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  • GSN Starts Another Original: "Fame Game"
    Wednesday, May 31, 2006
    Per Craigslist and announcer Randy West, GSN is seeking contestants for it's new pop culture game show "Fame Game". Nothing is known about it at this point, and this one kinda flew under the radar until now. Randy stated that the show did get a firm go for 40 episodes and will start taping in June or July. We'll get more info from GSN when we can.

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    Ricki Lake ("Game Show Marathon") Interview
    Reader Jeff Parsons of the Q79.9 morning radio show gave me a link to a terrific interview he conducted with Ricki Lake today, and he asked that I share it with you all. Remember, "Game Show Marathon" starts today with "The Price is Right" CBS 8PM ET, with "Deal or No Deal" tonight (repeat episode) at 9PM ET on NBC AND "Celebrity Poker Showdown: New Orleans" at 9PM ET on Bravo.

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    GSN's "I've Got A Secret" in Gay Pride Parades
    Tuesday, May 30, 2006
    GSN's new hit series "I've Got A Secret" will be touring the country in numerous gay pride parades. The parades will feature some panelists from the show along in SUV's waving flags for their cause. Here are some locations they will be in.

    • Long Beach – Long Beach Pride Festival & Parade: May 20-21 (Panelist Jermaine Taylor will be on-hand)
    • Chicago – Bear Pride Picnic: May 27-28 (Panelist Frank DeCaro will be on-hand)
    • Detroit – Motor City Pride: June 4
    • Philadelphia – Philly Pride Parade & Festival: June 11 (Panelist Frank DeCaro will be on-hand)
    • New York – PrideFest and Pride March Parade: June 25 (Panelists Frank DeCaro, Jermaine
    Taylor and Billy Bean will be on-hand)

    “With the combination of our all gay panel of judges and the fact that we organized a 10-city mobile tour, it made perfect sense to tie into the various local gay pride parades and festivals to show our support for the community,” said Dena Kaplan, Senior Vice President of Marketing at GSN. “I’ve Got a Secret is about confessing one’s personal secret and we are excited to offer people this opportunity to participate in the phenomenon while showing our support for the gay community.”

    NOTE: I've gotten some rude comments about the choices of the panelists before, please knock it off. If you're like me and not gay, respect their choices. We're a free country.
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    "World Series of Blackjack" 3 Information
    This will, without a shadow of a doubt, be GSN's best original yet just by reading the press release. You know how to play blackjack, just get to 21 or as close as you can to win in the tournament style that the network does. However, a few new inovations come into play this season. There are two "Knockout Cards" in the 6 shoe deck. Whenever one appears, the lowest bankroll is automatically out. Also, each player is given a "Burger King Power Chip", which can replace one card that a player is given.

    Players this season were invited, qualified through qualifying games around the country in casinos, and also in an AOL contest. Over 300,000 people tried through AOL to enter the show. The first of 13 one-hour shows is on June 5th. Each prelim game winner receives $25,000, but the championship game winner will receive the biggest jackpot in network history and one of the biggest in cable game show history: $500,000. Hosts this season are blackjack author Ben Mezrich and "TVGuide Water Cooler" host John Fugelsang.
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    Extra "Deal or No Deal" On Wednesday
    Monday, May 29, 2006
    For this week, "Deal or No Deal" will air tonight (Monday, May 29th) at 8PM and also Wednesday, May 31st at 9PM on NBC.

    Sorry for the recent lack of updates. The past few weeks have been very busy and I've had little time at home. In the upcoming week, everything should be back to normal.
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    Ratings Roundup + GSN Ratings
    Like the past few months, GSN got a .4 in April with a headcount of 226K, which is greater than last month. It scored above the general channels like Toon Disney, Oxygen, and OLN. In semi-impressive news, CNBC did raise to a .2 last month, partially because of "Deal or No Deal"'s big ratings.

