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  • Chain Reaction Set Pictures
    Friday, June 30, 2006

    OK, GSN "Chain Reaction" stuff flying in by the minute. Here are some pictures of the set.
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    Host of the GSN's Chain Reaction in Car Accident
    Dylan Lane, who just taped his first episode as host of GSN's revival of Chain Reaction yesterday, was in a car accident a few minutes before his 1:30pm ET arrival time at Sony Studios in New York.

    Chain Reaction's tapings have been pushed back several weeks, however it's premiere was supposed to be on August 1st. Whether they push back the date, or get a new host has not been confirmed yet. Please be sure to stay with Buzzer for more on this Breaking News.
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    Want to see Chain Reaction tomorrow?
    Thursday, June 29, 2006
    If you do, you need to go to literally now and sign up and confirm by calling. If you end up going, please give me a call or email and I'd love to say hi to some of the readers. Let's make the audience bigger today.
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    A Few More Game Show Audition Cities
    I have a working computer, so I can update more than I expected. Thanks to reader Mickey Stevens who gave us some other game show audition cities.

    Family Feud: Milkwaukee

    If you speak Spanish, here are some links to audition for the new Spanish edition of "Deal or No Deal"
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    Buzzer Exclusive: Chain Reaction Tapings Report!
    I really don't know why I'm here. But hey, might as well enjoy it, since who knows if I'm even posting here past the weekend. Anyways, Alex Davis is in New York right now at the Chain Reaction tapings, and here a brief summary of some things that Alex reported.

    OK, I'm back at the house I'm staying in, so here's my take. The set is a mix of Weakest Link and Millionaire. It's a bit generic, but it's nice. No music was played. Gameplay is basically the same as the original, except money is given away in the main game. Dylan Lane was the host. He was pretty stiff, but this was the first episode. I'll give it some time. It took 3 hours to tape the first episode, pretty long. It wasn't that bad, actually. Not having seen the original, I was a bit nervous, but it was pretty fun. It's the 2nd best show currently on GSN, IMO, and probably number 4 in originals ever, behind Lingo, Russian Roulette, and BallBreakers. I'll be at the taping tomorrow, so we'll see there. If you'll be at the taping tomorrow, please give me a call and be sure to say hi.

    Alex's Report - Right Click and Save As

    Be sure to check out GSN's revival of Chain Reaction when it debuts on August 1st at 9pm ET.
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    "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" Audition Locations
    Wednesday, June 28, 2006
    Three of the six road trips for the syndicated hit show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" have been announced. If you are in these areas, go and try out; what can it hurt?

    Las Vegas
    Monday 7/10
    Tuscany Hotel & Suites
    Florentine Banquet Room, 2nd Floor
    255 E Flamingo Rd. (Just East of Las Vegas Blvd.), Las Vegas, NV

    Dallas/Fort Worth
    Wednesday 7/12
    Bass Performance Hall
    4th and Calhoun Streets, Fort Worth, TX

    Friday 7/14
    Dave and Buster's (Enter via mall entrance)
    Opry Mills
    433 Opry Mills Dr., Suite 540, Nashville, TN

    Still waiting to come in is Seattle, Chicago, and Pittsburgh.
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    The Next Few Days on Buzzer...
    Tuesday, June 27, 2006
    Hey guys, I thought I would warn you of a few things. Tomorrow, I'll be leaving for a quickie vacation in Red Bank, NJ and New York, NY. Don't expect frequent updates at that time. Also, on Thursday, I will be going to see the debut taping of GSN's new original "Chain Reaction" which begins August 1st at 9PM ET on GSN. On that day, a good friend of mine, Paul Ford from ToonZone (Which is an awesome site if you like Adult Swim) will be placing a phone post of my review of the pilot. There, you'll find all kinds of important information, so be sure to check it out. That will be on Thursday. I'll be in the city again Friday and one of my favorite bands, the Violent Femmes, will be having a concert in Pittsburgh (where I basically live) during the Regatta, so I will be there. Updates will begin again on Sunday. Please remember to check out the phone post on Thursday. Until then, have a good weekend.
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    Netherlands Begins Daily "Miljoenenjacht"
    According to our friend, Buzzer reader Travis Penery, the hit Netherlands game show "Miljoenenjacht" is being spun off into a daily version, in what has become the year/bi-year of a "Deal or No Deal" explosion. The start date will be August 21st at 8PM NL time, which is 2PM ET. We're pretty sure the Talpa live webcast link will be working for the show. No information is known about the host, format, top prize, number of players, or anything. Basically all we know is the start date and the show will be called "Deal or No Deal". Check back for more news as it becomes available.
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    Many UK "Deal or No Deal" Games Being Released
    Monday, June 26, 2006
    If you live in England, or even anywhere, and you're a fan of "Deal or No Deal", there are MANY different games coming out soon. So far, a board game has been announced. Also, UK "Deal" fans can expect an electronic table top game, a handheld game, and a DVD game. Here is the link to them all. Claire McCool, Drummond Park Marketing Coordinator, stated “This is a really fantastic opportunity for us to move Drumond Park on to the next stage. Deal or No Deal is a great property, a brilliant and immensely popular concept, and we’re convinced that the games-buying public will love it just as much as TV audiences round the world are. And to put our money where our mouth is, we’ll be backing all three products with a mega advertising, PR and promotional programme during the run-up to Christmas, commencing in September and continuing right into mid-December.”

