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  • "The Rich List" Gets a Host
    Thursday, August 31, 2006
    We've been reporting about "The Rich List" for a while, but FOX has finally announced some information. The host will be UK presenter Eamonn Holmes, famous for "Sudo-Q" and "Jet Set". On "The Rich List", random contestants are thrown together on teams and must defeat their opponents by filling in missing answers on a certain list. The lists can be pop culture as previously stated, or could be general trivia, such as naming states with a coast line. If a team can't name as many as they believed they could, the other team wins. That winning team plays round two, where each right answer earns them money, up to $250,000. There is also no limit to how many games you can win. This game is being made by 12 Yard Productions.
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    FOX Introduces Text-And-Win Format
    The third ripoff of GSN's "Playmania", FOX will be launching an import of the UK game show "My Games Fever". If you are clueless as to how it works, the hosts present some form of puzzle, and you text in with the answer to win some amount of money. The show will debut September 5th, Monday to Saturday, at 1PM to 3PM ET on all MyNetwork stations.

    Whoops, I fixed the time. I am so use to them being extremely late night that it's a bad habit of mine. I also fixed the channel. Wow it's been a long day.
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    Minor Site Issues
    Yeah, we've been having some site issues as of recent. We're getting them fixed as soon as we can. Be on the lookout for major BuzzerBlog news coming soon.
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    Nick at Night Greenlights Phys-Ed Family Game Show
    From Craigslist, Nick at Night has officially given the greenlight to a physical family game show that is said to be "American Gladiators meets Family Double Dare." They are currently looking for teams, preferably a mom, dad, and two kids, to compete in this outrageous, competitive game show that makes "Double Dare look like jump rope." No word on the top prize, however. If you want involved, click the casting link on the side.
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    Disney Sells "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" Merchandice
    Wednesday, August 30, 2006
    Ebay has posted one of the Ring of Fire seats from "Who Wants to be a Millionaire: Play It!" from Walt Disney World. It's a replica of the seats on the TV show apparently, and it is only for $100 + $85 shipping as of right now. If you are a game show fan, this might be something you would love. EDIT: Prices are fixed.

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    Timeless Announces "Know Your Heritage"
    Cynopsis today announced that Timeless has been given a firm go in the first quarter of 2007 to distribute "Know Your Heritage", a quiz bowl type format (being described as "Jeopardy!"-like even), where students from historical African American colleges and universities showcase their knowledge of African American history. The show, hosted by Remember the Titan's Greg Alan Williams, gives away scholarship money as well as an all-expenses paid trip to Walt Disney World. "Know Your Heritage" has already cleared several top markets on ABC, NBC, CBS, and CW, so be on the lookout.
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    Labor Day "Super Millionaire" Marathon on GSN
    Tuesday, August 29, 2006
    On Monday, September 4th from 4PM ET to 9PM ET, GSN will be showing some of the best episodes of the ABC show that needs to go back on: "Who Wants to be a Super Millionaire?", hosted by Regis Philbin. In this version, people play the 15 questions for $10,000,000. Once getting to the third tier, they receive two new lifelines: Three Wise Men and Double Dip. Check it out, again, Monday, September 4th at 4PM ET to 9PM ET on GSN.
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    Michael Davies Talks about "Deal or No Deal"
    Monday, August 28, 2006
    Posted today in the DeseretNews, Michael Davies, executive producer of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" was interviewed about his take on NBC's hit game show "Deal or No Deal", in which has nothing but good things to say about it. Also mentioned are GSN's new shows "Chain Reaction" and "StarFace". There's also a little crack at "StarFace" host Danny Bonaduce here, I think. It would be slightly funny if "Chain Reaction" was as good of a show in general as "StarFace", in my opinion. But who knows, it's early. I could be totally wrong.

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    Disney Develops "Run For the Money"
    Disney announced today that they are developing a new game/competition show for US markets; a take on the Japanese game show "Run For the Money." In this high tech game of hide-and-seak, celebrities are basically on the run from a pack of menacing "hunters". The initial goal is primetime network, which means look out ABC. Gwynne Thomas, executive vice president of Buena Vista Productions, stated, "The current marketplace calls for shows that will be talked about, and 'Run for Money' makes a lot of noise. It is a huge spectacle in a high-energy environment with lots at stake."
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    Video of New "Family Feud"
    Sunday, August 27, 2006
    YouTube posted some videos of the new season of "Family Feud" with a new set, look, and host. All I can say is "Wow" and "Why didn't they do this from the start?" Also, I cannot believe that new host John O'Hurley is better than former host Richard Karn after 3 minutes.

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    New "Deal or No Deal" Parody Game
    Saturday, August 26, 2006
    Our very own former owner Cory Anotado has a brand new game out on Addicting Games for those chronic bitchers. It's called "Meal or No Meal". Take a guess what it's a parody of. Either way, it's very fun, and has an interesting twist or two or ten in it. Be sure to check it out.

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    One-and-Off "World Blackjack Tour" on GSN
    Friday, August 25, 2006
    Just a reminder before the main part of the post: the finale of the 2006 "World Series of Blackjack" is Monday, August 28th at 10PM ET. The winner will receive $500,000, the biggest jackpot in GSN history unless I am terribly mistaken.