    "Deal or No Deal" Monday- 8.7/4 (1st place in time slot, 3rd place that night)
    "Wheel of Fortune"- 7.9 (1st place); 2.1 in 18-49 demo (6th place)
    "Jeopardy"- 6.4 (3rd place); 1.7 in 18-49 demo (9th place)
    "The Price is Right"- First Half Hour = 1.2 (12th place); Second Half Hour = 1.4 (7th place)
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    "Game Show Marathon" Site Up
    Friday, May 26, 2006
    CBS has set up a crappy-ass little "Game Show Marathon" site with a schedule and a few other things to check out. Follow this link. "Game Show Marathon" starts with "The Price is Right" this coming Wednesday at 8PM ET on CBS.
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    "Deal or No Deal" Moves to Thursday in Fall
    NBC's "Deal or No Deal" was originally scheduled to air on Monday and Friday in Fall 2006. However, that won't be. "Crossing Jordan" will air at 8PM on Fridays as "Deal or No Deal" takes a big Thursday at 9PM slot.
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    Turner Classic Movies Pilots New Game Show
    Thursday, May 25, 2006
    Well this one came out of left field. Cable movie channel Turner Classic Movies is taking a dive into original programming in an attempt to broaden it's fanbase, much as AMC did. The network will be making a "game show" where young actors will recreate scenes from a classic movie. It will be hosted by "That 70s Show" star Wilder Valderrama. Will it make it to air? Who knows. A show like this was done in the 70s, according to TVSquad. That show was called "Don Adam's Screen Test". This one is called "Take Two"

    Also, in more of a move that excites me, Rob Zombie will host a late-night cult movie showcase. If you love crappy B-grade horror movies, go see "House of 1000 Corpses". It does not disappoint.
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    GSN Makes "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" Documentary
    A small independent production company, Atlas Media Corp, is creating a documentary based off of the hit former ABC show (in which the contract will expire in days) and syndicated show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". It's going to touch upon some history, memorable moments and contestants, mishaps, and more. No word when it's going to air, but Atlas Media Corp has asked for our and your help. If you have any interesting stories about Millionaire, like if you were a contestant when something strange/interesting/memorable happened, or if you were in the audience when some event occured, PLEASE contact me using the page in our links section. I can get you connected to Atlas Media Corp then.
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    "Chain Reaction" Rumored Start Date
    Tuesday, May 23, 2006
    Multichannel News just posted a list of cable TV show start dates. It lists GSN's "Chain Reaction" starting on August 1st. No time is set. Again, this is just rumored. Once GSN has a release about the show, we'll tell you first.
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    Indepth "Game Show Marathon" Information
    Monday, May 22, 2006
    Sorry to go so heavy on the "Game Show Marathon" info, I am just getting stuff constantly. CBS just dropped me an email telling me about it. Emmy award nominee Ricki Lake will host the multi-week event reviving old game shows for celebrities to play for charities. The celebrities are Lance Bass ('N Sync), Paige Davis (Trading Spaces), Tim Meadows (Saturday Night Live), Kathy Najimy (Sister Act), Leslie Nielsen (Airplane), and Brande Roderick (Baywatch).

    On night one, the players compete in "The Price as Right", featuring such games as Plinko, Race Game, Hole in One, and Showcase Showdown. Other shows featured are "Let's Make A Deal", "Beat the Clock", "Press Your Luck", "Card Sharks", "Match Game", and "Family Feud". All games have been revived exactly as they were in the original version of the shows. There will also be text-in trivia games for home viewers to win what the champion gets each night.

    "Game Show Marathon" is created by Fremantle Media and will air next Wednesday, May 31st at 8PM and next Thursday, June 1st at 8PM. It will air on the same exact days and times the following week before settling into a constant Thursday 8PM time slot on June 15th.

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    "Game Show Marathon" Contact Information
    Sunday, May 21, 2006
    One of the most frequently asked questions to me is "How do I contact Fremantle and CBS asking for the revival of classic game shows?" As we have stated, the absolute only way to get these shows to come back is to either call, write, or email CBS and Fremantle. It worked on the British "Game Show Marathon"; it will work here. Whether it be revived on a major network, cable network, or syndication, you can all help make it come back. Here are two links filled with contact information. People often bitch about the lack of game shows. Here's your chance to make a difference.

    Contact Fremantle In This Link
    Contact CBS In This Link (Use The CBS TELEVISION Information)

    Also, Chris Colbourne from FLASHGames^2 emailed me and told me that the Canadian page for "Game Show Marathon" is up. Hey CBS, want to hurry it up.
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    Ratings Roundup
    Saturday, May 20, 2006
    Sorry for the lack of update, been a busy week. Here's the review in ratings.