    Source: ToyNews,, and Amazon
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    GSN Salues Baseball Hall of Fame Moments
    GSN: The Network For Games will be doing a special morning marathon showing off some of baseball's greatest players in a black and white "What's My Line" marathon. On Saturday, July 8th at 9AM ET, a two hour marathon of the show will air featuring baseball greats. Here are the episodes.

    9AM- Ted Williams (Boston White Sox)
    9:30AM- Joe DiMaggio (New York Yankees)
    10:00AM- Jackie Robinson (Brooklyn Dodgers) (C)
    10:30AM- Willie Mays (NY-San Francisco Giants) (C)

    Also, various baseball player episodes of "What's My Line" will be aired in the Black and White Overnight block at 3:30AM ET.

    Saturday, July 8 Mickey Mantle/Yankees 5/17/53
    Sunday, July 9 Duke Snider/Dodgers & Sal Maglie/Giants 9/5/54
    Monday, July 10 Yogi Berra/Yankees 7/2/6
    Tuesday, July 11 Roy Campanella/Dodgers 9/6/53
    Wednesday, July 12 Joe Garagiola/Announcer 10/15/68 (C)
    Thursday, July 13 Phil Rizzuto/Yankees 2/2/50
    Friday, July 14 Stan Musial/Cardinals 3/8/64
    Saturday, July 15 Willie Mays/Giants 7/15/62
    Sunday, July 16 Satchel Paige/Indians 2/11/71 (C)
    Monday, July 17 Casey Stengel/Yankees Manager 4/15/62
    Tuesday, July 18 Emmett Ashford/first black umpire 5/29/66
    Wednesday, July 19 Vida Blue/A’s 5/31/73 (C)
    Thursday, July 20 Leo Durocher/Manager 5/31/53
    Friday, July 21 Joe DiMaggio/Yankees 9/18/55
    Saturday, July 22 Cincinnati Reds Team 6/24/56
    Sunday, July 23 Terry Tata/Umpire 6/11/61
    Monday, July 24 Jim Bouton/Yankees 10/22/70 (C)
    Tuesday, July 25 Ralph Houk/Yankees 10/23/60
    Wednesday, July 26 Russ Hodges/Giants announcer 10/7/62
    Thursday, July 27 Jim Piersall/Red Sox 4/28/57
    Friday, July 28 Ted Williams/Red Sox 5/23/54
    Saturday, July 29 Willie Mays/Giants 7/11/54
    Sunday, July 30 Jackie Robinson/Dodgers 11/20/69 (C)
    Monday, July 31 Yogi Berra/Yankees 4/26/64
    Tuesday, August 1 Phil Rizutto/Yankees 2/5/70 (C)
    Wednesday, August 2 Denny McLain/Tigers 11/13/68 (C)
    Thursday, August 3 Chuck Dressen/Reds 9/28/52
    Friday, August 4 Clete Boyer/Yankees & Ken Boyer/Cardinals 10/11/64
    Saturday, August 5 Bobby Murcer/Yankees 8/12/71 (C)
    Sunday, August 6 Branch Rickey/Dodgers owner 9/13/59
    Monday, August 7 Al Summers /umpire 3/6/69 (C)
    Tuesday, August 8 Gil Hodges/Dodgers 5/26/63
    Wed., August 9 Del Webb & Dan Topping/Yankees owners 8/26/56
    Thursday, August 10 Ed Hurley/umpire 10/4/53
    Friday, August 11 Joe Garagiola/announcer 6/11/70 (C)
    Saturday, August 12 Sal Maglie/Giants 10/7/56
    Sunday, August 13 Duke Snider/Dodgers 1/12/58

