completely off topic: go see Celador's new film "The Descent" on Friday. It looks to be extremely scary and terrific.
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    GSN + National Enquirer Team Up
    GSN announced today that along with the mobile phone compaign, The National Enquirer and GSN's new show "StarFace" will do cross promotion. During half of the show's run, the show will include the "National Enquirer Hot Corner" as a round, while the magazine will be receiving ad and editorial space. Dena Kaplan, senior vice president of marketing at GSN, said "We couldn't be more thrilled to be partnering with the industry's top celebrity magazine on our new tabloid-style show, STARFACE. National Enquirer is a perfect media brand partner for the series."

    Edit: Cindy Ronzoni from GSN just told me that StarFace's Danny Bonaduce had a front page article in the L.A. Times today over in California. If anyone from LA or anywhere gets that and has a scanner and can email me a copy, I would really really appreciate it.
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    StarFace + National Enquirer Team Up
    GSN announced today that along with the mobile phone compaign, The National Enquirer and GSN's new show "StarFace" will do cross promotion. During half of the show's run, the show will include the "National Enquirer Hot Corner" as a round, while the magazine will be receiving ad and editorial space. Dena Kaplan, senior vice president of marketing at GSN, said "We couldn't be more thrilled to be partnering with the industry's top celebrity magazine on our new tabloid-style show, STARFACE. National Enquirer is a perfect media brand partner for the series."

    Edit: Cindy Ronzoni from GSN just told me that StarFace's Danny Bonaduce had a front page article in the L.A. Times today over in California. If anyone from LA or anywhere gets that and has a scanner and can email me a copy, I would really really appreciate it.

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    GSN Goes Mobile
    This thing was in the far back of my inbox or I woud have gotten this up hours ago. GSN has been experimenting with mobile technology with Playmania, but starting August 1st, they will extend their commitment to new technology with "Chain Reaction" (9PM ET) and "StarFace" (9:30 PM ET). Ads in major newspapers have been placed, stating that people can submit answers to questions and win a $5,000 daily prize. Banners will appear on major sites like Yahoo and AOL for this also. It was also released that Playmania gets tens of thousands of text entries a night for Playmania, which equals tens of thousands of dollars added to the network.

    Source: Multichannel
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    Sony Unveils Two New Syndicated Game Shows
    Sony today announced two of the potential game shows that will be in the syndicated 2007 running. One is an update of the classic show "The Joker's Wild", which ran over the 70s, 80s, and 90s in different staggered runs. The 2007 edition will have a new format which is being tested. The other is "Combination Lock", which sees couples pitted against each other to match up questions from a pool of possibilities. These games are coming out at the same time that the syndicated edition of "Deal or No Deal" will. A new host for "Deal" will most likely be selected.

    Source: B&C
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    Aussie Primetime "Family Feud" Correction
    Sunday, July 30, 2006
    Sorry, I had a little mental breakdown apparently. "Bert's Family Feud"'s regular primetime day is Friday, not Monday, at 7:30PM on Nine Network.
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    Lots of British Competition/Game Show News
    Saturday, July 29, 2006
    This is sort of breaking, so here we go.

    1- ITV has picked up their own version of NBC's "America's Got Talent". It's apparently being called "Britain's Got Talent"

    2- Challenge, which is UK's GSN, has picked up "Fear Factor" for an August run. No word on a set timeslot.

    3- BBC gave away it's biggest prize in their history this evening, as Eleri Owen answered 20 questions in a row correct, and a final one, to win £100,000 on "In It to Win It". You can read the rules to the show here.

    All news stories courtesy of our friends at Bother's Bar.
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    ITV2 in England Picks Up CBS Game Show Marathon
    From our friends at BothersBar, British TV channel ITV2 has picked up the CBS run of "Game Show Marathon" to air in September. British viewers will now have the chance to see shows never done in England, like "Press Your Luck". We don't have an official airdate yet, but when we do, you'll hear it first.
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    Australian "Family Feud" Goes Primetime
    Friday, July 28, 2006
    According to Australian sources, the Australian show "Bert's Family Feud", which airs at 5:30PM on Nine Network, is airing a primetime weekly version at 7:30PM on Mondays, against Seven Network's "Better Homes and Garden". The daytime version stays in its normal slot, which has not proven to be a breakout hit.