    A week later, September 4th, GSN will debut a one-and-off test show called "World Blackjack Tour", where five blackjack players representing five different countries battle each other in, you guessed it, a game of blackjack. It starts at 10PM ET and is an hour. Again, this is a test show. If it's a success, we may be seeing it down the road again. If not, it's a shame.
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    Dutch "Deal or No Deal" Site Now Open
    It's weird that all of a sudden, people are modeling their editions of "Deal or No Deal" after the USA in some way. The Netherlands begins their new daily edition of "Deal or No Deal", with a US looking logo, with host Beau Erven Dorens sees player face the Banker for a chance at 250,000 euro. On the site, you can see some pictures of the set also, which is quite cool to be honest. Be sure to check out the live feed of the show if it's still active. As of now, we have no reason to believe "Miljoenenjacht" is gone for good.

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    UK "1 vs. 100" Host Named
    Today, BBC has named Dermot O'Leary to be the host of the UK edition of "1 vs. 100". This show is already a hit in countries like the Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany. In this game show, contestants have to answer trivia questions, hoping to eliminate the 100 other contestants to earn the top prize. Along the way, the contestant can buy right answers, but one wrong answer and he/she loses everything and goes home empty handed. "1 vs. 100" will start next month on BBC, and soon on NBC with Bob Saget as the host of the $1,000,000 quiz show.
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    "Playmania" Pays Homage to Television on Emmy Week
    Thursday, August 24, 2006
    Two things coming up. For starters, Rich Cronin, president of GSN, today announced the inclusion of a 4th day of Playmania, Sunday nights, and the moving of the time from 1AM ET to 12AM ET, which is sure to get some more viewers. This starts on August 24th, which is tonight I just realized. Holy crap.

    Also tonight, GSN will start their week-long Playmania tribute to great television, as they play TV themed games and even have their own awards show, "The PlayMes". Not only that, "Playmaniacs" will be thrilled as they will be bumping up the top prize by quite a bit. In the press release, it states that a player can win up to $5,000 by texting or going online to the Playmania Site. Just think. You'd have to suffer through Chain Reaction to win one fifth of that. Check it all out, starting tonight.
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    This JUST in. From Endemol sources and Craigslist postings and more, ABC has officially picked up the second show coming from Endemol because of the "Deal or No Deal" craze entitled "Show Me What You Got". This show was originally scheduled to be broadcasted on FOX. However, FOX dropped it and Endemol sold it to ABC a day later. The top prize has dropped from $8,160,000 to $5,000,000, but I'm sure it's not even. In "Show Me What You Got", players have to choose scrolls and decided to use a PLUS or MINUS cube with the value on the scroll in round one, hoping to finish having some money after round one. If the player finishes with anything, he/she moves into round 2. In round 2, the player chooses a scroll, and a number 1-5 is revealed. The player is then asked a question. If correct, his/her dollar value is multiplied that amount. If wrong, the total is divided. This gives ABC three studio based game shows in development: this, Jimmy Kimmel's "Set For Life", and "PokerFace"/"The Con Test". No word on an airdate for any of these, although "Set For Life" is projected at around December.
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    "Survivor: Cook Island" Cast + Twist
    Wednesday, August 23, 2006
    For the new season of CBS's hit competition show "Survivor", teams will be divided up by race now. There are four starting teams of five: African American, White, Latino, and Asian. The 13-series-long show's executive producer Mark Burnett stated "We're going to take some heat for it, but it's a great cast." Even with the flak, host Jeff Probst has my exact thought on it. He stated on Wednesday, "This is a game that starts very even. Everyone starts the same way with the same materials and the same shot: a 1-in-20 shot at a million." So same game, just a semi-interesting twist. It's not going to make me a watcher of the show on a regular basis or even for a whole show, but as a writer, I cannot wait to see the media feedback on this.
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    RUMOR CONTROL: "Show Me What You Got" Possibly Canned from FOX
    Tuesday, August 22, 2006
    Extreme rumor control here. We're getting reports from some close Endemol, FOX, and direct show sources that FOX may have already given the ax to their answer to "Deal or No Deal" called "Show Me What You Got." In this show, people have to answer trivia questions correctly, hoping to multiply their money possibly into the millions, or lose millions with a wrong answer. This would make me upset, since the rules for "Show Me What You Got" are incredible compared to the "Powerball: Instant Millionaire" game gone awry that is "Set For Life". However, we are waiting on a statement, as we called the show last night. Stay tuned to hear what happens.

    MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: We're checking if this was just a typo or not, but a new Craigslist posting, found in our contestant call area, states that ABC has picked up "Show Me What You Got" and has a top prize of $5,000,000. So as of now, we don't know if they mean FOX or ABC, or "Show Me What You Got" or "Set For Life". We're checking as soon as we can. However, if ABC does pick this up, that means they will have three game shows coming soon, with the former two and "PokerFace"/"The Con Test". What was that one called? Oh, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" and "Super Millionaire"! My mistake!
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    GSN To Be Included on AT&T U-verse TV
    AT&T announced today that GSN will be on the channel lineup for their new TV service, U-verse. This new service is part of AT&T's initiative to expand the fiber-optic networks to different neighborhoods. GSN will bring it's classic and original interactive game show programming, critically acclaimed casino shows, and more to customers when they need it, along with more than 130 hours of interactive TV. Senior vice president of GSN distribution Jan Hatcher stated "We are excited to be joining the AT&T U-verse channel lineup. AT&T is a forward-thinking company committed to providing its customers with the best content possible, and we are pleased that they have chosen to include GSN’s acclaimed and interactive programming as part of their service."
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    "Family Feud" 2nd Edition DVD Game

    Nick Todor from GameShowVideos has given us his review of the brand new "Family Feud" DVD game, plus a video. Looks pretty cool.