    (C) denotes color episode.
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    TVGuide Channel Picks Up Hollywood Showdown
    This JUST in: Cynopsis announced that TVGuide Channel has picked up the old GSN/Pax/i show "Hollywood Showdown". Hosted by Todd Newton, players competed in buzzer-battle style quizzes while trying to find the box office card holding more than $10,000. "Hollywood Showdown" debuts at 12PM ET and 5PM ET on TVGuide Channel.
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    Want to See Chain Reaction?
    Saturday, June 24, 2006

    If you want to see the first taping of Chain Reaction, TVTix is waiting for you. Follow this link and do what they tell you. Be sure to confirm your tickets on the website also. If you're going, be sure to email me.
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    GSN May Ratings: Went Down
    From CableWorld, GSN's May ratings went down quite a bit. The Network for Games went down to a .3 with a headcount of 189,000. Correct me if I'm wrong please, but GSN's April ratings were .4 with 218,000, give or take a few grand. What's unusual is that OLN actually beat GSN this month, probably for Stanley Cup games, getting a .4/259K. GSN might want to watch out when new episodes of "Deal or No Deal" start up, because CNBC is really gaining steam. Since the channel gained reruns of NBC's number one show, The network is up to a .2 with 134,000. Networks behind GSN are Toon Disney, Oxygen, Science Channel, Discovery Health, WE, and CNBC.
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    UK "Deal or No Deal" Host Hurts Wrist From Phone
    Friday, June 23, 2006
    We didn't think that this was THAT big of a story until it was one of the top 3 newsmakers on Countdown with Keith Olberman last night. The host of the British version of "Deal or No Deal", Noel Edmonds, has injured his wrist by picking up the old style and apparently heavy phone. Edmonds said "It's a bit rediculous but I am in agony. After 40 years in entertainment, I can at least boast that I have suffered an industrial injury. The phone is pretty heavy and I have to pick it up a dozen times a show. We shoot three shows a day and it got so painful I could hardly pick the bleeding thing up." As Olberman stated last night, picking the phone up too much in the NBC version of "Deal or No Deal" caused Howie Mandel to become bald.
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    UK "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" Host Makes Rights Bid
    Chris Tarrant, the host of the British edition of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" is placing a £100 million dollar bid on the worldwide hit show. Just recently, Celador and creator Paul Smith placed the worldwide rights and the UK library on sale. Many companies, such as Endemol ("Deal or No Deal") have expressed their interest into acquiring it. Now only does the winner get the rights to the 106 countries the show airs in, but they also get the profits of the board game, mobile phone game, computer games, books, CDs, and whatever other products are marketed. Last year, the show took in a profit of £11.6 million.
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    GSN Officially Announces "Starface"
    Thursday, June 22, 2006
    Today, GSN's president Rich Cronin offically announced the debut of Danny Bonaduce's first game show, GSN's new original "Starface". "Starface" will debut on August 1st at 9:30PM ET, directly after "Chain Reaction". Cronin stated "We're thrilled to launch a new game that pokes fun at the tabloid world, and Danny Bonaduce is the perfect celebrity host. He knows pop culture inside out, he has lived the tabloid celebrity life, and his ad libs are hilarious." Bonaduce also went on record to say "Of all the people in the world to host a game show, GSN picks me. These guys really do take chances."

    "Starface" is a fast paced funny game show which goes indepth into the world of celebrities and entertainment. Three contestants start. In round one, Bonaduce unveils a set of unique, provocative celebrity pictures, each with a set of questions having to do with that individual. For each right answer, the player gets 50 points. Round 2 sees the points doubled. In round 3, the three players "instantly become famous" when they don masks and are all transformed into that day's chosen celebrity, which just goes back to the name "Starface". Bonaduce proceeds to ask them questions as if they were that celebrity and, in turn, the player must answer in the first person. At the end of the round, the player with the highest score moves to the bonus round. In the bonus, Bonaduce shows the player two photos, side by side. The player has 60 seconds to answer a series of either-or questions. If the player gets 10 or more right in 60 seconds, the player wins a trip for two to an exotic location. Now I really enjoyed On The Cover, but doesn't this seem like it just a bit? Either way, I'm sure it will be entertaining.

    GSN's new game show block, starting with "Chain Reaction" at 9PM ET and "Starface" at 9:30PM debuts on August 1st on GSN.