    Sorry for the lack of updates. I just got a new computer and I'm working on getting everything I need on it.
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    "Stump the Schwab" Already Taping
    Thursday, July 27, 2006
    This one came as a surprise to me. According to Craigslist, the newest season of "Stump the Schwab" has been taping the past week or so in New York City. This one REALLY flew under the radar. Embassy Row will not be handling production this year, so maybe it'll be better than previous seasons. No word on an airdate.
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    "One Versus 100" Tapes in August
    Wednesday, July 26, 2006
    If you don't read We Love to Interrupt on GSNN, first off why not and second off Chico Alexander owes me a beard shaving. From GSNN's Gordon Pepper, NBC's new show which is so-far behind screwed up incredibly, "One Versus 100" will be taping on August 9th through the 13th, using 3 soundstages to fit the massive set. It is rumored to air in September. Is this enough time to fix the major issues the gameplay has now? We'll keep you updated.
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    New Daily Dutch "Deal or No Deal" Information
    Tuesday, July 25, 2006
    We have a tiny bit of information about the daily Dutch edition of their hit show "Miljoenenjacht" now being called "Deal or No Deal". The top prize will be 250,000 euro, and players will be able to stay on until they play the game. Sounding a bit like the UK edition right now, isn't it? The Netherland's new edition of "Deal or No Deal" starts near the end of August. Check back for the link so you can watch.

    Source: Talpa
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    Review of Chain Reaction and StarFace
    Monday, July 24, 2006
    This would have been up sooner, but Blogger was acting up. I just got the DVDs of GSN's new shows "Chain Reaction" and "StarFace" today, and wrote a little review about both.

    Chain Reaction: Eh is the best word I can describe it with. It does nothing terribly wrong, but not anything great. Basic rule description is that there's a 7 word chain, the first and last word is given. You just have to choose a letter above or below to see one and take a guess. They will give you the last letter. If you're wrong, control passes to the other team. $100 a word in round one. $200 in round 2. $300 in round 3. Whoever solves the final word on the Chain gets to play a Speed Chain worth the amount of a word in that round. A speedchain is a 4 word chain, with the first and last given and a one letter give for the middle two. You have 7 seconds to think and then you must answer.

    Round 4 sees people betting up to $500 and at least $100 on each word. Right and you get the money. Wrong and you lose it. Most money moves to the bonus round. There, you have to basically play Whose Line's "3 Headed Broadway Star" making clues one word at a time. You hit a bell when you think you've said enough, and the blindfolded player must guess. 0-6 gives you nothing extra. 7-9 right gives you double your money. 10 right triples. No returning champs. They say you can win $25,000, but I'd love to see how. I've worked it out to $18,300 unless I'm missing something.

    I've already said my major issues with the show. The set looks great for something like 2 Minute Drill. For a light word game where the average win is $2500 to $6,000, it doesn't fit. I finally got to hear the theme music, and it's not that great either. Imagine the main Lingo bed without the main part of the theme (or commercial cues) going, and repeat that over and over and over. The intro also has lyrics to it. Also, the graphics are a bit, well, lame. The entire theme is a flipclock. However, the gameplay is what matters. I can't help but feel that this game slow as hell. It's probably because of the contestants, but it just drags out forever. It amazed me that they edited 3 hours to 21 minutes and it came off half decent, but Dylan still really didn't. The best way I can describe him is that he looks at the contestants, and then quickly turns to the camera and teleprompter as he talks to someone. There were lots of opportunities for humor, but he just missed out on everything. He's also phoning in a lot of emotion. I don't expect him to start crying when someone loses, but when you have to read "Awww, I'm sorry" right off a teleprompter without looking anywhere else, it's not good. Hopefully it'll get better beyond this episode, because from what I've seen now, it's not living up to all it could be. As a side note, I found it funny that they gave me biographies for Dylan Lane and Michael Davies. Dylan's is about a half a page, and Michael's is 2 full pages. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad show in the least. It's very entertaining. I just think they could do a lot more with what they are given.