    This game plays MUCH more like the show, while giving both teams equal chances. Also, it has MUCH better graphics (looks a lot like the final Karn set) and actual Feud music! (Yes, it's Karn music.)

    Rounds 1-4: Each team gets a separate question. Team "A" goes first, they write down their answers, and each answer is reviewed one at a time. If it's on the board, they move on. If it's not on the board, they get a strike, and Team "B" can steal by giving one answer. If it appears under one of the remaining unrevealed answers, they steal the points.

    Round 3 is played for double points, and round 4 is played for triple points. The survey values are already multiplied for you.

    Round 5 is the Fast Money round. Both teams pick a player, and they play simultaneously for the 5 survey questions. Like in the first edition, only the top answer is revealed for all 5 questions.

    The team with the most points at the end wins.

    Some notes:
    • The game does not track points between rounds. BYO calculator.
    • There is no provision for a tie at the end of the game.
    • No host is on the cover because Burton is the only one with a speaking role on this game. That means no Karn ANYWHERE.
    • It costs $20 at Target. This is compared to a starting price of $25 at Circuit City for the first edition.
    Game play video
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    GSN Starts YouTube Channel
    Monday, August 21, 2006
    Today, the moderator of the GSN boards announced the new GSN channel on YouTube. Right now, it's really just some of the "I've Got A Secret" viewer submissions and the "StarFace" items we posted before. And yes, the photos are still down.

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    Rumor Control: "Chain Reaction" Bonus Adjustment
    The photo system is down, so the image will be here later hopefully. According to reports of recent tapings, the bonus round has changed a tiny bit. Instead of 7 to double and 10 to triple, you need 5 to double and 7 to triple. Expect some teams to actually triple now. Expect a ton of teams to bomb still, though.
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    Official GSN "StarFace" Interviews
    Sunday, August 20, 2006
    GSN is getting into the YouTube business now. The Network for Games has placed a few interviews involving StarFace. The interviews are with host Danny Bonaduce, executive producer Pat Finn, executive producer Keith Rotherburg, and others. Click below to watch.

    Danny Bonaduce (Host)
    Pat Finn (Exec. Producer)
    Jeff Rotherburg (Exec. Producer)
    Kim Holtzman (Contestant Producer)
    StarFace Writer's Room StarFace Audience Reactions
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    "The Rich List" Still Casting
    I know I've posted this before, but this gives me more of an excuse to use our new casting section to the left. FOX's other new game show, a pop-culture one called "The Rich List" is currently casting again. No idea on the format, but you could potentially win a quarter million ($250,000) each game, and there is no limit to how many games you can play. Imagine a Ken Jennings-esque run on that show. Check out the casting section for links.
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    More "Wheel of Fortune" Changes
    Saturday, August 19, 2006

    We just got word about more "Wheel of Fortune" changes. The Buzzer reader who stated them wished to be unnamed.

    The Jackpot space is now a $500 space also. Everytime the space is hit, $500 is added to the jackpot. Also, the player receives $500 each time the letter appears. There is no visual change to the Jackpot space.

    MAJOR MIDSEASON CHANGE: Coming in somewhere in the middle of the season is the "Wild Card". It's basically one of the old cardboard wedges, and you earn it the same way. Land on it, get a letter right, you receive it. What you can do with that is when you spin the wheel and guess a letter correctly, you may surrender the Wild Card for another guess. Obviously, the best strategy here would be to save it until you get the biggest value. You can't do this for prizes obviously, but you can on the Jackpot space and on unturned Mystery Wedges, worth $1,000 each.

    An extra wrinkle to the Wild Card: If you are brave enough to carry it into the bonus round, you are allowed to select another consonant, making it 4 consonants and a vowel. So, as always, what do you guys think of the changes? Personally, it still doesn't make "Wheel of Fortune" appointment TV, or even casual TV, for me, but I will watch to see the new changes.
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    "Set For Life" Hosted Named as Jimmy Kimmel

    Breaking news from Craigslist. "Jimmy Kimmell Live!" host Jimmy Kimmel has been named host of the new ABC game show "Set For Life". In "Set For Life", contestants will basically pick a tile to stand on and hope it is good and not bad. Teams can earn up to $2,000,000 paid over 50 years. They are searching for paid audience right now. If you live in the LA area, click the link in the CONTESTANT and AUDIENCE CALL area to get paid for watching a game show.
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    TVSquad Talks About "VS."

    Please don't murder me. I can't explain why, but I was always a fan of the old Comedy Central show called "VS." Maybe it was because Greg Proops is, in my opinion, the funniest improv actor in a long long time. I also enjoyed the format, and I can't quite explain why. What are your thoughts on the old show? Man, it came out in 1999 also. I didn't realize it was that old.

    By the way, I would like to appologize for the lack of updates. I just got done moving, so updates will be regular yet again.

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    "Sabotage" Takes Online Applications
    Friday, August 18, 2006
    The most publicized competition show without a network, "Sabotage", is going to start taking online applications. All that you have to do is go to ZooBody, fill in the forms, and upload a video of up to three minutes for the production company to see. This entire process bypasses the traveling contestant call process. "Sabotage" will also be at the MGM Grand Hotel (Room 301) in Las Vegas, Nevada, on September 5th from 12:30PM to 6PM. You need to be 18 to participate. Want to basically know what "Sabotage" is? Think of a more massive "The Mole", basically. Players will face different challenges in the face of unknown saboteurs who are called Operation Dark. The final episode will will see the team of agents face off against Operation Dark for $10,000,000. They hope to film and broadcast the show in 2007.