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    GSN Maintains Carriage on Time Warner Cable
    Wednesday, June 21, 2006
    This just in: GSN announced today that they are keeping it's original position in Time Warner Cable channel lineups, including in the top two markets of New York City and Los Angeles. GSN President Rich Cronin stated "We are pleased that TIme Warner Cable recognizes the tremendous value GSN brings to its viewers. I have worked closely with many Time Warner executives over the years and I'm thrilled that we are moving foward as true partners." The release also states that GSN is having a very impressive year. It is now in over 60,000,000 homes and has the biggest ratings in all of midsize cable networks.
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    New Reality Show "Sabotage" Searching for Contestants
    The show originally, reported by GSNN, had a top prize of $10,000,000. However, this top prize has since then been reduced to $1,000,000 after not finding a network yet. The show is projected to debut in Spring 2007. Here are locations of the open casting calls.

    Chicago: June 26th (Navy Pier)
    Cincinnati, OH/Newport, KY: June 27th (Newport on the Levee)
    Atlanta: June 30th (Cafe Tu Tu Tango, 220 Pharr Road)
    Orlando: July 6th (Cafe Tu Tu Tango, 8625 International Drive)
    Orange/Los Angeles: July 12th (Cafe Tu Tu Tango, 20 City Boulevard)
    Hollywood/Los Angenes: July 13th (Cafe Tu Tu Tango, 1000 Universal Center Drive)

    If you go, you need to bring an application which can be printed out on the SABOTAGE WEBSITE. If selected to appear, applicants have to be available for 30-40 days during the taping in October 2006. Contestants will need to bring a passport because of international travel. Again, the top prize is $1,000,000 and the show does not have a network yet. As far as I can tell, this sounds like "The Mole" a bit, so I hope to see it on TV.
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    Correction on "50 Greatest"
    Whoops, sorry about this. July 18th is a Tuesday, not a Thursday. GSN's "50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time" is Tuesday, July 18th at 10PM ET to 11PM ET.
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    "The 50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time" Announced
    Tuesday, June 20, 2006
    Today, GSN announced their new series "The 50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time". The show, which begins Thursday July 18th from 10PM to 11PM, showcases different shows in the countdown from, obviously, fifty to number one. Bil Dwyer from Last Comic Standing and "I've Got A Secret" hosts the seven week countdown. GSN President Rich Cronin said "At a time when everyone is rediscovering game shows, we thought that our audience would enjoy seeing the greatest series and past episode in this genre. These programs are landmarks in television entertainment, and we're proud to be able and feature the best game shows in TV history." GSN executives voted on the list.
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    More "1 vs 100" Rules Info
    OK, we have more concrete 1 vs 100 information. The mob is 100 people. If they miss a question and the hot seat player gets it, the mob people who are incorrect are eliminated. Every 10 mob members eliminated adds brings your jackpot up and brings you up the money chain. Here's the breakdown of money in the format mob members left : money

    90: $1,000
    80: $5,000
    70: $10,000
    60: $25,000
    50: $50,000
    40: $100,000
    30: $200,000
    20: $300,000
    10: $500,000
    0: $3,000,000

    There is no middle step. It goes straight from $500,000 to $3,000,000. The player can hit the panic button three times instead of answering the question. If you've seen the Dutch version, they are Escapes. The first Escape brings the top prize down to $2,000,000. The second one cuts all prize money in half. The third cuts it in half again. Also, mob members are encouraged to yell at and taunt the hot seat player.

    If you don't want to see my opinion, stop reading.

    I have to be honest, I'm a bit disappointed. The money chain is just bizarre. The jump from $500,000 to $3,000,000 is WAY too much. I hate to say it, but it's nearly worth the 1:3 risk to give away $500,000 in a chance to gain $2,500,000 more. Also, the panic button is penalizing the mob players for a bad job by the contestant. I don't see why the formula method would have been a bad thing. I would have been impressed had they have done that. I do think that the American public, in general is too stupid to grasp the formula, but if they would just show it often, it's not that hard to grasp BaseValue/MobRemaining x MobEliminatedOnThatQuestion.

    The taunting thing gets me too. I love mean spirited game shows. Friend or Foe was one of my favorites. However, this is like "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" letting the Ring of Fire contestants taunt and make fun of the hot seat player just so they can get in sooner. However, don't be down on the show to start. In all honesty, I was afraid of what NBC would do to "Deal or No Deal", and I was EXTREMELY positively surprised. Let's see if the same happens here.
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    Preview Of GSN Ratings:
    We'll have GSN's ratings on Friday. Until then, I was shocked to see that Cynopsis has a report on GSN's ratings. Here is, word for word, what it said.