    StarFace: StarFace, on the other hand, was terrific. The gameplay is pretty basic. A celebrity is put up on one of the screens, and there are questions about the celebrity. Each right answer is 50 points in round one, and they have quite a few pictures they go through. Round 2 doubles the points. Round 3 makes contestants wear masks of who that day's celebrity is and answer questions and themselves at 200 a piece. Whoever has the most right answers goes to the bonus, where they have to identify which person in a picture the clue is talking about. There are 2 choices. If they get 10 right, they get a trip. There is lots of variety with different picture segments like "Hot Corner", "Below the Beltway", "Mug Shot", "15 Minutes of Fame", and more. The show is not regulated to just TV, movie, and music people. They also had some political questions.

    I was really surprised with Danny Bonaduce. He is terrific as host. He seemed a bit stiff during the first 5 minutes on the premiere episode, but after that, he was just fine. To put it bluntly, he blew circles around Dylan Lane. The show's pace is quick also. There is barely any time without a question coming up one after another, besides the contestant interviews. I talked about the Chain Reaction theme and graphics, so I'll mention StarFace's. The theme is really nice, sort of reminds me of Balderdash. Not much to the graphics, but it gets the point across much like Chain Reaction. To me, this show was a much better "On The Cover" and perfectly fits in with the recent explosion of shows making fun of pop culture like The Soup. To use a bad pun, StarFace is the current star on GSN's lineup. It's fast, funny, and furious. It's in my honest opinion that StarFace is MUCH better than Chain Reaction and that it should last longer, but you'll have to judge for yourself next Tuesday at 9PM ET (Chain Reaction) and 9:30PM ET (StarFace).
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    Official "Deal or No Deal" Season Premiere Info
    Friday, July 21, 2006
    No more speculation. Here is the official word on the season premiere of "Deal or No Deal". The new season will be a weeklong event (Well, almost week long), on Monday September 18th with a 2 hour premiere. It will be an hour episode each night except Wednesday. Each new game will raise the top prize up a million until it's at the biggest ever: $6,000,000. Also, the Lucky Case game will give away $1,000,000 total during the entire week, with $200,000 on the first night. "Deal or No Deal" will be on it's bi-weekly schedule Mondays (8PM ET) and Fridays (9PM) starting Monday, September 25th.

    Source: NBC
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    Show Notes about "Deal or No Deal" and "One Versus 100"
    Hey, we did get some new information about "Deal or No Deal" and "One Versus 100" from Mike Klauss and others. It does look like the first few episodes will have an increasing top prize on "Deal or No Deal" , going up $1,000,000 each episode. At least in my opinion, I'm guessing the first five episodes will have this. Also, on the premiere week, $1,000,000 will be given away during the Lucky Case game collectively. $200,000 will be given away on night one.

    A few rules were clarified on the issue of "One Versus 100". You do get the option to stop when you want. Basically, you are asked if you want to continue or stop. If you continue, you have to answer the question, unless you get to your last escape and leave with 10% of your money. You are not given a category or question or answers or anything when you make your decision to stay or go. It's all a blind choice. There are still some issues with the way NBC and Endemol are doing the gameplay, but that at least makes things not so idiotic.
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    "Deal or No Deal" Season Premiere Info
    Thursday, July 20, 2006
    From Buzzer correspondent Mike Klauss of ClassicGameShows, here's what's happening on season 2 of "Deal or No Deal". Cosmetically, there are a few changes. They apparently got rid of three models, and before people ask they do still have 26 cases. The models come down the stairs with different outfits after each game now. Also, a studio poll was added this season, probably to ask if a contestant should Deal or No Deal, but it wasn't working properly yesterday. The taping took 8 hours Wednesday morning. Remember that that will be edited down to around 41 minutes. Have fun, editors. There was no air conditioning and no audience services.

    Now for the money. The rumors are not true: no $7,500,000 top prize. Boy am I happy I had that as a rumor. However, the increased money could be. On the first episode taped, the top prize was $1,000,000. However, after that episode, the top two values were $1,000,000 and $2,000,000. So, the newest "Deal or No Deal" DVD game box cover could be right. We'll try to get the report from people at future tapings. "Deal or No Deal" redebuts in September on NBC.

    EDIT: We have more info from the 3rd episode taped. On episode 3, the top prize is $3,000,000. Looks like we have an increasing jackpot by $1,000,000 for the first few episodes, but we'll see how and why when we can.
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    A Plea to NBC and Endemol: Stop Screwing Up "One Versus 100"
    Wednesday, July 19, 2006
    We've gotten a few reports from people at the "One Versus 100" tryouts at Game Show Congress in LA. This is how the format currently is. You are presented with a question and three choices. Miss and you lose everything to the mob equally, and one of them gets to play. Get it and each mob member wrong is eliminated from play. For the amount of mob eliminated overall, you move up on the money chain. Here's the chain.