    BTW, this is one of the new logo contest submissions from William Sydnor.
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    New Aussie Game Show Axed After One Episode
    The Age in Australia stated that a new Aussie game show, "The Master" has been cancelled after just one episode. The hosts were Mark Beretta, as pictured to the left, and a million dollar winner of Aussie "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?", Martin Flood. It aired Wednesdays at 8:30PM against such hit American shows as "House" and "Without a Trace." "The Master" finished fourth in its time slot, with only getting 744,000 viewers. Channel Seven, who aired this failure, has stated they will finish airing the rest of the episodes at some time.
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    GSN Reruns "The Amazing Race: Family Edition" on 8/27
    I really missed this email I got a few days ago from GSN. GSN will begin burning off "The Amazing Race: Family Edition" starting on Monday, September 21st (Tuesday, September 22nd) at 2AM ET for a two hour premiere episode. All other episodes, unless they are two hours as well, will air at 3AM ET. This is basically just burning off the episodes they contractually have to air. GSN loses the rights to "The Amazing Race" in 2009. Thanks to reader J. M. Vargas for this tip as well.

    Edit: I fixed the year to 2009.
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    UK "One Versus 100" Rules

    According to our good friends at, the massively popular UK trivia site "Quizzling" is claiming to know the rules to the new BBC Saturday edition of "One Versus 100." Basically, the format is going to follow the Dutch version, where the money is distributed by the following formula...

    £50,000/MobMembersRemaining * MobMembersElimiantedThatQuestion

    So, for instance, the first question gives £500 per person eliminated. Also, the One will be given three Escapes, which will automatically give them the right answer and incorrect mob members are eliminated. However, the player gains no money and loses 50% each of the three times he/she wishes to use it. No word if some special prize will be given if a player defeats all 100, as the NBC version gives away $1,000,000if you win the game. So, what do you guys think? Is the NBC or BBC version better in terms of rules? Click BUZZ IN and be sure to tell us!
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    Welcome to the New Website!
    Thursday, August 17, 2006
    Here it is! About two months in the making, this is the all new Please check it all out, and thank you for continue to read the site. Regular stories will start again at about, oh, midnight or so.

    Edit: Comments are all fixed, so you can see how many are on a page. If there are any more issues, feel free to tell me and I'll do what I can.
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    Tonight, the new site, which was a few weeks in the making, will debut. We have chosen a new logo, and thanks to all have submitted. The winner is reader Chris C.. However, we will feature all logos submitted in different posts. Thanks to the large number of submissions. Just as a note, the new site will have a slightly new color scheme, logo, and layout. Plus, we are now giving you a direct form to submit news stories to Buzzer as well as a contestant and audience search location. However, the news will stay the same as always. It's time to move into the new era of Buzzer tonight at sometime between 11PM ET and midnight.
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    Wednesday, August 16, 2006
    OK, the logo is fixed. This is the temporary logo for now. Thanks to our good friends at FLASHGames² for hosting it, and thank you for reading. Hopefully more site updates will happen in the future.

    Note: The logo contest is still on if you want to submit anything. Be creative!
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    Talpa's "De Slimste" Returns
    The Netherlands is becoming the new England of game show development, aren't they? Talpa's show "De Slimste", which is, according to readers of our site who have seen the show, basically a more technical version of some old show called "Talkabout", is coming back on September 4th. The first season, which was a celebrity tournament, was apparently successful enough to return. No idea if it is still celebrity or not, but if I had to guess, I'd say sadly yes. The fast-paced game show is hosted by the primetime Dutch "Deal or No Deal" host Linda DeMol. Be sure to see who is "The Smartest" by clicking the link below. There you can find the schedule and live feed, plus reruns.

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    Website Tech Problems
    As I'm sure you can tell, the logo is gone. The original provider of the logo has hastely decided, without warning, to remove the logo, and I stupidly didn't save it. So, a few things. If anyone for some reason has it, feel free to email me. Otherwise, we'll be getting a new logo which I'm sure will be some terrible work of sad art. However, this site has and will be always about you, the readers. That said, if you are a good graphic programmer and want to create a brand new logo for Buzzer, please do so and email it over. Nothing overly technical, just something that gets the point across. We'll use the best one and give them full credit plus possibly something else (not promising something else, just throwing it out there). Here's your chance to have even more input in the site. Go ahead and do your best. Also, we are working on a brand new site for the near distant future. Thank you for your patience as we do some site adjusting.

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    Jamie Roberts Named Head of Programming for GSN
    Breaking news coming in from GSN: Jamie Roberts has been named the new head of programming for GSN: The Nework For Games starting Monday, August 21st. GSN president Rich Cronin today said "Jamie Roberts brings over ten years of production and programming experience to the network, and that, coupled with his thorough knowledge of European television formats made him the idea candidate for our programming chief. Roberts has developed high-rated programs for Sky that include a diverse slate of genres from live specials to reality series to game shows. We're looking foward to having him produce competition-related content that complements multiple media platforms for GSN."

    In this job, Jamie Roberts will be responsible for overseeing GSN's production, development, acquisitions and programming planning departments for the network. Roberts stated "I am thrilled to be joining GSN and its programming team as they continue to explore new television formats and content platforms. I hope to bring some fresh ideas to the network that will register with viewers and bring even more buzz to GSN." Roberts is responsible for the UK edition of "Entertainment Tonight", as well as broadcasting the "77th Annual Academy Awards" to England. He also was in charge of one of Sky TV's biggest hits, "The Match", from Endemol UK. Roberts began his TV career in 1993 as a producer/director of music and children's programming.