    GSN is moving up in the world!

    Primetime delivery up 11% on A25-54 vs. year ago (Q1'06 vs Q1'05)
    Total day delivery up 32% on A-25-54 vs. year ago (Q1'06 vs Q1'05)
    Source: Nielsen Media Research, StarTrak, 1Q05,M-Su 8p-11p

    Also, you can win a Sony Flat Screen TV on GSN's Secret website apparently.
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    88SLIDE Offers Game Boy Advance on Friday
    Monday, June 19, 2006
    If you guys don't go to our link section and watch 88SLIDE, you need to. There's a new episode every weekday and bloopers/outtakes on the weekends. This Friday, instead of offering their usual $10 gift certificate, they are offering a Game Boy Advance, which is a very nice prize. Be sure to check it out and tell them what a great production it is. 88SLIDE is the daily one minute game show hosted by the incredibly sexy Rachel with executive producer Noah Bonnett (Produced both seasons of Pyramid)
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    "Starface" Information
    Sunday, June 18, 2006
    Well, we have the host of GSN's new original show. It's reality "star" and former talk show host Danny Bonaduce. You may remember him from The Partridge Family. GSN's enw original "Starface" follows three contestants as they are eliminated down to one in a series of entertainment themed trivia contests. They said it's for huge cash prizes, but we'll be the judge of that. So there you have it. We'll probably get more information at the TCA event coming in about 3 or 4 weeks. You can get tickets to "Starface" if you choose at the link provided.

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    "1 vs 100" Information
    Saturday, June 17, 2006
    Thanks to our sources who tried out for the show for this information.

    The show will tape 5 episodes from August 9th through the 11th. No air date is set and the host is not known. The money given away is a money tree. Basically, you get money for every 10 people you eliminate. You get $1,000 for the first 10, and the money goes up in some unspecified increment until you get to 90 people eliminated, which is $500,000. Ultimately, if you eliminate all 100, you win $3,000,000. "1 vs 100" will air on NBC.
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    "Who Wants to be a Millionaire-Play It!" Official Closing Date
    From Disney World employees: The original closing of "Millionaire-Play It!" was projected to be in 8 months to make way for the new attraction entitled Midway Mania. We have just gotten official word that the closing date is LOT sooner. "Who Wants to be a Millionaire-Play It!", the live stage show where anyone can sit in the hot seat and play the real show for a cruise, will cease to exist from Disney World on August 19th, 2006. The version in Disney Land closed some time ago. This also means, obviously, that next season will not have the traveling version of the show.

    Note: Wikipedia is stating that it closes on August 18th. Which one? Who knows. I'm trusting the employees and big Disney sites more than Wikipedia, but take that as you will.

    Source: WDWMagic
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    "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" On Sale Next Week
    Friday, June 16, 2006
    From Tiscali News, the owner of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" is putting the worldwide property rights and the entire UK library up for sale. "Millionaire", owned currently by Celador, is arguably the most popular game show in the world, being seen in over 100 different countries and often being one of the top rated shows of that area. The first edition started on ITV in England in 1998. The US version, first hosted by Regis Philbin, began in 1999 and can still be seen in reruns on GSN. After massive series abuse, the show was cancelled while the syndicated version with Meredith Vieira lives on to this day. "Super Millionaire", the $10,000,000 edition, saw its last airing in 2004. Since then ABC has supposedly lost all rights to the show by not renewing it in the three year period required. More proof to the theory involves every sign of "Millionaire" erased from the ABC website and Disney World removing the show from its park.

    Television rights are often sold, but TV executives have said they can't recall the total sale of such a giant format. It was rumored a few months ago that Endemol, who is quickly becoming the biggest production company in the world thanks to "Deal or No Deal", is wanting to buy the rights. If they do, this could, in my opinion, make it the largest entity in television game/reality shows, and one of the top of television in general. The bidding war is suppose to begin next week at the annual MIPTV program rights buying festival in Cannes, France.
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    A Few More Schedule Changes
    Thursday, June 15, 2006
    From GSN: Chain Reaction's schedule is a bit different than originally announced. It's going to run Tuesday-Sunday at 9PM ET on August 1st. Reruns of this show will be on Saturdays and Sundays at 2:30PM and Thursday and Friday at 3AM. This leaves Monday open for GSN's hit block Casino Night. A new original, "Starface", originally Fame Game, will be in the following time slot, 9:30PM ET. Reruns will air Saturdays and Sundays at 3:30PM, Saturdays at 3AM and Sundays at 1AM.