    "Deal or No Deal" Monday- 8.8/14 for 8:25 to 9PM. 10.9/15 for 9PM to 10PM. (1st place at 8:25 to 9PM. 2nd place for 9PM to 10PM. Highest rating for show ever)

    "Deal or No Deal" Wednesday- 8.9/15 (1st place at 8PM to 9PM)

    "Wheel of Fortune"- 7.8 (1st place in all demos)/ 1.9 (9th in key demo)

    "Jeopardy"- 6.4 (3rd place in all demos)/ 1.7 (10th in key demo)

    "The Price is Right"- 11:00 to 11:30AM = 1.1 (12th place)/ 11:30 to 12:00PM = 1.3 (10th place)

    Note: "Price" is in women 18-49. A HUGE Monday for "Deal", and interesting to see it scale back to once a week until the season is over. Understandable counting that there are just a few episodes left to air. To quote my good friend, GSNN writer Chico Alexander, "Then it's a summer without. Bitter, I know. But remember the saying, 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'."

    Check back tomorrow for a GIANT rant and posting about CBS's "Game Show Marathon" airing sooner than you think.
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    Endemol Launches UK "Deal or No Deal" Site
    Thursday, May 18, 2006
    Quick one before I go for a bit. Endemol has set up quite a nice site for the British version of "Deal or No Deal". Follow this link to get to it. It's soon to include an official game too!
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    NBC Starts Spanish "Deal" on Telemundo
    According to the New York Post, NBC will be expanding their hit show "Deal or No Deal" into a Spanish version on their sister network Telemundo. The show will most likely be called "Vas o no Vas" and will be hosted by the man who does the Mexican version, whoever that is. It will be done by Endemol's Mexican branch and run in the fall. Endemol USA president David Goldberg said "We've been trying to get into the business for a couple of years, and this is a very important develop ment for us."
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    "Deal or No Deal" Schedule Change
    This just in- NBC's number one show, "Deal or No Deal", is only going to be on Mondays at 8PM until the end of the season. The original episode order was extended by 8 episodes, so we're getting down to barely any episodes left because of the three-a-week airing pattern. The season finale, played for $5,000,000, will be on Friday, June 2nd at 8PM ET on NBC.
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    Goodbye, everyone.
    Wednesday, May 17, 2006
    It's been a fun year at Buzzer. You know, conceiving the idea of a game show blog wasn't an easy task. Me and Mike Stanton started this crazy thing a while back, and it really has turned into something quite spectacular. Unfortunately, there's been a lot of things that have kept me from working on the site as Editor In Chief. Mainly, school work (gotta get that degree!) and my own website, Pacdude Games, which has helped out Buzzer in hosting a lot of stuff.

    I'd especially like to thank everyone who's helped me in this experiment. Mike Stanton, Mike Klauss, Chico Alexandar, GSNN, the good people at the Invision board, and visitors from GSN's boards.

    You guys rock.

    As for what I'll be doing with myself, I'll still be making your favorite game shows at Pacdude Games. I'm also a DJ at WEXP La Salle Radio (our online stream is with a show Thursdays from 5 to 7 PM EST. Keep up with me, and I'll be sure to keep up with the game show community. I haven't left you guys. I'm just... well... going over there.
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    88SLIDE: The Daily One Mintue Trivia Show

    The executive producer of this show just emailed me and I had to show you guys. Noah Bonnett is the executive producer of 88SLIDE, which is a daily one minute trivia show. It is distributed through the internet at and through iTunes as a video podcast. New episodes are released Monday through Friday with bloopers and outtakes on weekends. Tomorrow, they are giving away a brand new iPod NANO, so it may be very wise for you to join in, as it's a special road show week. Noah Bonnett said that he is working on a never-ending basis to get bigger and better prizes. iPod NANOs cost quite a pretty penny, so this is a pretty nice one. "Our mission is to entertain, interact, and enlighten , daily, in 60 seconds." Be sure to check this out tomorrow; I know I will. This page will be in our links and schedule bar from now on.
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    ABC is "Set For The Rest Of Your Life"
    In today's upfronts, ABC has announced that in the dock-it is their new game show "Set for the Rest of Your Life." In it, couples compete for a weekly stipend. The first player could get $50. Maybe $500. Maybe $10,000 each month. It's never known. However, the second player in the isolation booth could ruin it all. Nothing like divorce on national television. Remember, this quality piece of television is probably going on inplace of "Millionaire".
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    "Deal or No Deal" Scores Huge on Monday
    Tuesday, May 16, 2006
    Someone who has tracked the ratings, if you can respond to this and tell me if I'm wrong or right, go for it. Even with President Bush blabbing forever, "Deal or No Deal" achieved a high score. The 8:25PM-9PM block got a 8.8/14, winning that abbreviated time period. "Deal" got 2nd place in the 9PM time slot, but it's ratings were it's biggest ever: 10.9/15. This would have been on the weekend Ratings Roundup, but this is pretty big news for the show.
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    "Millionaire-Play It" Leaves Disney World
    This is the final nail in the coffin for ABC's "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". According to insiders and staffers, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire-Play It!" in Walt Disney World's MGM Studios is leaving and being replaced with a ride called "Midway Mania" ABC is expected to lose the rights to the show at the end of this month, which is a 3 year gap between airings, so I can safely say that "Millionaire" is gone from ABC for good. Hopefully some other network will be smart and pick it up.
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    Watch the "Game Show Marathon" Preview
    We were just pointed out to the preview for "Game Show Marathon". If you don't watch CBS often like me, this is a nice little surprise. It's very weird seeing my work on TV, let me tell you. I will begin posting all kinds of contact stuff for Fremantle and CBS once my home internet starts working again. Thanks to Chris Lemon for the clip.