    0-9: $0
    10-19: $10,000
    20-29: $20,000
    30-39: $30,000
    40-49: $40,000
    50-54: $50,000
    55-59: $60,000
    60-64: $70,000
    65-69: $80,000
    70-74: $90,000
    75-79: $100,000
    80-84: $200,000
    85-89: $300,000
    90-94: $400,000
    95-99: $500,000
    100: $3,000,000

    No space between $500,000 and $3,000,000. You may also use the panic button 3 times, but it HAS to be on this order.
    1- The question becomes easier
    2- Either you get two shots at answering or one wrong choice is removed
    3- You leave with 10% of the money you currently have and the mob gets nothing. This is the only way to leave the game.

    Where to begin. First off, the top 2 amounts of money you walk away with are either $50,000 or $3,000,000. Who the hell will not risk $50,000 on a 1:3 chance to win $3,000,000? Beyond that, I'm going to give you the descriptions of two shows.

    Who Wants to be a Millionaire- One person sits in the hot seat and answers multiple choice questions, hoping to move up a 15 step money chain. If the player is having problems, he/she can call for assitance 3 times. One miss and you lose your money. You do have the option to stop.

    One Versus 100- One person sits in the hot seat and answers multiple choice questions, hoping to move up a 15 step money chain. If the player is having problems, he/she can call for assitance 3 times. One miss and you lose your money. You do have the option to stop.

    Kind of similar, isn't it? NBC and Endemol, look at the popular Dutch version that uses a formula. Yes, some people won't get the formula, but you're taking an even larger risk using a terrible format than using a good one that might confuse (but shouldn't) some people. The mob members at the end have a good chance of winning more than the hot seat player, which is bad. I mean just look at the chain. For the first 15 steps, you're winning $1,000 to $50,000. After that, it's a $2,950,000 jump. Does that seem right at all. NBC and Endemol: I know you read this sometimes. Do you really want a show with a bad format on the air, which could potentially destroy "Deal or No Deal", which is your number 1 show? Feel free to call me on my contact page if you care to make a statement about the show, but as of now, this doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of being a hit or staying on past 3 episodes.
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    GSN June Ratings: Back to .4
    Tuesday, July 18, 2006
    After last month's disappointing ratings, GSN bounced back up. The Network for Games posted a .4 for the month, with a 226K headcount, up quite a bit from .3 (189K headcount) in May. This is the network's highest rating in 2006, with the next highest being .4 (222K headcount) in January. Here are some more interesting GSN ratings info.

    *"High Stakes Poker" has the 2nd largest A25-49 rating in GSN history, only losing to "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"
    *"I've Got A Secret" raised the ratings up 38%, to a .33, from a year ago.
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    Dutch Company Bids on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" Rights
    With UK host Chris Tarrant already bidding on the rights to arguably the most popular show in the world, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?", a second contender has come into public attention. The Dutch company 2 Way Traffic has placed a bid, making three companies publically in the running: 2 Way Traffic, Chris Tarrant's company, and "Deal or No Deal" production company Endemol.

    Source: Scotsman Business
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    New Fox Game Show Run Throughs (Show Me the Money?)
    Today, there is a listing on Craigslist looking for people to do a run through for a new FOX "Reality Game Show" next Thursday. The email address is listed under, where every Endemol show links back to, so this is most likely the second "Deal or No Deal" clone called "Show Me the Money". You are getting paid to do this, so if you are in LA, why not come out and try?

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    New Pop Culture Show Searches For Host
    Craigslist has a listing looking for a host for a new nationally syndicated game show pilot based around pop culture. It says they need someone with experience hosting, 20 to 40, high energy, great sense of humor, quick on their feet and comfortable dealing with contestants. We do get some industry people reading the site, so if you want involved, here is your chance.