    A few other schedule changes from Steve Beverly: Body Language goes into the 9:30AM daily slot, replacing To Tell The Truth, and Lingo's weekend hour moves to 1:30PM to 2:30PM, replacing Love Connection.
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    Comedy Central's "Distraction" Cancelled
    Wednesday, June 14, 2006
    The hit Comedy Central show (at least for a season it was a hit) "Distraction", according to Comedy Central representatives, will not be renewed for a 3rd season, making it another one of Comedy Central's numerous 2 and out season game shows. "Distraction", hosted by comic Jimmy Carr, saw contestants answering seemingly easy trivia questions while being distracted in various methods such as electrocution or drinking hot sauce. The winner competition of 4 got to play for a prize package of over $10,000 or a car.
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    "Who Wants to be a Millionaire-Play It!" Closing Soon in Disney World
    I just got word from a Disney staffer that "Who Wants to be a Millionaire-Play It!", the hit Disney Studios attraction, is going to leave the Walt Disney World Resort very soon. Here is an exact quote.

    "We have a timetable for Midway, roughly 8 months (as of April) to closure for Millionaire then re/grand-opening in 2008."

    Also the deadline for "Millionaire" renewal is up, so it looks like ABC has lost any rights to airing the show unless they renew it. If something comes up, we'll keep you posted.
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    "Deal or No Deal" Wins Ratings War Last Week
    It's been a while since some "Deal or No Deal" news, let's bring some back. "Deal" easily won last week, it's final week of the season, seeing 18.24 million people watching the $5,000,000 finale. Next highest was CSI at 12.44. What's sad is that my favorite sport, hockey, saw it's NHL Playoffs between Carolina and Edmonton just one week later go to a rating of 2.5, consiterably lower. Some Univision telenovelas even beat the NHL in ratings.
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    "The Joker's Wild" Gets Slot Machine
    Tuesday, June 13, 2006
    IGT, a casino game maker, has created a "The Joker's Wild" slot machine for play in many casinos. The basic slot machine rules apply, but there is a special bonus round if you get three bonus symbols on a payline. You can play "The Joker's Wild Bonus Game", where you try to accumulate 1000 credits in a 3 reel upper location, with a look, according to older pictures of the show, pretty damn close to the original version. If you get 1000 credits, it's bumped up to 2500 and the game is over. If you get a devil, it's game over. However, get a combination of jokers and devils in every reel and they'll give you 500 credits plus game over. If you do get a triple joker spin, you automatically get 2500. There can be a progressive jackpot in some casinos if desired. Follow this link to read more information so you can be more clear than I, a person who's seen only like 3 clips of classic "Joker's Wild".

    Thanks to Buzzer reader "rialtus" from our Livejournal syndicated community for the tip.
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    New Ohio Lottery Show
    The popular Ohio lottery game show "Cash Explosion Double Play" has recently cancelled. The lottery system in Ohio has decided on a new format called "Make Me Famous, Make Me Rich". This will feature 30 different players trying to take on the previous week's champion. "Cash Explosion Double Play" ran for nearly two decades. The new show, much like the old, will make contestants out of lucky scratch-off ticket winners.

    Source: WKYC
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    Two Minor Corrections
    Thanks to reader Mike who pointed out that 3AM on GSN starting July 3rd will be "Beat the Clock", not classic "I've Got A Secret". Also, about 4 years ago, I posted about "Stump the Schwab"'s 5th season casting. It is actually for season 4.
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    GSN Schedule Change On July 3rd
    Monday, June 12, 2006
    Come July 3rd, GSN will make a few changes to their daily lineup. The changes are as follows.

    2PM- Card Sharks (Perry)
    2:30PM- Card Sharks (Eubanks)
    3PM- Lingo
    3:30PM- Match Game
    4PM- Super Password
    4:30PM- Family Feud (Dawson)
    5PM- Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
    6PM- Hollywood Squares (Bergeron)
    6:30PM- I've Got A Secret (Dwyer)

    The 3AM run of "Secret" will be replaced by the classic version. The Bill Rafferty edition of Card Sharks will air at 9AM-10AM on weekends. Also on weekends, an hour of Super Password will be shown at 5PM with Millionaire at 6PM. The far too often run Greed will be shown Thursdays at 9PM.
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    "I've Got A Secret" Marathon on GSN
    On June 22nd, GSN will air a marathon of the hit orginal show "I've Got A Secret". Six episodes will be shown from 9PM ET to midnight, involving Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey, and President Bush. During these six, "I've Got A Secret" host and "Last Comic Standing" contestant Bil Dwyer will provide commentary and introduce the episode live. The network will also show home-grown secrets from GSN's nationwide tour and the "Secret" website.