    Game Show Marathon Preview
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    "Deal or No Deal" In Fall 2006; No "1vs100" in Sight
    Cynopsis just sent me an email about NBC's upfront. "Deal or No Deal", consistently NBC's number one show on the network, will retain it's Monday/Friday at 8PM ET slot while losing Wednesdays. NBC, I know you read this site, please resist the urge for Wednesdays. You've aired more than a full season of "Deal or No Deal" episode-wise in just a midseason time period. Let's not burn out a terrific show. Also, "1 vs 100" is not on the fall schedule yet, probably making it a midseason replacement in December or January, but I could be completely wrong (I am often).
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    "Chain Reaction" Officially Picked Up
    Embassy Row just emailed me saying that the GSN revival of "Chain Reaction" has officially been picked up. Here's the message they just sent me. This show DOES tape in New York City. Manhattan, to be exact.

    $$ LOVE GAME SHOWS? $$

    The Executive Producer of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire is auditioning contestants for an exciting and unique new game show called
    "Chain Reaction" pits a team of THREE MEN against a team of THREE WOMEN in a lively word game….so select two of your closest friends and visit to fill out an application for your chance to be a part of the next game show craze!
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    "Lingo" Salutes Soldiers During Marathon
    Monday, May 15, 2006
    Come Memorial Day, GSN will be host of a "Lingo Marathon". On Monday, May 29th, the network will play episodes of the current season of Lingo from 9AM till 5PM ET, all leading up to a full week of armed guard themed Lingo shows at 7:30PM ET. See if anyone takes home the jackpot.

    Source: GSN
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    Dance Dance Revolution Becomes CBS Show
    I'm serious. According to TVSquad, CBS has picked up Dance Dance Revolution as a show for their "Saturday Morning Secret Slumber Party" block, which is Michael Jackson's favorite period of television. Can someone tell me how the hell this will work?
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    Regis Philbin On Tonight's "Deal or No Deal"
    Tonight, because President Bush has to mess up everything, "Deal or No Deal" will be 1 hour and 35 minutes instead of the initial 2 hours, just to warn people. Also tonight, "Deal" will feature rickety old Regis Philbin saying his exausted catch phrase "Is that your final answer", as seen on commercials. Will someone win the million? Probably not. Will someone get their ass kicked by the Banker? Most likely. "Deal or No Deal" tonight after Bush shuts up.
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    BREAKING NEWS: GSN to Pick Up Chain Reaction
    Saturday, May 13, 2006
    Breaking game show news coming in. According to an Embassy Row contestant search page, it looks like GSN has picked up Embassy's new game show, the revival of "Chain Reaction". It sees three contestants of men battle three contestants of women battle it out in a word game for a chance, at least in the pilot, of over $25,000. Want to try out? All you have to do is follow the link at the bottom and fill out the contestant application. On part 5 at the bottom, say you heard about Chain Reaction for Buzzer: The Game Show Blog. We will confirm this from GSN and/or Embassy Row this week(end) for safety, but this looks like a 95% pickup. Of course, more will be heard at GSN's TCA Announcements on July 11th.