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    New Set Photos
    We were providied with some pictures of the new "Family Feud" and updated "Jeopardy!" sets. Just to warn you: "Jeopardy!"'s set change is basically just new podia and an updated look around the board. "Family Feud", however, has more of a massive change. As always, what do you guys think? I think both are great, personally. The new "Jeopardy!" podia are better than the rocket ships of last year, and anything would be an improvement over the seizure inducing "Feud" set of recent years. That said, the logo does blow, however.


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    Tuesday, August 15, 2006

    This JUST in from GSN. This is a direct quote.

    Dear GSN Viewer,

    We at GSN are very committed to our classic game show heritage. We appreciate our loyal fans and place a high value on their opinions. In fact many of our schedule changes over the past year (particularly in the weekday and weekend daytime blocks) are the direct result of viewer requests.

    Below we've outlined parts of our schedule that we think you'll like, and rest assured that we will continue our dedication to classic game shows:

    * What's My Line returns to the line-up on the night of Sunday, October 1st! (actually Monday morning October 2nd), at 3:00am EST.

    * However, before that date, GSN will be highlighting some rare series from its prolific library. Here’s a look at the schedule:

    August 27 – Get the Message (3 AM EST); What’s Going On (3:30 AM EST)

    Sept. 3 – Make the Connection (3 AM EST); Play Your Hunch (3:30 AM EST)

    Sept. 10 – Password (3 AM EST-the only surviving episode from the ABC version of the show); Password (3:30 AM EST)

    Sept. 17 – Two for the Money (3 AM EST); Winner Take All (3:30 AM EST)

    Sept. 24 – The Name’s the Same (3 AM EST); It’s News to Me (3:30 AM EST)

    Oct. 1 – WHAT’S MY LINE – returns (3 AM EST); A rare series fills this spot (3:30 AM EST)

    Other classic-themed shows on the air include:

    * The 50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time. Hosted by Bil Dwyer, this countdown marathon currently airs Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 10-11pm EST and concludes on August 31st, 2006. Tune in to see if your favorites are in the countdown!

    * Monthly specials beginning this October which focus on classic game show icons. Upcoming topics include Match Game, a biography of Chuck Barris, and a countdown of the Greatest Game Show Hosts of All Time.

    * Tune in weekdays between 9am and 3pm (EST) for well-loved classics such as Match Game, Blockbusters, Jeopardy!, Press Your Luck, Card Sharks, and Family Feud.

    Thank you for your continued loyalty to GSN.

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    GSN July Ratings
    Take a wild guess what they are. If you said .4, you're right. The headcount was 235,000. This does make July GSN's biggest rated month, though. They are trailing behind TV Guide Channel by 1,000 viewers and are ahead of National Geographic, Oxygen, Discovery Health, Science Channel, Toon Disney, WE, OLN, and Biography channel. CNBC has completely dropped off the radar; that is, until reruns of "Deal or No Deal" start again. If "1 vs. 100" is a big hit and gets on CNBC also, GSN could be in trouble, seeing that CNBC was extremely close to beating the network a few months back. If you have any opinions, please buzz in.
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    A Few "1 vs. 100" Notes
    I didn't figure we had that many readers who were in the mob, but we do. According to reader Tim H., the mob members have 15 seconds to answer and can change as often as they want during that 15 seconds. The One seems to have unlimited time. And the logo below is apparently not the one being used. Thanks, NBC. Also, the British counterpart will be played for £250,000, but no word on gameplay yet.
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    "Playmania" Moves to Midnight
    Monday, August 14, 2006
    Next week, GSN's hit show "Playmania" will move up one hour to the midnight time slot. The show will still be two hours, stretching to 2AM. The previous time slot was 1AM to 3AM. Starting August 27th, the show will be on Sunday nights as well, meaning the show will air Thursdays through Sundays at midnight to 2AM ET. Also, on the week of the 27th, a special week will be shown, giving honor to the Emmy Awards, along with bigger prizes. "Playmania" on GSN is television's first truly interactive game show.
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    Show Me What You've Got Logo
    Sexy women and shiny is all I can say.

    Edit: Nope, I can add one more thing. Terrible grammar. Show Me What YOU Got? At least pretend your network is respectable, FOX!
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    Rules of NBC "1 vs 100"
    Oh my god. I don't know how, but NBC turned crap to passable in record time. They fixed a lot of issues 1 vs 100 had, even though the escapes are still basically Lifelines from "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". Here are the rules. And yes, this is the logo we found for the show.

    The one is pre-selected and doesn't come from the mob, although mob members may audition to be the one. No category is given, just the question and 3 choices. The player submits his/her answer as the mob members do. If the player is wrong, the player loses everything, which is divided among the remaining mob members and a new One is brought in. If the One is right, all incorrect mob members are eliminated. Scoring is now based on how many are gone and on what question is it. Read the following....