    Also, tomorrow at noon, Comedy Central will air a stand-up comedy special from "Secret" panelist Suzanne Westenhoefer.
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    "Game Show Marathon" Wednesday + Thursday Ratings
    Word was making the round about how terrible "Game Show Marathon"'s ratings were. According to Cynopsis, the 18-49 key ratings weren't as bad as you think on some shows. "Beat the Clock" on Thursday night scored a 4.5/8, which is pretty low. It fell in second behind Dateline NBC, and So You Think You Can Dance was barely behind the Marathon. "Game Show Marathon" was also sixth for that evening. Thursday night improved a lot and showed the cult status that "Press Your Luck" has even though message boards our inboxes were flooded with complaints about a few slides. The Whammies came back to a 6.4/11, which easily won it's time slot and came in fourth for the evening, which actually improved in the second half hour. It was obvious that CSI would beat it, and it lost by two tenths of a point to the NBA playoffs and by five-tenths to Without a Trace. So far, "Press Your Luck" is looking the best.

    In other ratings, the first half hour of "The Price is Right" got a 1.2/8 in women 18-49, which was 12th place. The second half received a 1.5/10, 7th place. Syndicated ratings didn't come this week, sorry.
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    "Set for the Rest of Your Life" Rough Start Date
    Friday, June 09, 2006
    Sorry for the repost, I hit delete instead of edit originally. Today on, they announced the rough start date/time of the ABC show "Set for the Rest of Your Life". It will air Thursdays in December at 8PM ET. The show's premise is nearly identical to "Deal or No Deal" (it is created by the same creator/production company); no trivia questions or stunts, just guts and intuition. Here is a rough outline of the rules.

    The first player chooses tiles to turn which shows how much money is up for play, possibly more than $10,000. A second round judges the size and length of payment. Risks are everywhere of course. However, the partner in the isolation booth can ruin it all, as he/she determines when to stop and when the prize is taken.
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    "1 vs. 100" Casting Notice
    Wednesday, June 07, 2006
    NBC put up a casting notice for "1 vs 100" today, saying that the top prize is indeed $3,000,000. All you have to do is outlast 100 other people in an intense game of trivia and greed, answering questions from a wide range of categories. All you have to do is want to go on a national NBC game show and be 18! How could that be any easier? Click the link below to sign up.


    Sorry we didn't update earlier. Blogger messed up.
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    Giant Ratings for "Deal" Finale
    Tuesday, June 06, 2006
    NBC's Thursday "Deal or No Deal" might do better than some expect. On Monday night's $5,000,000 "Deal" finale, the 8PM hour easily won with 10.2/18, more than double what CBS's "King of Queens" got. The 9PM to 9:30PM slot improved even more with, and again, correct me if I'm wrong, the highest rating the show ever achieved with 12.9/21, again more than double what CBS in 2nd place had. "The Apprentice" cooled the network down to a 7.4/12. NBC won the evening.
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    New "Deal or No Deal" Online Game
    The season may have ended, but there's a new official game. The link is here. My first reaction was "wow", but it's actually relatively fun.
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    A Little More Chain Reaction Info
    According to Variety, GSN's new show "Chain Reaction", the revival of the 80s series, will air Tuesday-Thursday at 9PM ET, with GSN making another show for the 9:30PM slot, supposedly, according to Cronin, a studio based quizzer. I wish we could have gotten this treatment for Russian Roulette, but oh well. Glad to see this great show alive.
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    Stump the Schwab Renewed For Season 5
    According to Chico Alexander from GSNN, ESPN's "Stump the Schwab" somehow was renewed. There are quite a few tryout locations as well. I quote from Mr. Alexander..

    The contestant team will be in Dallas on June 8 at the Cape Buffalo Grill on Addison Rd. Future stops on the city sweep include Boston (June 13, Champions/Marriott on Huntington), Baltimore (June 15), ESPN Zone in Chicago (June 19), Miami (June 22), ESPN Zone in Atlanta (June 26), Philadelphia (June 28), and ESPN Zone in New York City (June 29). Hours are from 3p to 9p local time in all areas.