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    Ratings Roundup
    Sorry we haven't updated in a bit. I've been away from home save for a few minutes all this week. Next week should run smoother.

    Wednesday "Deal or No Deal"- 9.5/15: 3rd place for evening
    Friday "Deal or No Deal"- 7.8/15: 1st place for the evening (NBC won Friday)
    "Wheel of Fortune"- 8.8: 1st place (2.1: 6th place in key demo)
    "Jeopardy"- 6.4: 3rd place (1.7: 9th place in key demo)
    "The Price is Right- First half hour = 1.1 (10th place)/ 2nd half hour = 1.3 (8th place)

    "Price"'s ratings are in the women 18-49 demo.
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    NBC Makes A Big "Deal" on Monday
    Tuesday, May 09, 2006
    NBC's "Deal or No Deal" scored above average on its Monday showing. Against "Prision Break" and the normal CBS comedies, "Deal" got a 9.6/15, coming in first in the time slot, but in 3rd place for the evening. The show was beaten by "Two and a Half Men" and "CSI: Miami".
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    Edit to Previous "Secret" Post
    We initially had the time as 11:30AM ET. After double checking with GSN, it is Friday, May 12th and Sunday, May 12th at 11:30PM ET on GSN. See, I can occasionally admit mistake.
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    Jermaine Taylor's Mother Guest Stars on "I've Got A Secret"
    Monday, May 08, 2006
    Come Mothers Day, there will be a big secret on GSN's hit new game show "I've Got A Secret" Jermaine Taylor's mother will be a guest. The four panelists will be blindfolded and Bil will answer yes or no for the questions as to not reveal the identity to, well, her son. Can Jermaine find out his mom? Find out on "I've Got A Secret" on Friday, May 12th and Sunday, May 12th at 11:30AM ET on GSN.
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    GSN Airs "Worldwide Web Games" for $1,000,000
    FUN Technologies announced today that, in partnership with GSN, the first annual "Worldwide Web Games" will be broadcast. You can qualify to play if you go to and go to their cash game area. They have actually had advertisements for quite some time now. “We are thrilled to be able to bring our TV audience the first-ever Worldwide Web Games,” said Rich Cronin, president and CEO, GSN. “We are always looking for ground-floor programming opportunities and are excited to be able to present this new realm of competition to our viewers who love playing casual games online at” The higher scorer in each tournament will compete in semi-finals and finals, in which a person will win $1,000,000. Visit for more info.

    Source: GSN
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    Contact Fremantle About Game Show Marathon
    I've stated over and over that if you want the "Game Show Marathon" shows to come back, you HAVE to call, write, and email Fremantle and beg them. Here's the list of shows.

    The Price is Right
    Beat the Clock
    Card Sharks
    Press Your Luck
    Family Feud
    Let's Make A Deal
    Match Game

    The airdates I know are "Price" on May 31st and the show I worked on, "Press Your Luck", on June 8th at 8PM ET. If you want to contact them, here's the information.

    FremantleMedia North America, Inc.
    1540 Broadway, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10036
    T +1 212 541 2800

    FremantleMedia North America, Inc.
    2700 Colorado Avenue, Suite 450 Santa Monica, Los Angeles CA 90404
    T +1 310 255 4700

    Email them using the form on the bottom of this page.

    No angry emails or calls or letters. Be very nice and respectful. Also thank them for having a marathon such as this so you classic show fans can see them again. Trust me, all shows, especially Press Your Luck, have gone back to the way they use to look and feel. Be sure to tell them that Buzzer: The Game Show Blog told you about this.
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    "The Luck Show" Pilot
    Reader Nick Orlando pointed this out to us. There's some new pilot being taped called "The Luck Show". Oh joy. It's based around Las Vegas style gaming and gives the winner a chance to get a million dollars (ooh). The more impressive thing is that it's in daytime. They are taping the pilot on May 13th in Dallas if you want to attend. The host is Tommy Habeeb, star of reality shows like "Cheaters". "Cheaters" is such a quality TV show; if this is anything like it, maybe our TVs can explode at the same time.

    The rules are rather basic. First round sees people buzz in and answer Vegas and gambling questions. Only one person from the group moves on. That player must compete and win in seven different Vegas games. Each game you win gets you closer to winning the big money. Here's the payout chain.