    Question 1- $100 per eliminated member
    Question 2- $250 per eliminated member
    Question 3- $500 per eliminated member
    Question 4- $750 per eliminated member
    Question 5- $1,000 per eliminated member
    Question 6- $1,500 per eliminated member
    Question 7- $2,000 per eliminated member
    Question 8- $3,000 per eliminated member
    Question 9- $4,000 per eliminated member
    Question 10- $5,000 per eliminated member
    Question 11- $6,000 per eliminated member
    Question 12- $7,500 per eliminated member
    Question 13- $10,000 per eliminated member.
    Eliminate all 100- Total bumped up to $1,000,000

    Episode 3+
    Question 1- $100 per eliminated member
    Question 2- $250 per eliminated member
    Question 3- $500 per eliminated member
    Question 4- $1,000 per eliminated member
    Question 5- $2,000 per eliminated member
    Question 6- $3,000 per eliminated member
    Question 7- $4,000 per eliminated member
    Question 8- $5,000 per eliminated member
    Question 9- $6,000 per eliminated member
    Question 10- $7,000 per eliminated member
    Question 11- $8,000 per eliminated member
    Question 12- $9,000 per eliminated member
    Question 13- $10,000 per eliminated member
    Eliminate all 100- Total bumped to $1,000,000

    $10,000 is the glass ceiling, you can't get any more money per eliminated member than that. You can do more questions than that as of now, but $10,000 is the max per person eliminated. The One has the choice of stopping before the question with all of his/her money, or stopping AFTER the question is read with 25% of his/her bank. The player also has two helps. To quote my sources, "the first time the contestant chooses an answer and they light up who in the mob chose that answer, and they get to choose any of them and ask them why they chose that answer. The second time they do this two mob members are randomly selected who chose two different answers, one right and one wrong, and both give their reasons for selecting that answer, therefore eliminating one answer right off the bat." So, it seems like Phone-A-Friend and 50:50, but with mob members involved. Yes, Ken Jennings is in the mob.

    According to our sources: THE SHOW'S TENTATIVE START DATE IS SEPTEMBER 11, 2006. That would most likely be directly after "Deal or No Deal" at 8PM ET.

    I don't know how, but NBC has really turned this game around from a complete piece of crap to something that is rather passable and actually looks to be fun. Be sure to check it out.
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    Ken Jennings on "1 vs 100"
    Sunday, August 13, 2006
    I respect Ken Jennings a lot, but my lord, TV people! He's won over $3,000,000. Let other people play. According to a warning posting on Craigslist, Ken Jennings is a paid mob member for NBC's newest game show "1 vs 100". Also, it is sounding like mob members don't get a damn thing anymore if a contestant misses, unlike what was originally said. Once we get the mob reports in from other contestants, we'll find out officially, but here comes another great one I can tell. If you'd like to read the rest of this posting, here you go. Seriously, how does NBC mess up a simple show like "1 vs 100"?

    1 VS 100 POSTING

    Edit: This is why we confirm things before we say it's a fact. From reader Tim H.:

    "I was a member of the Mob for taping this weekend. When the contestant misses a question, then the Mob does win, with surviving Mobsters dividing up the pot that the contestant has previously won. Ken Jennings was also a participant in the Mob. According to Ken himself, he was not paid any appearance fee.

    Yes, the taping took a very long time. Yes, there is a chance that the Mob will be paid no money because the "1" decides to go home with his/her winnings. But it was not as grim as the craigslist poster has made it out to be. It is very unlikely individual Mobsters will get rich on this show, but I think it will be an entertaining show to watch."

    That makes it better at least. I see no reason for Ken Jennings there, but I see no reason for a pony on "Deal or No Deal", so do what you will. Thanks to Tim.
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    New Family Stunt Show Casting
    Back from vacation, so updates are regular again. The listing for this new stunt show casting wants families, with participants at least 15 years old and are physically fit, to apply. It says it makes Double Dare look like jump rope, and the prize is $1500 plus big prizes apparently. So if you want to sign up for what is looking like Dog Eat Dog: Family Edition, click below.

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    Followup on Blackjack Lawsuit
    Friday, August 11, 2006
    Still on vacation, so sorry to rush this in my 10 free minutes. Yesterday, it was announced Ultimate Blackjack Tournament is suing GSN for basically stealing gameplay elements for "World Series of Blackjack 2006". Basically, if you haven't figured it out, the parts UBT are pissed about are the Burger King Power Chip and the Knockout Card, all of which spice up what is, in all honesty, a semi-bland game for the home viewer. UBT has issued no comment to Buzzer, but GSN has given us an exclusive comment. This afternoon at 2:00PM ET, GSN stated This lawsuit is completely baseless and without merit, and we will be vindicated in court.”
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    "Catch Phrase" Revival Still Active
    Remember about a half a year ago when it was announced that Granada was reviving "Catch Phrase" and made a pilot? I remember working on graphics for that show too. Todd Newton was the host for the pilot, but things are changing apparently. According to Craigslist, they are searching for a new host for "Catch Phrase". So, for you fans out there, the show isn't dead yet.

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    "One Versus 100" Lowers Top Prize + "Set For Life" Taping
    Thursday, August 10, 2006
    Report coming in from Craigslist: The much publicized $3,000,000 top prize of NBC's new game show "One Versus 100" is no more. It is now being listed as a $1,000,000 top prize. Well at least this is a step in the right direction; no $2,500,000 gap.

    Also, ABC's hour long edition of the "Powerball: Instant Millionaire" bonus round, known as "Set For Life" begins taping next week.
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    GSN Renews "High Stakes Poker" For Season 3
    GSN recently announced they have renewed their top rated show, "High Stakes Poker" for a third season. The second and current season airs Mondays at 9PM ET. "We were betting that HIGH STAKES POKER would be a success and we have won big," said Rich Cronin, President and CEO of GSN. "This show has proven to be a breakout hit with poker fans. We couldn't be more pleased by the response that we have gotten from viewers and television critics who have called HIGH STAKES POKER a 'must-see' and the 'best poker show' on television." "High Stakes Poker" is GSN's second biggest rated show, only losing to "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", and is television's only cash game, with each player paying $100,000 to compete.