    I can't tell you how much I miss 2 Minute Drill. This show was just a bit boring and stupid to me, not to mention excessively difficult to win. I will, however, give the show credit for it's wide variety of rounds, Schwab was very personable, and as difficult as the bonus was, it was extremely entertaining and dramatic. I've started watching the show again on ESPN Classic out of a dare. I just finished watching it, and it is more entertaining than I remember. You can go to also.
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    Season Finale of "Deal or No Deal" Tonight
    Monday, June 05, 2006
    Just a reminder: Be sure to check out "Deal or No Deal" tonight at 8PM on NBC. The top prize has risen to a staggering $5,000,000; with the next two highest being $1 Million and $2.5 Million. Celine Dion guest stars.
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    Edit: GSN JUST sent me a release about "Chain Reaction"'s pickup. The show will air in Q3 2006 with 65 episodes. GSN president Rich Cronin stated “At this time when networks are rediscovering the power of game shows in prime, GSN is pleased to offer an exciting interactive word game that is totally addictive. We think that viewers will love the challenge of CHAIN REACTION, and we’re thrilled to have Michael Davies bring his unique talent to GSN.” The show pits two teams of three men and three women against each other to connect chains of words that are related.

    Also quoted, Michael Davies stated “When GSN sent me the tapes of the original Chain Reaction I was blown away by how good the game was - I couldn't stop myself from shouting out the answers,” said Michael Davies, executive producer of CHAIN REACTION and CEO of Embassy Row. ‘Playalongability’ is a vitally important element of any strip game show - but our remake of this little known Sony format has so much more - it's funny, fast-moving, clever and drips with class. I couldn't think of a better program with which to kick off my relationship with GSN.”

    Per Michael Davies, "Chain Reaction" will probably air in the summer, or as stated before, possibly August 1st. He also said that it will probably air at 9PM ET and air multiple times in the week. Thank god we can finally have some variety in that 9PM time slot.
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    A Bit of Explaining About Game Show Marathon
    OK, after seeing quite a few nasty emails and comments, I thought I might explain. In the phrase "People better start watching and writing if they want their shows back", all I meant was that to make sure the shows were 100% coming back, they would have to do terrific in the slots, probably "Deal or No Deal" level. They are getting about 1 point better than half of "Deal"'s ratings. Even a rerun of "Deal" beat GSM. We have been told by Fremantle, CBS, staff on the show, and many others that the fan's voices are what is going to play a part in what comes back. With ratings at 5.0 and around that level, fans are going to have to speak up if they want their shows. And yes, it is terrific that a younger demographic is watching the show. That says volumes.

    I think I might have dug myself into a hole with the Ricki Lake comment. So far, the show's tournament format has really hurt some of the gameplay, like in "Let's Make A Deal". Even Kathy didn't play for some reason. There has been choppy editing and the celebrities are, at least to me, trying to just steal the entire show instead of doing what they were hired to do: play the game. "Price" was nothing special to me, if I ever wanted to watch "Price", I can see that same thing except more put together in the afternoons. "Let's Make A Deal" was boring to me because of "Deal or No Deal". After she got rid of some of the jitters, she really improved about 20 minutes into the show. That may be too late for some, but not for me. I think she will shine on shows that are less demanding like "Beat the Clock" and "Press Your Luck", possibly even "Family Feud". Let's be honest, she can't be that much worse than Richard Karn. I do appreciate the feedback, though. It at least lets me know that you guys read.
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    Ratings: Not Too Great
    Friday, June 02, 2006
    People better start watching and writing if they want their shows back. Wednesday's "The Price is Right: Game Show Marathon" scored 5.5/10, which was apparently, according to, a tad bit higher than 2nd place "Dateline". Take that how you will, a repeat of "Deal or No Deal" at 9PM scored above that at 6.8/11.

    Thursday's "Let's Make A Deal: Game Show Marathon" scored 5.8/10, first place for that slot. While first place, still not entirely great. Maybe it's just my viewing, but "Let's Make A Deal" is REALLY boring. I may be jaded because of "Deal or No Deal", but oh well. GSM has a few minor issues, but by far the best thing has been Ricki. I'm obviously looking foward to the next two episodes (Beat the Clock and Press Your Luck), so keep watching.

    Monday's "Deal or No Deal" was number 1 with 8.3/15, winning the entire night.
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