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    Rumor Control: Is "Deal or No Deal"'s Regular Top Prize Increasing?
    Monday, July 17, 2006

    Again, this is extreme rumor based off of images. Thanks to Nick Todor from GameShowVideos for this. Based on images of "Deal or No Deal" DVD game boxes, could the NBC show's top prize be going up permanently? Look at the box cover that Howie is holding on the left. Please notice the money chain. It is normal. I circled the top 3 figures, $500,000; $750,000; and $1,000,000 for a reason. Let's look at what the ACTUAL revised box cover is going to be. The actual revised box cover is featured on the right. Notice the top two figures. $750,000 is miss, and $500,000 appears right before $1,000,000. Even more, if $1,000,000 was the top prize, it would be directly across from $750, not $500. The right actual revised image could be photoshopped or could be taken from a new board that the show will use in the new season that will begin in September. We did check to see if the right image was taken from the $1,500,000 or $2,000,000 episodes during the second run of five episodes, and it is not based on eliminated values. The season premiere of "Deal or No Deal" tapes on Wednesday, so check here for news.

    As a side note: If anyone is going to see "Family Feud" tape in LA relatively soon, please email me.
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    "The $100,000 Pyramid" DVD Game: Beware
    Out of nowhere, MGA has released a "$100,000 Pyramid" DVD game. If you're looking for something similar to the TV show, you will be sadly mistaken. The "set" looks like something out of Millionaire (Although the graphics are extremely nice), and the music is Millionaire-like as well. Gameplay is really different from the 80s version, or even the 2002 Osmond version.

    You get six categories, and you can only pick off the bottom row first. Just try to get words at $2,000 a piece. You just move up a row each time. After all 6 categories are done, each team plays the Winners Circle. Bottom 3 items are $6,000 each. Middle 2 are $10,000. The top one is $20,000. Whoever has the most money at the end of the game wins. The end. Nothing else.

    OK, before I talk more about errors with it, can I honestly ask why the hell you wouldn't use the classic format? Is it THAT hard to adapt into DVD. Just a warning: if you like the classic show and buy this, don't expect the classic show. A YouTube clip will be posted below.

    This is also coming from John Ricci. He apparently found a disc that has no questions on it. Just the basic elements. Even more, he called MGA's 1800 number, and they didn't even know they made the game. Just be careful, people. Look for this game, if you dare, at a store near you.

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    88SLIDE Goes to Disneyland
    Sunday, July 16, 2006
    Sorry about the lack of updates. It was my birthday yesterday and I was celebrating. Time for the weekend 88SLIDE update. This week, they will be shooting in location at Disneyland in California. While you're there, check out host Rachel's booty while she is getting up close and personal with the redone Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, updated because of the movie's (Dead Man's Chest) release. They will also be giving away various Disney prizes courtesy of the Disneyland Resort Podcast.

    I am sorry for the absolutely terrible pirate pun involving booty above. I lose my joke telling rights for that one.

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    Game Show Congress So Far + "Wheel of Fortune" Updates
    Saturday, July 15, 2006
    If you're a game show fan, you've probably heard of Game Show Congress, which is going on now. GSC Buzzer Corespondent Mike Klauss has been updating us regularly and on his GSC log. Check the site out for news on "What's My Line" stage show, featuring as a guest GSNN writer Gordon Pepper. Also, they went to the taping of the season premiere of "Wheel of Fortune". Habitual bitchers of the show, no changes are happening gameplay wise. However, the show is being shot in HDTV this season, and there is apparently a major graphical update. There is a glittery border around the values now, and it looks like the spaces on the wheel that are removed are some sort of laminate or plastic, not cardboard. Last night they went to "What's My Line" yet agian, with Frank DeCaro from "I've Got A Secret". Watch out later in the week for "Deal or No Deal" and "The Price is Right" taping results.
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    "The Price is Right" Talent on Late Late Show Tonight
    Friday, July 14, 2006
    After you saw "Happy Gilmore", have you thought "Man, I don't see enough Bob Barker violence." Wait no more! "Late Late Show" host Craig Feruson (Drew Carey Show) constantly makes jokes at "The Price is Right"'s expense. However, tonight, Bob Barker, announce Rich Fields, and the Barker Beauties will surprise Ferguson as they beat the living hell out of his desk, bringing about the demolition of his set. Craig Feruson will get a new set on Monday, July 24th. This episode will air tonight, July 14th, at 12:37AM ET.