    Game 1 - $1,000
    Game 2 - $5,000
    Game 3 - $10,000
    Game 4 - $25,000
    Game 5 - $100,000
    Game 6 - $500,000
    Game 7 - $1,000,000

    A player can take their money and stop at any time instead of risking it. The studio audience splits what the contestant gets also.

    Here's the page. Tell us what you think. I'm very cautious about this show so far, but I never know.
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    Dutch "Deal or No Deal" is Back Tonight!
    Sunday, May 07, 2006
    The hit Dutch game show "Miljoenenjacht", which is the original version of "Deal or No Deal", begins today at 3:30PM ET. Mike Klauss from and I have set up the chat again, so fans can chat and play along. The links below are to watch "Miljoenenjacht" on Talpa this afternoon and for the chat.

    Streaming feed of Talpa (Miljoenenajcht starts at 3:30PM ET) Chat
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    Game Show Marathon Airdate
    Saturday, May 06, 2006
    CBS's new series, Game Show Marathon, is set to air May 31st. I worked on the Press Your Luck episode helping with graphics on some prize slides, so I can tell you that you will not be upset. It will begin Wednesday, May 31st and Thursday, June 1st at 8PM ET for two weeks and then will move into it's regular spot Thursdays at 8PM.

    I will repeat so all will know. If you want ANY of these shows to come back as a full revival, you have to email, call, and write CBS and Fremantle. This is the only way. Trust us, there is a reason that they are rebuilding entire sets.
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    ABC Picks Up "The Con Test"
    Friday, May 05, 2006
    Just a few days after ABC picked up "The Rest of Your Life", ABC announced they are attempting to develop the show "The Con Test" for a US audience. The show, which hasn't even aired yet in Europe, sees people answering trivia questions and bluffing others in the process in order to win a 7 figure prize. No clue when this is going to air. Hey ABC, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MILLIONAIRE?!?!?!?!?
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    Celebrity Air Dates for "I've Got A Secret"
    GSN's hit new series "I've Got A Secret" has lots of celebrity airings soon. Here's the list.

    Monday, May 8th- Tom Bergeron
    Thursday, May 11th- Lorenzo Lamas
    Wednesday, May 17th- Phyllis Diller
    Friday, May 19th- Jerry Springer
    Tuesday, May 23rd- Glen Campbell
    Thursday, May 25th- Mike Eruzione
    Tuesday, June 6th- Barry Williams
    Wednesday, June 7th- Rip Taylor
    Friday, June 9th- Barbara Eden
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    "Deal or No Deal" has it's first regular schedule ratings loss
    Wednesday's "Deal or No Deal" got a 7.9/13 on Wednesday, coming in second place to "House" at 10.2/17. This is the first loss it's had in a regular time slot. It lost to "Idol" during it's 2nd week run. However, as usual, "The Amazing Race" scored low with 4.8/8.

    In syndicated ratings, "Wheel of Fortune", in all households, scored an 8.0, with "Jeopardy" at 6.4. "The Price is Right" in women 18-49 was top in it's second half hour coming in at 7th place with 1.5.

    Sorry for the delay in postings, my computer has been down. Regular updates will begin again soon.
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    "Deal or No Deal" Raises Money to $5,000,000
    Wednesday, May 03, 2006
    The season finale of US "Deal or No Deal" will become "Miljoenenjacht" apparently. According to reader Chris Bogart, who was at the taping of the final two episodes, the top prize of the finale will be $5,000,000; with the 2nd biggest being $2,500,000; and the 3rd having $1,000,000. Celine Dion will also make a guest appearance. So if we're going to see a Millionaire, this is one of the few chances. Talpa's "Miljoenenjacht", with the same format as our "Deal" (Except we left off the quiz), kicks off a new season of 6 episodes Sunday at 3:40PM ET. Look back here for the link to watch.
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    "Battle of the Wedding Singers" on GSN Revisited
    We covered this ages ago, but it seems to have come up again. GSN is looking for weddings and wedding singers in the Southern California area. If you read this and are about to get married, this may be for you. If you sign up and get accepted, GSN will pay for the entire wedding. All you'll have to do is suffer through two wedding singers battling each other to see who is the best. The wedding party gets to decide. The full Craigslist posting is below.

    Thanks to reader Nick Orlando for the story. If you have stories you'd like to submit, just either respond to a post or contact me in the links section.