    Also, due to high ratings, "High Stakes Poker" will begin airing MONDAYS at 8PM ET, replacing the primetime rerun of Regis Philbin's "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", starting September 18th.
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    Ultimate Blackjack Tour Sues GSN
    In conjunction with CBS, the Ultimate Blackjack Tour is suing GSN for breach of implied contract, breach of confidence, unfair competition, and unjust enrichment in conjunction with "World Series of Blackjack". This suit, if passed, will restrict GSN from airing "World Series of Blackjack" again, and UBT made a request for monetary damages. UBT contends that they presented novel blackjack concepts to GSN which, in its first two seasons, "lacked the drama and excitement of the "elimination" style invented by UBT." According to the suit, GSN declined the help of UBT, but encorporated their ideas into the 2006 "World Series of Blackjack". CBS has made a two season commitment to "Ultimate Blackjack Tour" which will air Saturday afternoons starting September 16th. "World Series of Blackjack", which airs Mondays at 10PM ET on GSN, is the only new show to survive the rebranding of Game Show Network.
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    "Show Me What You've Got" Rules Explained
    Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been and will be out of town until Sunday, so updates will be every so often. Yet again, our friends at Bother's Bar have posted the rules to "Show Me What You've Got", which is currently casting and will be shown on FOX. This is rare, but a FOX game show is actually extremely good and relatively original. Plus, to get the ratings, it offers quite a bit of money. How much? Oh, only $8,160,000. However, it's not necessarily easy to get. And get this, there are trivia questions! Hooray!

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    Bob Saget Named Host of "1 vs. 100"
    Tuesday, August 08, 2006
    It'll be a Full House for former TV star/comedian Bob Saget as he manages over 100 people on NBC's new trivia show "1 vs. 100". This is his first starring television role since his seven-year run on "America's Funniest Home Videos" on ABC. According to Yahoo News, "1 vs 100" is being looked at as a companion to "Deal or No Deal". In the Netherlands, "1 vs 100" is a replacement when "Deal or No Deal" is on break. However, both are being replaced by the show "One Million What?"
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    "What's My Line" Live Moves to New York
    Monday, August 07, 2006
    A posting on Craigslist states that LA's "What's My Line Live" show is moving to New York City and is currently looking for contestants. The next show is Wednesday, September 13th at 8PM, and if you stump the group, you win $50 in prizes from the sponsors. The show takes place in Manhattan; specifically, Parkside Lounge on East Houston.

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    88SLIDE Goes Camping This Week

    This week on 88SLIDE, Rachel and the crew go to the great outdoors, giving you the chance to win camping themed prizes like a Garmin GPS device and a National Geographic Guide to National Parks. Just on more business news, 88SLIDE has recently been added to Amp'd Mobile's library of videos. Also, 88SLIDE is teaming with Akimbo to deliver video-on-demand to any television via a broadband internet connection. Akimbo has reached a deal with AT&T Homezone TV to launch their services later this summer. Noah Bonnett, executive producer, writer, director, and editor of 88SLIDE, stated 88SLIDE is continuing to build its reputation as the world’s new-media game show...I think what our audience really appreciates is that our show has character and heart. We’ve shown that the new-media consumer doesn’t want to see the same formula of some old hack asking questions from behind a podium...Rather, we’ve revolutionized not only the idea of the game show, but a production, distribution and revenue model that will allow 88SLIDE to continue its international growth across all platforms. Rachel, Blaine and I want to especially thank all of the viewers from Buzzerblog for joining our family...We appreciate your 60 seconds with us, daily! ”
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    British "Set For Life" Rules (New ABC Show)
    Our friends at, last night, posted the rules to their new show "For The Rest of Your Life." This show is being called "Set for Life" and will debut sometime in the near distant future on ABC. Please read the rules and tell us what you think. Personally, I can't believe they wouldn't renew "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" for this.

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    Access Hollywood "Deal or No Deal" Model Contest
    Saturday, August 05, 2006
    For the second series of NBC's hit show "Deal or No Deal", Access Hollywood is giving you, hopefully a female, a chance to be a model. If you go to the link on the bottom of this post, you can read the rules and enter Access Hollywood's "Make Me a Deal or No Deal Model" contest.

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    GSN's "Playmania" Adds a Fourth Night
    Friday, August 04, 2006
    GSN's hit late night show, "Playmania", is adding another night. TV's first truly interactive game show will be shown on Sundays starting on August 27th, announced GSN president Rich Cronin. Also, on the weekend of the 27th (Emmy awards), GSN will be paying homage to television by playing TV themed puzzles and games, increased cash prizes, celebrity guests, and more. Playmania is hosted by Mel Peachy and Shandi Finnessey
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    Thursday, August 03, 2006
    This just in, Craigslist and MySpace have posted a casting call for a new game show called "The Rich List" to be aired on FOX. Contestants will have to be around the LA area, or you'd better travel, because there is no limit to how many games you can stay on, and you can win $250,000 PER game. Just a warning: it's yet another pop culture game show.


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    FOX's "Show Me the Money" Renamed
    Very quick post here. FOX's new entry into game shows, Endemol's "Show Me the Money" has been renamed to "Show Me What You've Got". Well there you go.