    Source: CBS Press
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    FOX's "Show Me the Money" Casting
    Thursday, July 13, 2006
    There are two "Deal or No Deal" clones coming out from Endemol. One is ABC's "Set for Life". The other is FOX's new game show "Show Me the Money", which will hopefully get a new name. No rules are known, besides the fact that the show will give away one of the biggest cash prizes in the history of game shows. How possible is it to win? We'll see. Supposedly there is some trivia involved, but we have no idea. If you live in LA, are 21, and want to try out, click below.
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    "Deal or No Deal" DVD Game Details
    Wednesday, July 12, 2006

    Yesterday in Las Vegas, TVShowsonDVD showed a preview of the new "Deal or No Deal" DVD game, based off the hit NBC show. There is a one or two player format. All you have to do is, onscreen, pick your briefcase, start removing others, and decide whether to take the Banker's offer or not. If you have a two player game, you alternate between dealing or no dealing. There is also lots of video of Howie Mandel, The Banker, and the 26 models. You can already buy the game at Wal-Mart and Toys R Us, and it'll be available in everywhere else in a few weeks.

    TVShowsonDVD Link
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    RUMOR CONTROL: Giant "Deal or No Deal" Season Premiere Prize?
    Tuesday, July 11, 2006
    Note that this is a MAJOR rumor, and don't take this as truth at all yet. Looking through the Wikipedia article for "Deal or No Deal", it states the season premiere top prize with be $7,500,000. Here is what it says the top of the chain is.


    I'd completely dismiss this if Wikipedia hasn't been ahead of the punch on many "Deal or No Deal" related things. We'll try to confirm with NBC sources, but for now, the $7,500,000 top prize is a giant rumor, and take it as that.
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    GSN Television Critics Association Announcements
    Today, GSN announced three new programs coming to The Network for Games sometime soon at the Summer 2006 Television Critics Association convention. We already know that "StarFace" and "Chain Reaction" are firm goes, with "Battle of the Wedding Singers" to seem to be a firm go also (yet unconfirmed). Here are three new shows.

    "That's The Question"- Rich Cronin announced the pickup of the international hit "That's the Question" from Scott Sterberg Productions. The show is a hit in the Netherlands, Switzerland, and France. GSN will tape 20 episodes on the Dutch set with host Bob Goen and American contestants this week, similar to what Lingo did for its 20 "pilots". The game is a half-hour series that combines scrambled words with world history and pop culture trivia. During this announcement, Cronin stated "We are pleased to be able to introduce this exciting game to our audience with Bob Goen as host. The game combines three great game show concepts, trivia, scrambled words and puzzles, making for an entertaining half-hour that will complement our schedule perfectly." It is not known when the episodes will air.

    Two New Game Show Documentaries- Given the success of "Anything To Win" and "Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal", GSN will develop two more documentaries based around "The Gong Show" and "Match Game". Asylum Entertainment, who made the Emmy nominated series "Beyond the Glory" is producing these programs. "The Gong Show" will cover the off-screen life of the show and host Chuck Barris. "Match Game"'s series will cover the show's 1973 to 1979 series. No word on an air date.

    Worldwide Web Games- GSN has tapped Base Camp Films to film the new special "Worldwide Web Games", which will air in December. The show sees millions of people playing Bejeweled 2, Solitaire, and Zuma online, with the best in the world coming to Los Angeles to compete for $1,000,000 on September 9th. To this date, more than 50 people have qualified, and more qualify each week. If you want in, you can visit GSN's website to enter and play.
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    GSN Television Critics Association Tonight
    Sometime tonight, GSN will announce all their new things at the summer Television Critics Association conference. So far, it looks like GSN will announce "Chain Reaction", "StarFace", and "Battle of the Wedding Singers". If there are any other shows announced, you'll hear it some time tonight.
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    GSN "Battle of the Wedding Singers" Pickup?
    Checking on GSN's press site today, "Battle of the Wedding Singers", the show fans somehow (at least according to the emails I've gotten about it) eiter love or hate already, is under the "New Programming" heading. This looks like a pickup to me, but I could be terribly wrong. CHECK BACK TONIGHT FOR OFFICIAL GSN TELEVISION CRITICS ASSOCIATION ANNOUNCEMENTS.
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    Needing Run-Through Contestants For "Deal or No Deal" Like Game
    Monday, July 10, 2006
    Well we have "Set For Life" being the first "Deal or No Deal" clone. Apparently some group is looking for more people for yet another. No trivia, it's all luck. If you go, you will be given $600 also. All you have to do is live in LA and be available for a few days, July 17th through July 20th.