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    GSN Searches for Playmania Host
    If you're a sexy female, ages 20-33, this job may be for you. GSN says they are searching for a host to accompany either Shandi or Mel (whichever one is staying, or both) as a host on a "new live interactive game show on a nationally distributed cable network." This is basically Playmania, unless they are starting a new one. If you want in, here's the link.

    Live TV Host Search for GSN
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    "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" National Contestant Search
    Tuesday, May 02, 2006
    "Millionaire" is doing what they did in the beginning of the syndicated run. They are touring across the country looking for what will become a very interesting new season. Cities that they will be visiting are...

    Las Vegas

    Also returning next season are College Week, Movie Week, and Wedding Week. I'm originally from Pittsburgh, and live about an hour and a half away from it, so I hope to see many of you up there. We'll keep you posted on the official date of tour. New York City's auditions begin May 22nd. No word if the MillionaireIM contest returns.
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    Endemol Sells TV Pilots to US and UK: Heads New Game Surge
    Endemol has sold three different game shows to three different networks, according to Euronext and GSNN. One is "The Rest of Your Life" for ABC. Next is "Show Me the Money" on FOX *shivvers*. Both of those are created by "Deal" creator Dick de Rijk. Finally, "1 VS 100" was announced a few days ago for NBC. These shows are expected to air in the 3rd quarter of 2006, around the end of June/beginning of July.

    Note: From Variety, ITV in England has picked up both shows. "The Rest of Your Life" sees people earn monthly stipends for the rest of their lives that can get into the millions and is determined by gut instinct and greed. "Show Me the Money" sees players answer trivia questions and take chances to wrack up money. However, in what Endemol calls a "never before seen mechanism", an unknown twist can bring a contestants winnings to $0 or multiply it into the millions. Both of these shows are, again, going to the UK and USA. ITV has picked up the two for England, while ABC picked up "The Rest of Your Life" in USA and FOX gains control of "Show Me the Money". Also a note: in the US, no quiz show beyond Millionaire has lasted more than a season or two in the USA since the game show surge in the late 90s.
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    Celebrity Poker Showdown New Season
    Lots of changes this season on Bravo's hit TV show "Celebrity Poker Showdown". For one, Phil Gordon is gone and replaced with poker pro Phil Hellmuth. The season will be held in New Orleans instead of Vegas, and will, yet again, have a million dollar prize pool. However, all parties will be playing for the Hurricane Katrina relief fund, so, in escence, they are getting a million dollars no matter what. Now they are just making it fun for us to watch. Also this season, the winner of the Celebrity Poker Showdown online tournament, a San Jose stay-at-home mom will compete among the celebs. Here's the celebrity list.

    Wednesday, May 31st, 9PM ET: Greg Behrendt, Andrea Martin, Kim Coles, Michael Ian Black and Jorge Garcia

    Wednedsay, June 7th, 9PM ET: Bryan Cranston, Jamie Bamber, Jason Alexander, Susie Essman and Kevin Sorbo

    Wednesday, June 14th, 9PM ET: Fred Savage, Jennifer Tilly, Brett Butler, online tournament winner Ida Siconolfi and Doug E. Doug

    Wednesday, June 21st, 9PM ET: Mario Cantone, Jenna Fischer, Rocco Dispirito, Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key

    Wednesday, June 28th, 9PM ET: Christopher Meloni, Joy Behar, Andy Dick, Macy Gray and Robin Tunney

    The five champions will compete for a half million dollars for charity in the final game on Wednesday, July 5th at 9PM ET.

    The show is taping in Harrah's in New Orleans, making it the new official casino of "Celebrity Poker Showdown". A new online tournament is expected, but we'll see. The last one set a major record for them, scoring a quick 120,000 registered players and 80 million page views.
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    Purchase the "Deal or No Deal" Phone
    Are you that obsessed that you have to have any piece of "Deal" around you that you can? Good news; company Bang & Olufsen (no jokes, please) apparently made the phone. If you want it, you'll have to pony up a few bucks. $600 to be exact. Me personally, no deal. But if this is your thing, here is the link.
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    Fiesta Week Begins on Lingo
    Monday, May 01, 2006
    All this week on Lingo, watch contestants battle it out to solve five lettered words and get a Lingo to win more than $20,000 in cash. It's Fiesta Week!. We assume the set will be dressed up like a fiesta. As far as we know, the contestants dress up a bit also. My good friend Jason Hernandez is on the Friday episode, so be sure to watch Lingo at 7:30PM ET/PT on GSN.
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