    "Show Me What You've Got" Casting
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    Dutch "That's The Question" Rules (Coming to GSN)
    If you read about GSN's new shows from the TCA announcements, you heard about the new show "That's The Question" with host Bob Goen. Here are the rules for the Dutch version. How much of it translates to us is up for grabs.

    Two players compete. A hidden question is shown, and the host reads an answer, like this.

    .. ..... .... ..… .. ..... ....... ?
    Answer: Rome

    Obviously, you have no idea what the question is, so we play Mini Questions. Player 1 starts. The host reads a mini question with the answer scrambled. All anagrams have one extra letter. Here is an example.

    Mini Quesetion: What is King Arthur's castle named?
    Anagram Answer: E L O C E M T A

    Player 1 guesses. If wrong, his/her turn is over. If right, the extra letter, which in this case is E, is places into the hidden question. The player gets 1 point for each time the letter appears. Also, turns alternate between players each time no matter what. Here's what the question looks like.

    .. .e..e .... ..… .e ..e.. ....e.. ?

    This continues until the question is solved by a player. The player who gets the question wins 5 extra points. That person also gets to answer a photo bonus question. Two pictures are shown that are related to the question, and the player must pick out the right one. 5 bonus points are given for a right answer.

    Round 2 is the same, but players keep control until a wrong answer is given, each time a letter placled is 2 points, and the correct question solved/photo bonus is worth 9 each.

    My Dutch isn't great, but here's round 3. A hidden question is given, but no answer. Letters randomly are placed in the question, and a player can buzz in when they know the question/answer. If they get both, they get 10 points. Whoever has the most points win.

    In the bonus, the player is shown yet another Hidden Question, with no answer. To find letters, the winner plays a timed Mini Question game. The winner's points are turned into seconds, and as long as time remains, the player is given a Mini Question with the Anagram Answer + 1 extra letter. A wrong answer means we move on to the next question. A right answer places the extra letter in the question and I believe the answer. This continues until time is up. If the player can give the question and answer, he/she wins 1000 euro. If not, the player comes back tomorrow.

    If the player wins the grand, he/she has an option. The player can leave with the money earned, or come back the next show. Here are situations that occur for each outcome.

    Leaves= Leaves with money
    Comes back + Loses Main Game = Leaves with no money
    Comes back + Wins Main Game + Loses Bonus Round = Leaves with 1/2 money
    Comes Back + Wins Main Game + Wins Bonus Round = Doubles Money and can come back again.

    The player can stay for 3 days max, meaning he/she can win up to 4000.

    I will say that this is really original, seems exciting and very entertaining. I have no idea when the show comes out or how much GSN will change the format, but if we keep it anything like this, it looks entertaining.
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    Yet Another Pop Culture Show: Run-Through Needed
    Wednesday, August 02, 2006
    If you are a pop culture freak and you haven't tried for "StarFace" or "World Series of Pop Culture" or anything else, Park Hill Entertainment is looking for contestants for a pop-culture show run-through. This is apparently a major network pitch and this is the last call. If you want to see this game and you're in/near Burbank, CA, click the link below.

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    Is Noel Edmonds the host of UK "1 vs 100"?
    A new Belfast Telegraph was posted today, stating Endemol is looking for more contestants for the BBC edition of "1 s 100", which they are sure will be a giant hit. The game is simple: defeat 100 other people in a trivia game for a giant cash prize. The game has been sold in 15 countries and is rumored to be starting in September on NBC. The UK tryout will be at Belfast's Express Holiday Inn (University Street) on August 18th. The really interesting thing is that it says the host is UK "Deal or No Deal" host Noel Edmonds. Here's the quote...


    The Endemol Productions project, 1 Vs 100, is described as a "exciting new quiz show " which has already been sold to some 15 countries around the world.

    The programme, presented by Noel Edmonds, which is currently a huge hit for NBC in America, follows a simple format and pits one person against 100 others in an intense battle of brains with the chance to win a big cash prize.

    So take that as you will, who knows. Either they got the "huge hit" part wrong, or the Noel Edmonds part wrong. Time will tell. Check back for updates later.
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    TBS Debuts "Playmania" Clone
    Yahoo News has started tham TBS is set to debut "television's first truly interactive game show". Yeah, because GSN's "Playmania", TV's FIRST truly interactive game show, doesn't exist. STBS's show "Midnight Money Madness", television's second truly interactive game show, will be four days a week, Monday through Thursday, starting August 28th. It will be done twice a night from LA, for the east coast and then west coast to participate. The two hosts are being finalized as I type this, and the show has been given an 8 week trial period. Instead of texting like TV's first truly interactive game show, Playmania, people will call a 1-900 number. No word on cash prizes. This show is being done by Endemol.
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    "Set For Life" Still Casting
    Tuesday, August 01, 2006
    Craigslist has yet another posting for "Set For Life", and they are even casting for specific people now. So, if you are any of these...

    Cowboy (with a ten-gallon hat and a belt buckle the size of Texas)
    Jewish Mom "a la Coffee Talk"
    Flamboyant Gay Hairdresser
    Larger-than-life Police Officer or Firefighter
    Dynamic, competitive Twins
    Off-the-wall Hot Dog Vendor

    Hey, you can earn money. So let's go make sure major stereotypes are still alive and very active in America!

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    GSN Opens "StarFace" and "Chain Reaction" Online Games
    Last night, GSN officially launched a "Chain Reaction" and "StarFace" free online that you can play wherever and whenever. The network is also allowing these games to be embedded into your MySpace, blog, or anywhere else by inserting the code, which is why you see it here.

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