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    "World Series of Pop Culture" Starts Today
    It's been a really slow news period recently, but here's something interesting. Michael Davies' newest cable venture, "World Series of Pop Culture", starts tonight at 10PM ET on VH1. Hosted by Pat Kiernan, this show two teams of three against each other in a battle of pop culture trivia. At stake: $250,000. Again, remember that the "World Series of Pop Culture" begins tonight at 10PM ET on VH1.
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    88SLIDE Honors Bill Cullen
    Friday, July 07, 2006
    Be sure to check out 88SLIDE today, as they are honoring Bill Cullen, who died on this day in 1990. Plus, they announce who wins the year membership to NetFlix.

    Sorry for the lack of updates, my computer completely crashed, and I've been away from home for a bit.
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    88SLIDE Special Guest + MAJOR Prize This Week
    Tuesday, July 04, 2006
    One of the best productions I've seen in a while, 88SLIDE, has some very exciting things coming up. On today's episode, there is a special guest: the only financial person crazier than Jim Cramer, it's Matthew Lesko. If you correctly answer today's trivia question and are randomly selected to win, you will receive a $10 gift certificate to one of many great locations PLUS Matthew Lesko's book. What more on earth could you want?

    How about a year's subscription to Netflix! If you're a movie fan, you DEFINITELY need to enter on Thursday. On July 6th, 88SLIDE will be giving away a one year subscription to Netflix courtesy of Be sure to check it out.

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    GSN Schedule Change Correction
    Being the absolute moron I am, I listened to a competitor website that isn't GSNN when they said the schedule change started July 3rd. We've gotten July 17th thanks to However, I've also heard that the new stuff happens on August 1st, so to be completely honest, I have zero idea. I'd be looking for July 17th, but don't get angry at me if it's August 1st. So again, sorry for being a giant moron. It won't happen often. Well, it probably will, but not to this extent.
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    RIP - Jan Murray 1916 - 2006
    Monday, July 03, 2006
    Jan Murray, stand-up comedian and host of several game shows, but most notable for hosting the 1950's version of Treasure Hunt passed away yesterday. He was 89.
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    "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" DVD Release Date

    TVShowsOnDVD today announced the information about the highly anticipated "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" DVD series. They will come out according to seasons, not a compilation. On September 26, 2006, Warner Brothers will release Season One, Volume One. The DVDs will contain episodes and out-takes. Warner Brothers is releasing two different versions of each season/volume: A family friendly version with the episodes as they were seen on TV, and an uncensored version with things too dirty to originally be seen. Each set is two discs with ten episodes and costs $26.97. "Whose Line Is It Anyway" is currently number four of all TV shows made on the wish list to be put on DVD, which obviously it is now.
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    "Set for Life" Casting
    Sunday, July 02, 2006
    Ever dream of winning $50,000 every week of your life until you die? This show could be for you. From the creator of "Deal or No Deal" comes "Set For Life" on ABC. The fast paced, high energy game where, if you survive two rounds of odds, you can win $1,000; $10,000; or $50,000; for months or years. If you're 21 and don't work for Endemol or Disney, this is your chance.


    Thanks to reader Mickey Stevens who showed us that ABC is doing casting calls also.


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    Your Worst Nightmare Pilot 'Goes Down the Toilet'
    Showbiz Notes has an interesting story on a failed pilot for GSN called 'Your Worst Nightmare'. Pretty interesting read, so I suggest you check it out. A warning though, the language does get pretty graphic.
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    "StarFace" Set Pictures

    Here are some pictures of "StarFace". This one's looking really promising. "StarFace" debuts August 1st at 9:30PM ET on GSN.
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    "Chain Reaction" Continues Taping
    According to, "Chain Reaction" will begin taping a bit sooner than I expected: enough to actually get a good amount of episodes done before it's August 1st: 9PM ET premiere on GSN. "Chain Reaction" will tape in New York City on Wednesday, July 12th at 9AM ET and 1PM ET, with more scattered throughout the week/month. Check it out here and be sure to go. Let's make sure this show actually sees the light of day.
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